Friday, October 04, 2013

this is epic

great innovative thinking turned a dent into a terrific Ninja Turtle piece of art

new incredible photos of toy cars set in scenes to look regular full size, by Michael Paul Smith

the motorcycles the Fonz had on Happy Days... started with a Harley, then switched to a Triumph

the Luv Bandit... a car Fonz found to sell to Richie .. get a look at the front

later they too the goofy scoops off and then added a hood

the opening scene of Happy Days, hot rods and a drive up rollerskate burger joint that was called Arthurs and Arnolds

 this scene was used in different episodes as a commercial bumper, and you can see that they had a longer take flimed, but cut it for seperate bumpers

as you can see from the above and below comparisons, they had multiple sets that were similar, but the "eat" sign on the far right side changed locations, the cars changed license plates from California to Wisconsin (they pretended to be living in Milwaukee )

Range Rover in Manhatten vs 30+ bikers = melee, and only one side of the story so far

helmet smashing the drivers window, just prior to him getting pulled out, slashed, both eyes punched on, and he ended up lucky he wasn't killed

if you've seen the video on Facebook, from or on Youtube (which has realized the advertising potential of this video and now disabled the embed code so you have to watch the commercial crap)

or seen the NBC News story that interviewed a bikers mom, as he is in the hospital on a respirator

in a nutshell, A guy named Cruz slowed down to block the Range Rover so the bikers could take over the highway in all lanes, without the Range Rover in the pack... I guess the bikers had a pace, and it wasn't faster than the Range Rover's... just fast enough to create the problem, instead of getting way out in front and staying there.
So the biker slows down and the Range Rover bumps the back tire of Cruz's bike, probably knocking it over and injuring Cruz a bit. This doesn't show up well on the helmet cam video. The guy with the GoPro camcorder had his head swiveling because he was still moving.

The bikers lose their minds because the Range Rover did a slow speed bump and hit Cruz's bike, and proceed to slash the tires on the Range Rover, and take off helmets and beat the shit out of the SUV

So, the Range Rover driver, Lien  is his last name, who realizes he's pissed off 30 some angry bikers who have knives, and are using them to permanently disable his SUV which he has his wife and kid in for a afternoon drive... just drives over everything infront of him, bikes and bikers alike, and try to get away

that is a passenger side tire in the center of the above photo

they get only so far before an intersection forces the Range Rover to stop... and

and here you have about the end of the video, helmet smashing through the window

but that isn't all
 An undercover New York police officer was on the scene when a pack of angry motorcycle riders chased down and beat a Range Rover driver in front of his wife and toddler, two law enforcement officials said Friday. The unidentified cop came forward four days after the harrowing incident — which was captured on camera and became a viral video that has gotten millions of hits — and Internal Affairs is investigating. This information was first reported by the New York Post. There is no evidence the officer took part in the assault on driver Alexian Lien, but he also did not assist the victim or call 911, one source said. Another biker, Robert Sims, surrendered to police Friday. He is believed to have yanked the vehicle's door and also participated in the assault.

and from the wife in the Range Rover: Ng called 911 four times amid the dramatic standoff, first at 1:52 p.m., police sources told NBC News. She told the operator: “We’re surrounded by a group of bikers.”  from a NBC article

in a related story... the guy (last name Mieses) who was run over by the Range Rover? Already a client of Gloria Allred, publicity ***** who will represent anyone in the headlines. ***** means what you think it does I'm not looking to get sued.

Meises hasn't had a drivers license since his recent arrest, no motorcycle endorsement on a drivers license ever

and the local state senator? Jumped all over this publicity opportunity to try to outlaw motorcycles riding in packs. What a joke

Jalopnik has a GIF of what morons the bikers were before tangling with the Range Rover

Normally I only give motorcycle riders good publicity... but it's like something I heard recently:
the gentlemen were denounced by a bystander who said "there were no gentlemen here"

Latest update 7 Oct,  1445ish

Latest update 8 Oct, 1300

the undercover cop is seen on new video punching the SUV, shattering its rear window, a law enforcement official confirms to NBC 4 New York.

The officer, who was not on duty, came forward last Wednesday, several days after the Sept. 29 chase that ended in a fight, to say he was present, according to a source, and did not call 911 when the assault was taking place.

The video that just recently surfaced shows the undercover smashing the window, but not participating in the assault. He rides off when the driver is pulled from the SUV, according to a person familiar with the investigation. The video has not been made public.

Sources say the undercover was not truthful with investigators about his role. A law enforcement official said Tuesday that investigators are considering criminal charges against him.