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if you didn't have to heat your home with wood, you probably don't know what a buzz rig is... for those who know that they are mostly anything that was welded outside a local garage, with anything that could power a spinning wood cutting saw, this is no surprise, but it's got a really fun saw blade cover

I finally got some details on my paternal grand dad, he was a navigator on a C47 toward the end of WW2, dropping paratroopers into France and 2 weeks after D Day his C47 was shot down near Sainte-Mère-Église, France.

 he'd been in the CCCs, then enlisted in the Army in 1937, was a radio mechanic, but went officer and became a navigator..

When his plane was shot down, he was injured pretty bad, and had a glass eye the rest of his life. When he got out of the hospital, he taught navigation and math to the new guys who we're going to be doing that job in the Army. 

image from where you can read a C 47 pilot tell how he was flying the 82nd airborne into France

His plane crashed near Saint Mere Eglise after D Day, and that means he was likely in the 313th Troop Carrier Group carrying troops of the 82nd Airborne Division, as he was on a C-47.

The 313th moved to North Africa, in Apr-May 1943, and was assigned to Twelfth AF. 

They trained for the invasion of Sicily and entered combat on the night of 9 Jul 1943 by dropping paratroops near Gela. Although attacked by ground and naval forces while carrying reinforcements to Sicily on the night of 11 Jul, the group completed the mission and received a DUC for the performance.

 Transported supplies and evacuated wounded in the Mediterranean area until late in Aug when the group moved to Sicily for the invasion of Italy. Dropped paratroops of 82d Airborne Division south of Salerno on the night of 13 Sep 1943 and flew a reinforcement mission the following night.

Resumed transport activities in the theater until Feb 1944, and then joined Ninth AF in England. Prepared for the invasion of France and on D-Day 1944, released paratroops near Picauville; dropped reinforcements over the same area on 7 Jun.

Picauville is next to Sainte-Mère-Église

never heard of a P51 being called an umbrella before, but there's a cool story with this one

Hi, my name is Jesse and I am a car guy, and I like looking at wheels n old car stuff. But I don't go to meetings, I'm no quitter

 21" rim and just cool to look at.

a Genuine Ford factory Doodlebug from 1914 that serviced Ford's Canadian Factory.

looks like the current bid is only 100 dollars for the 1929 Farmall. Buy it now, and in case of a zombiepocalypse, thank me later

a Worthington in West Bend used as a yard tractor to move around a belly tanker among other things (thanks Darold!)

originally called the Shawnee Mower Factory, produced lawn mowers and light-duty tractors in the United States from the early 1920s until around 1959. Founded by Brooklyn born Charles C Worthington and run as a family business until he died in 1944, it was sold to the Jacobsen mower (Racine Wisconsin) company about 1953 

Jake carried the line for many, many years under their name. They were primarily built to tow the ground driven reel mowers used on golf courses and other large tracts.

It uses the 8N industrial power unit consisting of the Ford engine, radiator, front support and hood and grille.

The front axle and steering gear are from a Ford 1/2 ton pickup while the 4 speed transmission and rear end are from a Ford 3/4 ton pickup. The frame is made from channel iron. The tractor has hydraulic brakes and a spring and shock type E-Z Ride seat.

The 2 most common options on the tractor itself were dual rear wheels and a PTO. 

The most common attachment for the tractor was the gang mower, but a sickle bar mower, front snow blade, heavy duty loader, and rotary highway sweeper brush were also available. 

The tractor has a wheelbase of 57 inches, it weighs 2110 pounds, and the turning radius is 5-1/2 feet. Top speed in first gear is 6 mph. Top speed in fourth gear is 40 mph. 

C.C. Worthington is also the same Worthington that had the Worthington Pump and Compressor Co.

 He also built the Shawnee Inn and Country Club (1907) in eastern PA and caused the formation of the PGA

Charles Campbell Worthington (1854–1944) was a successful businessman whose father had invented the first direct-acting steam pump in 1840.

 In the late 1890s he began to spend an increasing amount of time at his country home in Shawnee, on the Delaware river, in the Pennsylvania Poconos, west of New York.

 He built his first small golf course around 1898 and in 1900 retired to live in the country.

Worthington remained an active mechanical engineer and founded the Worthington Automobile Company, which built several steam automobiles to his designs.

