Saturday, December 01, 2012

Rat Fink still gets around

biggest one I've seen

new record number of posts in a week... 100

Just saying you are getting your money's worth.

47 posts alone today, another record number. I've seen blogs that don't put out that many in a year

the Weld Warriors had a great Chev truck piece of art made using a welder... well done!

I learned that Flex A Lite has a mobile museum trailer, but never got the opportunity to check it out

the So Cal Speedshop bellytanker was at SEMA this year

notice how perfect the paint and body are, nothing wrong to be found in the reflections

US Speedo has a great looking new item, the full color spectrum for your instument gauge cluster

thanks Nick! 

The best looking tool box idea I've seen in a while, and damn simple. Racing stripes

Black Betty the Brookwood. a 1960 Chev station wagon

interesting and nice look for rims, subtle, but colorful

Good looking Vette

the Flo Pro mascot at SEMA this year

Magazines covering the automotive aftermarket that I'd never heard of before theis years SEMA

Christmas gift idea for the garage mahal type that seems to have everything. A Snap On grill that looks like a tool box!

  I think to become a new distributor was the way to get a chance to win the grill. 

The Mickey Thompson tire booth had a big variety to display, and Kenny Youngblood doing art too!

 You get to choose which car you like from the above, and Kenny colors it up the way you prefer, and then adds your name to it. A donation is a nice thing though... just saying. Artists starve for their art too often

the Bead Bazooka, a new way to get that damn tire to pop onto the rim. Yup, I've had some that weren't co-operative

Ferrari at SEMA

clever tire and rim display at SEMA

good looking design for new Camaros

stop the madness, don't put ridiculous rims on Bentleys

the El Camino that won the Ebay build contest

the Master Key tuner kit... for wheel and rim businesses that frequently deal with customers that can't find their original lock lug key

there are many different designs, and this company has developed a tool kit to make a wheel changers job easier

Be the one in your town that all the other tire stores say "Go to Johnny's" or "Go to Tommy's". With the Master Key Tuner Key Kit you will always be able to take care of your customer without drilling, hammering, or torquing.

Titanium lug bolts, and rim fasteners, for more strength (29%) and less weight(45%)

Found them at SEMA... a great place to learn the new aftermarket things that aren't getting attention, but should