Saturday, March 14, 2015

reasons to go see the NMCA West Coast Natls

When they fired up this Elk and rolled out, it set off car alarms... at a muscle car show, do you see what I'm saying? It was exponentially louder with the zoomies than any other car around

392 hemi in the T Bird, as a remake of a Hot Rod cover car

Mopars at the NMCA West Coast Natls

Why in the world it has either a 1968 hood, or is missing the lip that bolts to the hood lip and comes down to the grill, also, bumper guards?

terrific interior.

and looks great from the back, but the license plate is jarring. A 1969 California plate would be somewhere from xxx 111 to zzz 999

I can't remember ever seeing a car at a car show that someone has kept showroom condition, seat cover, steering wheel cover, window sticker

But this 2002 Firebird Trans Am Firebird was ordered special and seems to be one of those dreams that the owner isn't going to enjoy past the ownership factor. Too bad he doesn't feel like driving, racing, and enjoying it as a car, instead of a trophy or investment

I should have looked at how many miles were on the odometer

3 different Chevy cars, 3 different stripe designs

Today is only day one of the National Muscle Car Assoc West Coast Nationals, you can still hit it tomorrow!