Saturday, May 04, 2019

things look a lot better in a group, all lined up, with a little variety to distinguish them

He made a replica of his grand dads model t work truck, and someday, his grandkids, will be driving their granddads replica of his granddads Model T. That's pretty cool

Are any of you celebrating your birthday today?

If so, my best wishes for your day to be lots of fun, with lots of your favorite friends, food, and entertainment.

Richard Jenkins turned 72, Mick Mars turned 68, Pia Zadora turned 65, Will Arnet turned 49

This top has been boxed up and ready to go on the car since 1971! 48 years since it was bought and paid for, but never installed

in those years, that car has been bought and sold, a couple times probably, and went from Nebraska to California to Australia

The accessory rear axle brace was made for the Ford, adv. from 1913 catalog of Auto Supplies

now and then I marvel just a tiny bit that I think something like this aftermarket improvement is as cool as a race car, airplane, rim, etc.

I've never seen one of these before, and wonder, "how damn many had to break before the inventor of this got fed up enough to design, and cast, this -  and then drill out the holes to bolt it on?"

Carpenter Forges Co pat nov 21 1914 Hartford Ct


A story without words, about a 67 Belvedere II

Friday, May 03, 2019

I just learned that Freddie Mercury worked as a baggage handler for British Airways at London Heathrow International Airport, and when looking that up to post about it, learned that his British Airways successors gave a tribute performance on his birthday this past year

Yes, they really did this, here's the behind the scenes version.

In addition to the dance demo, British Airways offered another promotion relating to Mercury on September 5. On that day, any BA passenger departing from Heathrow T5 named Freddie or Frederick, or Mercury’s actual first name, Farrokh, was invited along with their traveling companions to use the airline’s First Class Lounge.

this is why they are wearing a strange yellow jacket.

I can't think of anyone that became world legend famous, or even local celeb famous, who has done some job I've had decades before I did it.

That would be pretty cool though, if you learned that you were working at some job that Elvis worked at, or the diner where Whoopi Goldberg was a waitress (it's a couple minutes from where I live, and I've been there) you know what I mean? It's inspiring, and motivating. Proof that life's limitations are partly our own imaginary walls that we haven't broken down and moved past.

Some things are in our way, hold us back, and luck plays one unbelievable big part of success too. But most of the time we are not struggling to achieve more, and quit risking security and a safe daily life in order to gamble that we've got the right timing, enough luck, talent and skill to overcome the obstacles between our present circumstances and our goals

The climatizer, when you don't mind who else in the car smells your farts. Maybe you're out to get revenge on your mother in law

1939 Studebaker Champion, a car built as cheap as possible to get the company out of bankruptcy, that it only had one brake light. Designed by Raymond Loewy

John and Mary Dwyer's 1930 Studebaker President, that was originally purchased by Portugal for it's ruler, General Carmona, has went on the Great Race across the USA

at the 2009 Masterpiece Milwaukee Concours d'Elegance at Veteran's Park in Milwaukee, WI on August 23, 2009

If you want to see photos of a certain car, one particular trim level (plain jane to full deluxe, to luxury) and from just one year, try this website

I tested it on a Stude, and an Essex, and though it doesn't have a lot of returned images, they are at least as good as Google images

the GTX from Fast & Furious 8

one of my favorite 68 Chargers, the Pure Vision upgraded and customized Charger

Full gallery from seeing it at SEMA 2013

Still no word on that amazing Pure Vision Skylark

Steve Strope of Pure Vision.... worked at Mattel?

did prototype work at Mattel! (Aka, Hot Wheels?) 

it's easier to make a Demon from a Hellcat, than buy a Demon - and this Hellcat owner is now pulling a 9.7 in the 1/4 mile with his Hellcat

and did you know that they have an indicator arrow on a Demon rear rim to indicate if, and how much, the rim spins from the tire

yesterday in the Costco parking lot, it seems a couple of buddies got the cool cars out for a spin around town

Mother nature doesn't cede the airport grounds to humans, not completely

One of the most amazing parts in Studebaker’s supply line were magnesium Halibrand wheels, which were available for dealer installation for mid-year 1963 through ’64, compare them to other factory rims

these are amazingly good looking rims... I don't think I've ever seen them before

part of the look at great looking American car manufacturers rims :

I just found a car owner using my photo of their car on a Hagerty article... that's pretty cool!

the original is in this gallery of E Bodies at the 2012 Mopars at the Strip (Las Vegas)

Hagerty was doing an article on rims, and left out the most popular ones... because the writer missed the fucking target. It was turbofans, Fuchs Porsche, minilites, BBS for Subaru, wire wheels on Jags... you know, some elitist bullshit for concours snobs that have some delivery company move their investment from the garage collection in Bel Air to Pebble Beach.

They left out everything Cragar ever made. Seriously, how the fuck do you pretend to have a fucking clue about rims, and make an article without any mention of Cragar? No where did they have the Chevy Rallye, or the Magnum 500, or slotted mags - the kidney bean 60s classics, anything with the word Halibrand, etc.

I like Hagerty as an insurance company, and they've been doing great work on their magazine for 11 or 12 years now... but they've got a perspective on the car world that ignores the existence of cars that aren't professionally detailed.

Sidenote in followup, I find they did an article on "Mag Wheels" that is a thorough look at all the stock rims on American made cars. It's quite thorough, however... when you compare the titles of the articles, they snobbed out with "best wheel designs" and when it comes to the best looking most popular rims of all time, that article is a Mag Wheel Field Guide. See the stark difference? And they called an article on factory styled steel wheels "Mag Wheels" which exposes their lack of understanding of what mag wheels (not a common term) or mags, slotted mags, magnesium rims - are.

What's most remarkable, is that the author of the best wheel designs ignored the Lamborghini Miura rims by Campagnalo.

and until I looked back into my photos of Miuras, I hadn't realized there were two varieties. I love the gold design more.

yes, I've been spoiled ridiculously by being able to go to Southern Californian car shows of all kinds to get photos of Miuras. The gold was at Bobileff's showroom, the silver was at the Art Center College of Pasadena annual show