Friday, June 19, 2020

I'm showing you something you haven't seen in a while, something you probably forgot about, a thing I haven't seen in years

and it wouldn't be much fun, or at least I guess it might be more fun, to guess what it is, because if I told you what it is, just like a magic trick, the surprise factor would be destroyed.

Answer at the bottom of the next post, here's hoping you are as amused as I was to realize the situation and be nostalgic about it. 

cool advertising signs from back in the days, photos by John Margolies

When's the last time you saw a car that someone forgot to turn off the headlights on?  It used to be a habit to turn off the headlights, but now that everyone has a new car with automatic off headlights... when people take out their old fun car for a grocery run, they forget and leave the headlights off

When we did that back in the day, we killed the battery to the point of being unable to start the car.  And THAT is why new cars have headlights that turn off automatically when the engine turns off. 

neighbors down the street just bought a NICE Shasta

Happy Birthday to the pioneering legend, Shirley Muldowney!

If you want to send her a Happy Birthday meme and stand out from all the people that just say happy birthday,

Thursday, June 18, 2020

1976, the year I became obsessed with cars. Photo by John Margolies

Portland's Saint Johns Bridge, impressive looking, above and below. That is some serious goth look. No wonder that corner of the country was so damn teen grunge

how literally stalker would I be if I followed people (especially women) home to ask them to pose for photos with their cool cars?

there is no way she isn't having to turn down marriage proposals every time a guy with red blood sees her with her Malibu... Magdalena Wosinska and her 1969 Malibu, Highland Park, LA

more than one photographer has gotten her to pose with her Malibu

AYFKM? Look at these build sheets that survived 60 plus years under the carpet

Yikes, that is not a good looking front end. Will it bull dozer it's way through a traffic jam? Probably.  This looks to me like the epitome of funky 50s design

Love these taillights... damn, that is a cool design

Found on Chris's facebook page, cause damn, he still puts out great content.

NASCAR has added Dale Earnhardt Jr. to its Hall of Fame. Earnhardt won 26 Cup Series races, two Xfinity Series championships, and was named Most Popular Driver 15 times.

“I knew when dad died I was going to assume most if not all of his fan base and I feel like I took care of that,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “I didn’t squander that, I didn’t ruin that and I also introduced myself to a lot of people who never heard of Dale Earnhardt.”

Have you heard of the dog train? Eugene Bostick, 80, has become a viral sensation with his dog train after a video appeared on BuzzFeed.

Two strangers, Jorge Mendoza and Daniel Miranda, did not hesitate to dive into murky water when they saw a vehicle sinking into an irrigation ditch in Tracy, California.

On Wednesday morning, around 4:50 a.m., Daniel Miranda was on his way to work when he witnessed what he called a "horrific" accident.

He saw a car go out of control, hit a pole, spin more than dozen times and then land upside down in an irrigation ditch.

Then it started to sink.

"This is a picture of two heroes. Earlier this week our firefighters were dispatched to a vehicle that had rolled over into a ditch. This was in the early hours of the morning just before sun up. The driver of the car was a young female who's car rolled several times and landed upside down almost completely submerged in an irrigation ditch. These two men who were traveling in separate cars and did not know each other, witnessed the accident. They immediately pulled over and worked together to free the unresponsive woman who was still in the submerged car. At this time Alameda County Sheriff Deputy Fred Cutaia, who was on his way to work joined the effort. Together they performed CPR and were able to revive her prior to our crews arrival. She lived. It's not everyday that that two total strangers risk their own lives to save another total stranger. This act of courage is a shining light of how good people can be. @tracyfirefighters would like to recognize Jorge Mendoza, Daniel Miranda and Fred Cutaia for their heroic life saving efforts."

either texting or fell asleep at the wheel is my guess, but look how damn far they made it!

I'm surprised they didn't get flipped over when they went through the ditch and soft mud.

Origin of the car radio... well, they tried putting a house radio type design in the car, but the first bump they hit, popped the vacuum tubes out. So, that required a solution, and here it is.

E. Clarke Quackenbush invented a number of electronic components including the locking vacuum tube socket and the PL-259 UHF connector.

 The locking tube socket solved the 'bump in the road' problem and made it practical to put a radio in an automobile.

The UHF connector, still standard equipment on CB and HAM radios, is one of the few electronic components in use today that predates the transistor.

Clarke's brother Alan once claimed that Clarke personally installed the world's first car radio. It went into a Packard that belonged to his boss Paul Galvin.

The Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, founded in Chicago in 1928, is still in business today. They introduced the car radio in the 1930's under what is now a well known trademark. In 1947 they officially adopted their trademark Motorola as the company's name.

