Saturday, April 27, 2013

1910 Locomobile at the LaJolla Motor Classic Concours de Elegance

1904/1906 Buick touring

one of the few vehicles to have a Selden tag

the last remaining 1905 American Mercedes, built by Steinway and Sons

I didn't realize that when I took these photos at the Mercedes Benz center in Irvine that is was so unusual

above from the AAA magazine Westways... 

how much the accessories rob horsepower from your engine, new test results

the posters for the Fast and Furious 6, few online, but the movie theater had the set

movie "The Yellow Rolls Royce"

Shirley McClaine, George C Scott, and Art Carney

the delivery truck was very impressive to me,

the holiday / vacation bike photo opportunity

the first photo was posted  by the couple's grandson, wondering about the bike they were in, thinking it had been one they'd owned or toured with. I just found a website,563920.msg4163689.html  that had another photo of this or an extremely similar bike, same background, and points out that it's quite the likely case of it being a vacation photograph