Saturday, August 27, 2022

Good movie to recommend, and partly for the terrific 1973 setting with era correct vehicles and lots of them. Set in the early 1970s, the Licorice Pizza true story elements are also based on the real Hollywood-set memories of director Paul Thomas Anderson and his friend Gary Goetzman.

It has guest stars Bradley Cooper, Maya Rudolf, and Sean Penn

the flying spaghetti monster is still out there!

I haven't seen one of these in years, the last time I think I photographed one of the set was 2014, and that's when I decided just one post with the whole collection would be cool to see

cable car designs from Big Hero 6

the Big Hero 6 magnetic bike


I found a lot of  Big Hero 6 concept art on so he must be one of the artists that worked up the designs

interesting car photos from about 100 years ago in France are on this facebook page

1905 Gordon Bennett Renault

this photographer made excellent use of light and shadow to feature this 20 million dollar Bugatti

hot rodder, photographer, and editor of Street Rodder, Hot Rod, Rod & Custom and The Rodders Journal magazines - Pat Ganahl has passed away while racing his Iacono dragster at a nostalgia drag racing event in Washington

In addition to writing many books and freelance stories about the hobby of hot-rodding, he was renown for his selection of vintage photos depicting unrestored, restored and in-the-midst machinery. His encyclopedic knowledge about vintage automobiles and drag racing led him to popularize the nostalgia drag racing

Ganahl's five-year tenure at HOT ROD in the 1980s represented a fairly small part of his lifelong involvement with cars and lengthy career writing thorough, knowledgeable, and deeply researched stories about hot rods, custom cars, and their history. He landed his first automotive writing job at Street Rodder magazine in 1973, joined the HOT ROD staff in 1983 (after a brief detour at Sunset magazine), and revived Rod & Custom magazine in 1988. 

After leaving Petersen Publishing, he helped Steve Coonan in the early days of The Rodder's Journal, and would continue to write long-form historical articles until his "retirement." Even then, he couldn't stop sharing his tales of rodding history (as well as his voluminous collection of vintage photographs) so he started a website, "Pat Ganahl's Rod and Custom." While producing all those magazine articles, Ganahl found the time to write some 20 books on subjects that ranged from supercharging to Von Dutch.

On Friday Aug 19th, he blew through the lights at the end of Riverdale’s drag strip and never applied brakes. Probably had a heart or brain issue related to the thrill and acceleration.

you certainly can continue to be rewarded by his life's work at and

Guy Martin riding a chopper at Dirtquake

Repo guys ain't got a safe job... a woman shot a tow truck driver who was trying to repossess her vehicle, 'cause she ain't playing around either. Maybe 1 am is the wrong time to screw with people?

a woman and a few others confronted the tow truck driver who was attempting to remove her vehicle near the intersection of Palm Avenue and the 5 at about 1 a.m.

 The woman pulled out a gun and shot the driver at least once in the arm, police said. The driver was taken to the hospital and expected to survive.

The suspect was not captured, as SWAT took too long to arrive

My Cousin Vinny, had a marvelous cast 30 years ago, Joe Pesci, Fred Gwynne, Ralph Macchio - but the most memorable role was the sassy Marisa Tomei who was only 28 yrs old, and won the best supporting actress academy award for her performance as a know it all mechanic!

In the famous scene, Tomei’s "Mona Lisa Vito" has just taken the stand in a courtroom where Vinny is the legal representation for two young men who are on trial for murder. 

She shoots an apathetic eye roll at the prosecution’s Mr. Trotter (Lane Smith) before dismantling his “bullshit question.” 

“The defense is wronG.”

Tomei rattles off more automotive knowledge than anyone in the world needs to know and does so with the spitfire spunk of a Brooklyn hairdresser who “tawks like dis".

 The scene is so famous, in fact that when Bill Belicheck was being grilled during the “Deflategate” scandal, he said he wasn’t “the Mona Lisa Vito of the football world.”

this post took 45 minutes, to get right, and it was worth it, because being a car guy is fun

a late 50s Palm Springs car smorgasbord!

an upcoming move named Don't Worry Darling that seems to be some Stepford Wives horror suspense, where someone on set kept ever car immaculately clean

in the next Mission Impossible (I kid you not) a car chase with a classic Fiat 500!

I bet the marketing dept of this movie company never imagined that they would get free publicity because the production manager chose this Fiat!  OR maybe it's an homage to Myazaki's Lupin the IIIrd?

notice the exterior chassis frame for using this shell as part of a camera rig driven by the guy at the far right, down low

and this video is looped, so after the 1st minute, it repeats itself

and there is a beautiful classic steam locomotive that needs to make a swan dive off a very high bridge 

Friday, August 26, 2022

ever notice the number of old French cars with yellow headlights? Ever wonder why? I have, and David just offered a theory

It is that the French wanted to be able to recognize non-French nationals driving on their roads at night.

 France has several land borders; when the legislation was enacted (1936, for new cars built from 1937 onwards) they will have been aware of risks of the rise of German aggression, and the Spanish civil war was in full swing.

 It probably was a basic early-warning system to identify foreigner drivers from a distance. 

 The law was repealed in 1993 when the EU standardization made all headlights white. 

If the yellow tint actually improved visibility, they might have made all the other countries change to match France!

Thank you David!

the above is a Renault Nervastella, a smaller brother to the Renault Reinastella. I'm not aware how it related to the Monastella

In the early 1930s Renault introduced a number of models with names that ended in "-stella", which was a conscious reference to the Latin word for a "star". "Nerva" is a reference to a Roman emperor, and Nerva, Spain.

I didn't know stop signs had various sizes

or that Tesla used software to measure them to determine stopping distance and speed

I've never seen one of these "Premier Oil Fountains" before, looks very cool!


tail happy racing Cobra!

this driver is really good at steering, and recovery, but he makes me nervous where he is too damn close to losing control, and risking other people's cars. I wouldn't let him drive mine

the other term for pot holes? apathy pits

Cars, planes & a blimp at the Cecil B. DeMille Airfield in Los Angeles, California. (notice all the oil wells)

a 1938 Packard built by Kellner with part of the rear body section of a 1930 Renault Reinstella Torpedo Scaphandrier

the original owner is believed to be George Hormel II, heir to the meat-packing Hormel Foods Corp. and owner of the historic Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, AZ. 

During the 1950s, this Packard was purchased by J.B Nethercutt collection.

In 1961, it was purchased by the Harrah collection. The car remained in his collection for the next 24 years before being sold in 1985, to Tom Monaghan the founder of Domino’s Pizza who had a world class collection

The car remained in the Domino’s Classic Car Collection until 1989, before joining the Blackhawk Collection

THAT is a couch! And it was put in this Packard about 20 years before seatbelts were invented