Saturday, June 28, 2008

A tour with Jim (86 yrs old), who still has his first car (23 Ford) and talked to Henry Ford

"... the story behind them, to me, is wonderful"
talking to Henry Ford

Part of Jim's spark plug collection

These are both examples of the "Hit or Miss" put-put engines

1921 Studebaker Limo Light 6, with body by Fisher (before they were bought by GM)

38 Chevrolet busisness coupe, and Jim made the fender skirts, the wallet photo is of this car, and Jim's daughter

1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe

1919 Dodge Roadster

Why he bought this 27 Model T

1929 LaSalle that a pair of twins sold, to raise money to put them through dental school

Notice the windshield wiper goes side to side
Bustle Back design with trunk

Spare body for the #38, below are tires on the trailer with the #38

Rare California manufactured early motorcycle, notice the flat steel framework
Leaf spring looking isn't it?
Tank to one of the Jawa motorcycles
This Ariel square 4 was sold to jim for $50 when the last owner didn't want his soon to be divorced wife to get it in the settlement

Triumph T-100c (competition)
Jim tried for the Motorcycle test when he was 80, and did great until the very last cone was tipped by the rear turn signal

1921 Dodge Screenside pick up

1959nBMW Isetta 600 Limo (has 3 doors and a back seat)

58 VW bug with the W engine cover

Nash Metropolitan above, 1953 Land Rover below, and when he went to ask if he could buy it the guy he approached flew off the handle and accused of him "are you the guy who's been seeing my woman?!"

1927 Ford 2 door sedan above
This is Jim's first car, a 23 Model T that he bought for 8 dollars, the video is below with other photos of this 23.

More shots of the 1927 2 door sedan
This 23 T above and below photos, is Jim's first car. There is no door on the drivers side, because the parking brake was in the way of the driver entering on the drivers side.

1956 VW bug, canvas top

1918 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan
are rare, it stands for Dodge Brothers of course

VW Barry Mini T

1953 Corvair