Worthington bought the Berg car co, which had gotten started by having the Cleveland Machine Screw Company simply make an exact copy of a French Panhard car and was advertised as such, and was financed by the Vanderbilt fortune

Near Shawnee he built the Buckwood Inn on 8000 acres, an exclusive resort with an eighteen-hole golf course. This later became the Shawnee Country club. The course was completed around 1910. 

In 1912 Worthington invited professional golfers to compete on his course, and this led to the foundation of the Professional Golfers' Association of America.

After trying unsuccessfully to keep the fairways in shape by grazing sheep on them, Worthington designed the gang mower with three moving wheels.

 He launched the Shawnee Mower Factory to manufacture it, later this became the Worthington Mower Company, based in nearby Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

The first Worthington gang mower was three-wheeled, pulled by horses with their hooves covered in leather to prevent damage to the grass.

 In 1919 Worthington designed and built a gasoline-powered tractor to pull the mowers.

The Worthington tractors were assembled using parts from the Model T

 Worthington produced the Worthington Model T until 1930, and then the Worthington Model A based on components from the Ford Model A.

The company introduced the triplex Overgreen mower in 1928, powered by an engine made for them by the Indian Motocycle Company of Springfield, Massachusetts.

 The next year they began using engines made specially for them by Harley Davidson, and in the late 1930s, Worthington produced the Model C using a Chrysler six-cylinder engine and transmission and axles from the Dodge pick-up.

In 1935 Worthington won a case against a competitor for infringing his patents after taking the case to appeal. The gang mowers were adopted by golf courses across the country.

 In 1930 the company won a contract to supply mowers to the Air Corps for mowing airfields based on technical superiority, despite not being the lowest bid. After appeal, the contract was cancelled on the grounds that the specifications had been devised so that only Worthington could qualify.

Production continued during World War II, and the company earned 'E' and 'Star' awards from the Army-Navy.

 As well as being used to maintain the grass on airfields, the tractors were used to pull airplanes and trailers carrying bombs.

sometimes I get lucky, and lear a lot of cool stuff.

I can tell you for certain, I got no idea where anything leads, and I do not even try to make a story from nothing, it just happens sometimes

Darold saw this post, and recalled that a neighbor with a small used car lot and junkyard uses this following Worthington to move cars around, and sent me these photos

Wow, this is real cool! Now we can see the instrument cluster, and the big push bar with a couple tires across it, like wreckers had in the 60s and 70s, and that it's golf course intention was indicated by the words on the side of the radiator, and the junkyard even added a winch! 

ain't this a beaut!

dedicated to the B-24 his Great Uncle was on in WWII, the Sans Souci (no worry).


The plane did not have any nose art, so he commissioned a friend who has done WWII style nose art on planes to draw something up.

 Now the hard part... Do he put the artwork on the cowl, or on the deck lid??

I dig this, I've never been around many kids toys sing I aged out of them, so, maybe these are common... I doubt it, and I've never seen one before.

Now you know why the kid gets the small one... dad is pretty darn proud of the F100 in the driveway, and the kiddo is now 3rd generation F100 

cause this is his paternal grandpa in 1978!

20 minute flathead rebuild in an engine shop video... skip the first two minutes

damn, I've never seen this trick before!

Good one! Cheaper than buying a 3 foot long funnel, I assure you, as mine was used once 30 years ago and still takes up space in my garage

ha! Good trick, and attention getter

Press play to see the Jeep getting attention at the beach, followed by a master lot porter making parking lot magic happen

3 weeks of Army bootcamp, was all this New Jersey putz could take, before he scaled the fence and got the hell out, with an Army M4, and hijacked a school bus, with a load of kids, that pestered him with questions he couldn't take, so he made his grade school hostages get off the bus.. their questions were more than he could handle

I don't know what kind of mama's boy this jackass is, but you can guess based on that he's a 23 year old punk from New Jersey joining the Army instead of 1) joining the Marines, 2) getting a job 3) escaping from bootcamp in 2021 

Brigadier General Milford Beagle said the recruit jumped the fence at Fort Jackson South Carolina, in an attempt to return home. 

The elementary school students on the bus were more than he could handle. "The kids started asking lots of questions to the suspect," Lott said. "The suspect got a little frustrated."

"The kids questions; 'Are you gonna hurt us?' 'Are you a soldier?' 'Are you a bus driver?'

Lott said the trainee let the children and the driver off the bus then continued to drive for a couple more miles. He eventually left the rifle on the bus and went through neighborhoods attempting to get rides and clothes, Lott said.

