Saturday, October 03, 2015

Kids monorail inside a John Wanamaker's Dept. Store

Old guys connecting with young guys while fixing up a Duster for SEMA, and during the build, learning a lot from each others generation

This awesome group is all about getting the local kids in their area into the car hobby and teaching them skills and work ethic.

Doing everything to finish it in time to go to CA to the Hotchkis Event at the Auto Club Speedway October 16th - 18th. The best part about it is that they will get to drive the car with the Hotchkis team coaching them the whole way through it and explaining to them why the car is performing the way it does.

111 cu in, 1800 cc Harley 3 cylinder

full story and gallery of this 1982 FXE at  via 

good close up of Captain America

Kids auto races at Venice, Charlie Chaplin 1914

Kid Auto Races At Venice is a 1914 American-made motion picture starring Charlie Chaplin in which his "Little Tramp" character makes a first appearance (although Mabel's Strange Predicament was technically the first film in which he portrayed the character, as it was produced a few days earlier).

Fire breathing Mopar truck... very cool

Cool photo composition

Friday, October 02, 2015

So old it's painted... not printed

Lots of wasted time showing off a Lamborghini, not even a fraction of a second of it spinning a tire

So far I've spun more tires on trying to find footage of this publicity scam than it has on the track, or parking lot, or even in a garage. So much wasted time 

Red Bull wins this, and didn't waste money on a Lambo.

Superior, a movie about one last adventure before the draft

In the summer of 1969, two 18 year old boys with very different futures ahead of them go on a 1,300-mile bicycle adventure around Lake Superior.

Superior was filmed on-location in the Upper Peninsula during the summer of 2014, using the actual bikes from the 1969 adventure. The film crew traveled more than 7,000 miles round-trip in a truck and three sedans from Los Angeles to remote regions of the Keweenaw Peninsula to work on the film.

"They are using the actual bikes used in 1971 by my uncle and his friend when they made the trip," Benda said. "I called my uncle Karl and asked what kind of bikes did you ride and where can I find one. He told me, 'That bike's in the garage. I have been meaning to fix it up.' Same thing with his friend Dudza. The actual bike was right in his garage.

Inspired by the real journey of Karl Benda and Dan "Dudza" Junttila that took place over 40 years ago. Superior is set in 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War. It tells the story of Chuck and Derek. Chuck is on his way to Michigan Tech for college, and Derek is counting down the days until his draft eligibility. The pair decides to make a 1,300 mile bike ride along the shores of Lake Superior.

Writer/director Ed Benda will be taking the movie around the U.P. during the "Official Superior Roadshow."

Question and answer sessions will be held following each of the screenings. They will be at the following locations on the following dates:

Oct 6: Sault Ste. Marie - Lake Superior State University at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Oct 8: Escanaba - Bay College at 7 p.m.
Oct13: Negaunee - Historic Vista Theatre at 7:30 p.m.
Oct 14: Marquette - Northern Michigan University at 8:30 p.m.
Oct 15: Houghton - Michigan Tech University at 7 p.m.

Kevin Hart and David Beckham... funny little video about Kevin learning to impersonate David, but the Jag grabbed my attention (turns out David is the brand ambassador of Jaguar for China)

The Jaguar TV ad from China begins with David staring down his vintage Jaguar race car as he waits for the flagman to signal the start. As they did back in the day, drivers would sprint to jump in the cars and speed away as they strapped their goggles on. While the race progresses, Beckham is seen in various iconic Jaguar race cars as he leads the pack of hungry competitors. Each time the cameras pan away from him in the cockpit, he’s driving a little newer vintage Jaguar racer, and then as he slams the shifter into gear, he is suddenly transported onto the twisty roads of a scenic coastline.

as always, skip the first minute of the next video:

Jaguar's Heritage Collection

and maybe you recognize the above image, it's from the collection of cars that Jaguar bought,

and some of the heritage collection is in the Coventry Museum;

thank to Phil for sending me these photos and link!

for an online 360 tour of the museum

we missed an incredible museum exhibit, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts [UMFA] had McQueens SS Jag, the Million Dollar Delahaye, and Bonneville Streamliner

in the background, you can see the Million Franc Delahaye of Peter Mullin's museum, and on the far right, the Shelby Daytona Cobra

skip the 1st 30 seconds

45 minute fighter jet video, if you have the time to enjoy some great cinematography

I thought the pilots did the work to maintain synchronicity, but this plane is on auto pilot... huh!

A convertible police car? Seems more common than I expected... Germany did it too

expensive cars, fancy tool kits

above, 1930 Minerva

above, Bentley

above, 1921 Duesenburg

Above, the Count Trossi Mercedes SSK

Above, 1936 Bugatti type 37

1951 Jaguar Mark V



1929 Cord tire changing tools

Not sure what year or model Porsche

1930 Graham Paige 615 Touring  for the above Rolls Royce kit

Toolkit supplied with every new post-war Vincent

photo from

1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Salmanca

This is a 1943 Eliason Motor Toboggan. Indian Scout drive train