Saturday, November 19, 2011

440 'Cuda of 1969

 the turn signals are on the hood, not the fenders

A drastic change in the headlight was a big part of the Popular Mechanics Califonia Dreamin' Mustang custom look

 Reminds me of the 1964-65 Mustang tail lights

 The grill to headlights look far better than stock
 Nive candy color paint around the hood scoop

 If I recall correctly, there is a small mini fridge and microwave... cold drinks and popcorn in the backseat... I didn't see what was under the seat panels, and can find NO information on the car online.

I don't like the tail lights, but the 2011 or 2012 Mustangs really have an ugly tailpanel design

Pro Touring Chargers, eye magnets and track terrors no doubt, a 69 Daytona and a 68 Charger

 This is Bill Goldberg's car, Mr Angry
You may know of Goldberg from his tv wrestling career, or his tv shows Garagemahal and Bullrun

comparison of the hood scoops of a factoy hood scoop on a firebird, and the racing version on the same make and model that gets far better air from over the boundary layer

Airbrushing by Coupland (Quickcope is his handle on Youtube) is very cool

Extreme Offroad and Performanace website is

I don't know what Kinsey did for painting this truck, but Coupland has signed it in at least 2 places

Hard core, straight up, car porn with a 69 Camaro

Fiat has a very good commercial

Logging trucks in Russia are getting through the worst roads, rivers, and swamps

Anyone recognize a bike by this following description?

I'm looking for a bike that looks a bit like the stingray. It was a BIG tube bike in orange that I had in the early 70's. On the main diagonal bar it has the words "THE BOSS" in black bold letters. Had a shifter like the stingray but had a shifter base like that of an early mustang (car) that was in black. Can't find any pics of one to help out with. If anyone has seen or knows of  please.

Friday, November 18, 2011