Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hulk - Camino, a 59 El Camino


Its been completed since 2016, but it has also been getting improved since then

I almost forgot the Ripsaw Twister was at SEMA... from robotics firm Howe & Howe Technologies

here's a better look, because with bad indoor lighting and people crowded around it's pretty hard to see whats in the photo

Several of Mike and Geoff Howe’s robotic land vehicles have been evaluated by the U.S. Army. Its Ripsaw vehicle — the small unmanned tank seen on “Jay Leno’s Garage” — has undergone testing at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. But when sequestration slowed down funding of tests, the Howe brothers looked for other venues to promote it, landing the product a role in the 2015 classic “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

helluva nice Falcon van!

I doubt there are many events where you can see as many mint or custom 60's through 80's Chevy trucks, as you can see at SEMA. It's amazing, and they are either restored, or customized with the coolest stuff

It's rare to see a Scout at SEMA

lots of visible welds to replace rusted metal, and now I wish I'd taken more photos

sorry for the bad photo, but the lower the light level, the longer the lens is open, and the harder it is to hold still - even heartbeats shake the camera

I dig the crescent wrench welded onto the shifter

the biggest vehicle I saw at SEMA, even bigger than the jet powered semi

one of the best inventions I've seen in trucks

I will post more about them after SEMA

Little Red Fire Truck

this years SEMA schwag

3 shirts, 2 frisbees, one inflateable beachball, 3 mouse pads, 18 pens, 1 set of golf tees, 2 pairs of gloves, one cool little travel kit from Hagerty, and Haas handed out a machinist notebook

a backscratcher, 2 sunglass leashes, a bandaid dispenser, earbud headphones, a deck of cards, ear plugs, a detailers air vent cleaner, and not in this image because they are in my car, 2 pairs of sunglasses and a souvenir quart of Mobil 1

This year Mothers and Meguires did not have free samples, Optima didn't have a thing, not even the scratchers, and I'm tired of Mopar and Shell's tag baloney about going to one booth to get a thing for the other booth to get a t-shirt

and Johnson Window Films has the coolest beer handout around 2 pm each of the first couple of days. You take a window tint challenge, earn a wooden nickel beer chip, and get a cold Blue Moon Ale, or Heineken I think was the other.... and a great old guy, Salvatore pours it for you. Seriously, cool guy! It's who you'd want to be the bartender in the movie about anything. He hands you another wooden beer chip for the next day... and I happened to miss a couple next days over the years.

I don't think I'm going to miss them next year!

Last years schwag
and the year before that was NUTS and the most schwag ever

Toyota uses wiper data to team up with the weatherman to accurately forecast the weather by pinpoint where it's pouring

Toyota is working with weather information provider Weathernews Inc. in Japan to improve the accuracy of rain forecasts, using real-time data from cars with windshield wipers connected to the system.

Weathernews has an observation network with 13,000 locations throughout Japan, and is testing a program that combines the network’s data with information collected from Toyota vehicles through the Internet. Wipers that are on indicate precipitation, while their speed indicates how hard it’s raining.

Ford Vs Ferrari, review. It should have been titled Ken Miles was screwed over by a scum sucking Ford boot licker

Probably the best racing movie that's been out in decades, yes, even better than Rush

Oh, maybe you want details

Ok, the actors were terrific, seriously it's not like Christian Bale can do a bad job acting, Matt Damon came on strong in The Martian and this proves he's terrific, not just a lucky actor. Jon Bernthal finally gets a role that isn't just byper action, where he can instead show acting nuance. He's a welcome addition to a historic movie, and though the writers are to be complimented, he plays Lee Iococca and fills in a LOT of history on what role Iococca had in making the Ford GT 40 win at LeMans

This movie is a shocking history of Ken Miles, really, it's a long over due tribute to the truly talented race car driver that I hadn't a clue about. Its setting the history straight on the over looked accomplishments both as a driver, mechanic, and race car prepper. If Miles hadn't been a part of Shelby American's GT 40 race program, they probably never would have won. Now that it's clear that the petty backstabbing bitch Beebe had some vendetta against Miles. OR the movie needed a villain and because NO ONE knows anything Leo Beebe, until now.

Doesn't matter, this movie is superbly we structured to show how (at least according to the movie writers) Ford outsourced the LeMans racing to guys who could win, and it could as easily been titled The Ken Miles Story. From his WW2 tank time, to his garage on Cahuenga Blvd, this movie goes into details of what Ken Miles was going through before he joined Shelby's race team.

The only complaint I have is how loud the production or audio editors were with the shifter in the first couple minutes of the movie. Other than that annoying nonsense, its a great movie. Beats the LeMans by McQueen and Gran Prix by Garner by a landslide
Vintage photos at the bottom of