Saturday, May 09, 2020

a helmet for a rubber ducky... the duck is a squeeze horn, and there are a lot of helmets you can choose from if you want something different

How does this even happen, only getting half the truck on the brink?

here's an asshole, who parked in the bus lane on Colón street, Valencia Spain, then talked shit to the busdriver, and got taught a lesson. Why do you figure he couldn't park somewhere correctly? Small brain large Porsche is my guess

must be leave you brains at home day, cause these idiots forgot to leave one moron in the truck.... you know, with the keys

This is a new one, parking next to a retaining wall, just in time for it to finally fail

I thought after Houston's flood of 2015, that the word had gotten out, don't park anything under the local historic flood high water mark. This is $100,000.00 of previously nice Ducati in the Klang Valley flash flood at the dealership in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, mid April 2020

Friday, May 08, 2020

coffee and donuts videos, of a better garage by making your own tablesaw workbench, and wall mount tool organizer

which brings me around to announcing my new blog,
inspired by Steve, who sent me the above photo of Steve McQueen enjoying coffee and donuts.

So, that photo reminded me of the blog "Rides a Bike" and how cool that blog is to occassionally  post photos of famous celebs but which only shows them all doing the same thing, riding bikes. That blog and Steve's sending me this photo, inspired me to give the coffee and donuts photo blog a try, and it won't get updated very often, like the other dozen blogs and tumblrs I've made, but it's a nice distraction

1966 396 3spd Biscayne has been sitting since 1982, finally getting attention during quarantine (how long has it been since you heard of, 1) a Biscayne 2) anyone getting that car running that's been sitting on their property for 38 years? )

According to his facebook, he's got a speedshop, a lot of race cars, and a great musclecar collection

I'd rather be walking on this country road

one astonishing estate sale in Fresno... with a couple bugs, tractors, a Harley Servi-cycle, Snap On tool box... and a helicopter frame from the Vietnam era (Thanks Doug!)

someone had a job, to plan and engineer this road to reach this point. Yet, everyone working out in the desert heat, had to be wondering... "what's the point of paving past that last intersection"?

at the race track next to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

I kid you not, cops blocking a road (really, roads aren't getting used much now anyway) to help a little old (super slow) lady cross a street with her shopping cart

in 1957-1959, Dodge used the same quarter panels on their station wagon and truck

Thursday, May 07, 2020

1950 something, kids on a backyard railroad

a Fordson rail tractor at Te Whetu in New Zealand. 1957

seriously cool Vespa / Piaggio collection

Ferrari is now worth more than General Motors and Ford after its market value surged Monday morning to about $30 billion.

Ferrari’s share price surged as much as 7% on Monday on the back of strong first-quarter earnings.

Its market cap topped $30 billion, putting it ahead of General Motors and Ford.

Ferrari’s shares jumped as much as 7% on Monday, after the Maranello, Italy-based sports car maker reported better-than-expected earnings. Despite shutting its factory in March, the company’s total shipments of cars increased 5% to 2,738. Revenue fell only 1% to $1.02 billion — better than the $852 million analysts expected.

The company also restarted its factories in Maranello and Modena on Monday, and are expected to return to full production on Friday.

Even though Ferrari makes only 10,000 cars a year, compared with General Motors’ production of about 7.7 million vehicles last year, investors are betting that Ferrari’s storied brand name and hefty prices and profit margins are likely to power the stock through the coronavirus crisis better than other auto brands.

Ferrari’s market capitalizaton hit $30.1 billion in early trading Monday, after settling back to $29.8 billion later in the day. General Motors’ market cap fell to under $29.3 billion while Ford’s fell to $19.2 billion. Fiat Chrysler, which spun out Ferrari in 2015, has seen its market cap decline to under $13 billion.

and now they have a good idea how much this bridge can bounce around without breaking... but if I saw a bridge moving that much, I wouldn't travel across it. I've posted way too many bridges breaking

Roth's 1999 poster

goofy, but fun

now and then, things will go wrong, and tires will just fall apart

A seriously OCD guy bought this Daytona, it was his first car, and after 5169 miles, he built a house to keep it safely on jackstands in a climate-controlled environment, and yes, that is crazy, but true

This was the owner's first new car, which he cherished. In fact, his house was specially designed and built to safely store the Daytona in a climate-controlled environment.

This car was ordered on June 28, 1983, but in 1984 the owner got freaked out that someone might damage his first new car, so he quit driving it. The car was stored on jack stands so the suspension wouldn't settle and the tires wouldn't develop flat spots

a couple interesting cars coming up in the next Barrett Jackson auction

a 2010 Drag Pak Challenger

and a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Mecham Macho

a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

An original No. 3 Chevrolet driven by Dale Earnhardt, from the personal collection of NASCAR team owner Richard Childress. This is the first time that Childress has parted with an original Earnhardt car from his collection.

654 horsepower, 5th of 10 Special-Edition Viper GTC ACR Time Attack with only 130 actual miles.

under cover of New Zealand's virus lockdown, a group of 29 thieves cut through the fence of a rental car company in Auckland, lifted the gate from its hinges and drove out 97 cars, because they all had their keys in them (Thanks Gary!)

Most were unbranded Holden Captivas, Mazda 3s or Suzuki Swifts, not as easily recognisable as the company's distinctive green and purple campervans.

Each was believed to be worth roughly between $10,000 and $30,000 each. If all were valued at the top end the collective value would have been roughly $2.8 million.

Over several days on a long weekend, they drove the cars in batches from the site and down the deserted roads of Auckland.

Jucy themselves didn't even notice the theft until they heard from the police. The cars had been parked on a storage site and over the quiet days of Anzac weekend in late April there'd been no checks by the company.

New Zealand's roads were very empty at the time with everyone at home due to lockdown rules. But the police were still out on their usual patrol routes.

"We realised that something was not quite right," police inspector Matt Srhoj told the BBC. "The cars caused suspicion by the way they were driven and a few of our patrol cars ended up in pursuit of those vehicles.

Suspicions were first raised when traffic patrol officers came across motorists who failed to stop, instead, taking off and causing pursuits.

Police discovered these cars belonged to Jucy Rentals - the first hints that something bigger had taken place arising in the middle of the night.

"When we became aware that we came across quite a few of those Jucy vehicles in unusual circumstances we assumed they'd been stolen and alerted the company."

In the end, the lockdown which made the whole theft possible in the first place also became its undoing. The police say the country's standstill actually made it easier to track down the cars and those who stole them.

One by one, most of the cars were tracked down and returned to Jucy. So far, 85 of the missing vehicles have been recovered and 29 people have been arrested in connection with the heist.

While many of them have links with local gangs, the police say, it doesn't seem to have been a well co-ordinated effort, let alone one where the thieves had thought their plans through to the end.

For the first time in its 115 year history, New York City deliberately shut down its entire subway system, to deep clean every subway car

The cleanings will be done on a nightly basis, from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. When the cleaning is done, every single subway car will be disinfected.

My question, is why did they wait until now?

BugNoir, clever vanity plate