Saturday, January 01, 2022

the Monza racetrack

The decision to build a brand new racetrack was taken in January 1922 by the Milan Automobile Club, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the association.
 The objective was to attract international buyers for cars made by Italian companies, have a stable place to run the Italian Grand Prix (which the year before had taken place on the semi-permanent circuit of Montichiari) and, above all, a circuit where to carry out experiments and tests.

the Monza racetrack is the third permanent circuit in the world after Indianapolis, in the United States, and Brooklands, in England.

I love time lapse engine rebuilds, and this one has the amusing addition of parts that move across the workbench to arrange themselves with organizational linearity


since 40% of the electricity generated in the U.S. is from coal-fired plants, it follows that 40% of the EVs on the road are coal-powered

 thanks Mike!

uh oh, someone screwed up at the Speedway gas station on West Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee, and very badly... about as terribly as is possible, they loaded diesel into the gas storage tanks! Thanks Robert K!

In a statement, 7-11 Inc., which owns Speedway, said a gasoline vendor mistakenly filled unleaded pumps with diesel fuel earlier this week.

it's unknown how many cars have been impacted by the mistake, Speedway and Toyota say they're working together to help drivers in any way that they can
Customers who believe their car was impacted may reach out at 1-800-643-1948.

I am such a goofball

 I was thinking over the vast variety of stuff I enjoy, and post, and thought I'd mention - so you'd know, that I realize I'm a goofball. Not that there was any doubt, or even not likely that any reader didn't realize. 

Well anyway, 15 years of posting, coming up on 50,000 posts. Have I missed anything that really deserves to be shared? Planes, trains, cars, trucks, bikes, motorbikes, art, poetry, sculpture, racing, blimps, 3 wheelers, Von Dutch, Roth, Gene Winfield, brass era, steam powered, trucking, tractors, trailers, Airstreams, wheelchairs, tires, rims, nitro, engineers, drivers, parking, road construction, kids, women, garages, Rotary lifts, celebrities, Hollywood, music, photographers, parts, petroliana, books, magazines, nose art, bridges, race tracks, trivia, history, hood ornaments, museums, charities, scooters, collections

cars and planes look so much more exciting when someone adds teeth and eyes


Who could disagree? 

This is the Cousy Triumph, which I take it to mean it has a Triumph V twin engine in the back

does it have wheels? Check! Is it cool? Check! Then having met the car guy bloggy requirements, I hereby post for your enjoyment, the 1st jet engine

this year’s Goodwood Freddie March Spirit of Aviation display is not an aircraft at all, but an engine. The first jet engine in fact, as designed (by Sir Frank Whittle) and built (by Rolls-Royce) in 1943.

the Dyson company bought the engine in 2014, and Michael Hummil, a research engineer for Dyson fired it up at Goodwood this year

the inventor, Whittle, was extraordinary. Tried to be a pilot in the Royal Air Force at age 15. They should have let him. 

in 1952-53, the world championship was run at Formula 2, instead of Formula 1, because there weren't enough F1 race cars that could race to F1 regs

 mentioned at 13:26 of

skip to 2:45


I wonder if anyone ever designed a race track based on the maximum speed the race cars could achieve through the curves

 so, no brakes needed, or required, just accelerator pedal to the floor, all the way around the track. 

I bet that would be amazing... no slowing down for curves, no hairpins, just full throttle all the time. 

Big banked curves, bridges over other pieces of the track to max out long curves, etc

why are we looking at computer screens instead of out having fun like these guys?

just came across this

Audi's late 1980s racing


there's a class action lawsuit over drill bits, and a LOT of companies are complicit

Titanium and Cobalt drill bits sold under the DEWALT, Craftsman, Irwin, MAC Tools, Bostich (Titanium only), and Matco (Cobalt only) brands (“Covered Drill Bits”)  between April 13, 2015 and October 13, 2021.

quite a change from the typical road through the fields or forests, a mistake here will have you swimming in ice water

2021 best banners of the year