I went through bootcamp in 1989, Navy. Sure, the Army has a bit different way, but seriously, in 2021, it's milk toast, and cream puffs.... you won't believe me unless you've got a relative that has been through recently, they spend about an hour a day just posting online how it's going, I shit you not. My nephew went through Army bootcamp last year, and I can assure you, not only is it coed, the DIs can't even make scary faces anymore. It's a lot more more like phys ed class than Full Metal Jacket. 

Seriously, 18 th grade kids pestered this poser so bad he made them get off the bus so he could get some relief. This is a punk who thought he "deserved respect" for being

He has been charged with 19 counts of kidnapping and numerous additional charges of carjacking, possessing a weapon on school property, armed robbery and weapons possession during a violent crime.

This putz is now going to be in prison for at least a decade, Army prison, and he's going to be famous there, for threatening 18 kids with a rifle. I bet he'll regret not just gutting it out in the regular army for the rest of his miserable life

train announcer singing his announcements to "Hello" by Adele

Damon Scott at 86th street, wow, train station music is a daily experience for some people, that the rest of us can only find on youtube. Compliments to Damon! Proof that you never know who you're going to meet, or what they've accomplished

next is short documentary he did, skip to 1:15 for the narrative

His mom is the Earth Wind and Fire vocalist Sherry Scott, I bet you didn't expect that!

fwiw, one of my favorite pieces of instrumental music is from another train station group, Too Many Zoos who played at Union Station

so teach your kids music, so they will never ever go hungry. They'll always be able to work and earn a living with nothing more than music. 

For other cool stuff, click on my tab "street entertainment" 

your coffee and donuts video of an old scooter restoration

is that Howard Hughes?

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Luigi Martinati (1893-1983) was a highly respected poster artist in the Italian Futurist movement. After World War II he devoted himself exclusively to creating film posters.

Great poster art, but I can't find any info on the artist to find more of his work

winner of the "not for sale, I'm going to restore it some day" contest

A car driving at night suddenly overtook a cyclist in the road not using any lights or reflectors, had to swerve, and flipped on it's side, all caught on dash cam

Use your high beams when possible, and be as safe as you can

more than 275,000 people have subscribed to a live video feed of a Salem MA intersection, to see, or place bets on, whether vehicles will come to a full stop at the intersection’s stop sign, or roll through

and most people do not stop. They just roll through, whether they make a left, or a right, they mostly just roll through

Ohio state senator Brenner used a cgi background of his home office during a Zoom call, while driving with a seatbelt clearly across his chest, to vote on a bill about banning distracted driving

The footage of the meeting, which was streamed live to the public via the state’s broadcaster on Monday, came on the same day Ohio legislators introduced a bill to crack down on dangerous driving, including introducing penalties for texting and livestreaming while behind the wheel.

At the start of the video conference of the board, which makes adjustments to the state budget, Brenner appeared in a parked car. A few minutes later, he left the call before reappearing with a different background featuring wooden cabinets, hanging artwork and a houseplant.

The Republican, who represents a district north of the state capital Columbus, continued to participate in the call, listening and responding to questions while keeping his eyes mostly on the road ahead.

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must have been an extremely quick go cart

the terrific airplane art of Umberto Di Lazzaro, 1898 - 1968

During Benito Mussolini's 10th year in power he commissioned 24 planes to travel to Chicago for the 1933 'Century of Progress' World's Fair. The squadron, led by General Italo Balbo (1896-1940) flew in a skillful formation accross Europe to the U.S and then back to Rome. The planes descended on Chicago in a dramatic swoop and received an enthusiastic welcome from the public causing a media sensation. This landmark event was a highly successful public relations exercise for Italy's facist government and this poster was used to convey the "increasing friendship between the people of Italy and the people of the United States"(Balbo in The New York Times, 16 July 1934).

Umberto Di Lazzaro, active for just over a decade at the turn of the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, with a known production that does not reach fifteen posters. And despite this, it's a fact that there is no publication or exhibition dealing with aeropainting that does not mention him.

this is an enormous image, so, click on it for full size to really get the detail

a ready yacht for the traveler who insists on getting across the lake in style, not speed

As soon as this guy figured out steam power, I bet he quit using this exercise contraption

interestring sales pitch by Barris for his metal flake paint

this is different

the POTUS is really proud of riding a lot of trains, too bad he told a story about that, and demonstrated either dementia, or Alzheimer's, cause he didn't get much of the story right. But, he's damn happy about trains

President Biden appeared to go off the rails with a heartfelt story about reaching 1.5 million miles on Amtrak and being personally congratulated by a conductor — after it emerged the Amtrak worker actually retired some 20 years before his story took place.