Clarke ran the antenna wires the length of the car and fastened them to the large tube that enclosed the Packard's drive shaft. The radio worked perfectly until the car was put into gear and driven. Upon investigation it turned out that, while the Packard's unusually large drive shaft was not enclosed by a tube, it did have a long section of antenna wire wrapped tightly around it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Pennsylvania Department of Health is suing Carlisle Events to stop 'Spring Carlisle' from exceeding 250 person gathering limit

On June 9, Carlisle Events inquired to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development about a waiver that would have permitted the Spring Carlisle car show to exceed the 250 person limit and allow approximately 100,000 people to attend the gathering.

Carlisle Event's public relations manager Mike Garland says the event will go on as planned.

"There is no one location here at the fairgrounds where 250 people will be gathering at any one time during this event or any other event on our season schedule," said Garland.

However, the Department of Community and Economic Development told Carlisle Events that they must follow all guidance issued by the Department of Health, including the limit of no gatherings larger than 250 people outlined in Governor Wolf's plan.

The complaint states that on June 16, the Pennsylvania Department of Health sent an e-mail to Carlisle Events reminding it of its obligation to comply with all orders, including the 250 person limit.

Despite requesting a written response from Carlisle Events, the Department of Health claims no response was received, and that according to the Carlisle Events website, they plan to defy the order.

The suit states that the Spring Carlisle car show can take place, but just at a limit of 250 people.

ever hear of the WW2 Navy aviator gallon of ice cream tradition?

On 06 Sept 1962, as the USS Seadragon (SSN-584) was returning from her historical rendezvous at the North Pole with the USS Skate (SSN-578), her CO Dan Summitt was at the periscope when he witnessed a light quickly moving across the water surface, much too fast for a ship or submarine. He marked the bearing and quickly ordered the Seadragon to the surface. In a few minutes the sub came across the life raft of the crew of a downed Navy P5M Martin plane on a training run. All 12 crewmen were rescued and returned to Port Angeles safely.

Following a Navy aviator tradition, the rescue ship was awarded a gallon of ice cream for each man saved. In the photo, we see CO Summitt on the right accepting the ice cream (in either 3- or 5-gallon tubs; based on size I'd guess 5-gallon tubs). We see the hull number of the Seadragon behind the men, and we see "VP-47" for Patrol Squadron 47 from which the plane originated.

In September 1962 a PBM experienced a prop overspeed and they had to ditch.

One crewman reported that the sub had them “out of the water, in dry clothes, and drinking hot coffee in the crew’s mess within an hour.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Wetmore's Garage, Ferndale, Michigan 1986

by coincidence I came across this a couple weeks ago, this garage, not this photo, which is the first color photo I've seen it it.

well, this is another one I've never seen before

Wow, I had never learned until now that she was the model for the art on the cover of her book... that is pretty cool!

I think I posted this before, but, if I didn't I would not want to pass on it now

Centennial Land Run Monument at the Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City, an art installation by Paul Moore, commemorating the land rush of 1889

whaaaaaaat that hell is this?

Red Bull sponsored Tuk Tuk racing

1953 Outboards were carried home by 297 employees of Evinrude in Milwaukee as the plant closed for summer vacation. The tradition was that workers could borrow motors for two weeks. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Files)

Irish illustrator Will Sliney, a Marvel Comics artist has created 'superhero' face masks for children flying with Easy Jet. Marvel chose him to be their main artist on titles including Avengers, Spider-Man and X-Men.

Two character-themed ‘Lion’ and ‘Pilot’ masks will be made available for free to children flying with Easy Jet from airports across Europe this summer.

Easy Jet's requirement to wear a face mask in airports and on aircraft is part of a series of new safety and hygiene measures which will come into force once it resumes flights.

Easy Jet announced it is to make thousands of the covers, which will be worn over the top of a young traveller's own face mask, available on selected routes when it restarts its operations on June 15.

 Will said: "Flying with face masks is going to be a new experience for everyone, especially young children, so I hope these fun designs, inspired by comic book characters, help to encourage kids to wear their masks onboard.

this kid has got if figured out... for as long as the batteries last

this is either the result of them over shooting a pond on a farm, or they were way the hell of course, or blind. Just what were they doing attempting a landing in a farmers field? The reporter did NOT find out. Damn

The plane appears to be a Stinson Reliant, a popular single-engine aircraft first manufactured in 1933

Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada farmer Shane Maze never heard the plane crash in his wheat field.

He was only alerted to the discovery hours later, when his uncle phoned him about the aircraft in the field located around 20 kilometres from his home.

 Maze arrived just before the pilots hauled the plane away on Sunday, to find the upside-down wreckage — a surprising sight after eight years farming the land without incident.

The two people piloting the plane walked away unscathed after the crash, Maze later learned from his uncle, who spoke to them before they walked away from the crash and called for a ride to their home in Unity, about 45 kilometres north of Cut Knife.