Speaking at an event in Philadelphia commemorating the 50th anniversary of Amtrak Friday, Biden — an avid rail user who earned the name “Amtrak Joe” as a senator — launched into a touching tale about hitting the milestone in his “fourth or fifth year as vice president” as he traveled home.

“When I became vice president, one of the Capitol Hill newspapers estimated that I had taken more than 7,000 round trips on Amtrak over my career. I think that’s an exaggeration. I’m going to rely on those two conductors … one of them was a guy named Angelo Negri,” Biden began, according to Fox News.

“My mom was sick and I used to try to come home almost every weekend as vice president to see her. I got on the train and Angelo Negri came up and he goes, ‘Joey, baby,’ and he grabbed my cheek like he always did,” Biden steamed ahead.

However, Biden’s emotive story doesn’t quite add up, with skeptics quickly poking holes in the commander-in-chief’s long-winded account.

Fox News noted that he entered the fourth year of his vice presidency around 2013 — 20 years after Negri’s obit said he had retired from Amtrak in 1993, when Biden would have been in the Senate.

Meanwhile, the president’s mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, died in 2010 — years before his story allegedly took place.

So, it was obvious during the election that Biden wasn't mentally sharp, and couldn't be coherent.... he got elected anyway, mostly due to the lack of someone more appealing to voters, and that the Democrats used the gender and minority tactic (aka, race card) to get enough votes to trump the incumbent (yes, that was on purpose for a laugh) and I think this makes it clear that any excuse during the 3election about sleep deprived due to the campaign trail were smoke and mirrors, and Biden is non compos mentis, and I expect that we'll see him evicted from office and replaced by the VP. 

And that's how fast she'll be president, and I bet, she already knew that. 

And I'm not going t have a politics debate in the comment section, this isn't what president is the most lucid, most insane, best liar, worst haircut, or least intelligent. This post is that Biden is a train happy guy who doesn't remember taking the train and talking to an usher when heading to see his mom. 

Or, he rode a train. Either way, he doesn't remember when, why, or who, but this forgetful guy has the nuclear launch codes and the football. He just doesn't remember why, or where he put them, or what they do, or why. 

So, get ready for his replacement, soon. 

But don't bother commenting how Trump this or that. I don't care unless you're going to entertain me with a train, plane, car, truck, or motorcycle... you oughta know that.

 If it upsets you that I'm not here to listen to you, then send me the link to your blog, and I'll read everything you want to say, fair enough? After all, you're here to see what goofball shit I have to say. 

the Guinness Book Of World Records ought to have a couple more catagories for vehicles...

 British Car Reliability category, for most miles driven without a break down

Wiring, for most miles driven in the night before the Lucas electrical system fails to keep the headlights on, you might recall, that Jacques Cousteau's life was changed when the headlights failed, when driving down a twisty mountain road, and off the road he went, into a hospital for quite a while

Inspired by the editors letter in the December 2020 issue of Road and Track, by Travis Okulski

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close one

I wonder which limited edition Mustangs these were!

I just watched the documentary The Cold Blue, it's got the best real footage I've ever seen of WW2 aviation, and it has a lot of footage of the Memphis Belle

The Memphis Belle at Patterson Field, which is in COLOR in this documentary, way cool! 

there were about a dozen planes, like these and the Kickapoo, and Hellzapoppin, that could be identified by name or nose art

I think there was a pin up painted on this propeller blade, and I've never seen that done before, but it's a great idea. There was a B 17 with a pin up on the wheel cover 

I've posted about Old Bill's nose art painter

If you highly recommend a documentary on WW1, WW2, Korean War, Nam, or the 16 years of the Gulf War, or cars, race cars, Bonneville, land speed racing, El Mirage, bikes, cyclists, riding motorcycles, restoring vehicles, bombers, fighter planes, or rock n roll, that can NOT be missed, on Netflix, HBO +, Disney +, or Amazon, please let me know in the comments! 

But not some show that was ok. only the "if you miss this, there's no point in having a tv" level of great documentaries