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a mining shovel dumpcart now a roadside attraction in Ontario

and this reminded me that occasionally they have an international mining convention in Las Vegas

Ski doo racing 1964

nobody told me the Amsoil Championship Snocross was already started

get info about the series from or


THE BOLD AVIATOR LAY DYING (Second World War version, trad)
 Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Oh, the bold aviator was dying
And as 'neath the wreckage he lay, he lay
 To the sobbing mechanics about him
These last parting words he did say.

"Take the cylinders out of my kidneys
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain
 From the small of my back get the crankshaft
And assemble the engine again.

Two valve springs you’ll find in my stomach,
 Three spark plugs are safe in my lung, my lung,
 The prop is in splinters inside me,
 To my fingers the joy-stick has clung.

Take the propeller boss out of my liver,
 Take the aileron out of my thigh, my thigh,
 From the seat of my pants take the piston,
 Then see if the old crate will fly."

Fontaine'sFolly, a most unusual train engine design

only dual cowl Bugatti I've ever seen

1927 Bugatti Type 44 Dual Cowl Torpedo Sport Phaeton. Body by Lavocat & Marsaud

found on

the Shenendoah, US Navy Airship (Dirigible/blimp)

the 1919 Flying Regulations of the Army Air service

some interesting and unusual stuff I found on

the unusual rims? called "high flotation wheels"

home made cannon... I think it's likely the larger diam breech area is made from a natural gas / acetylene tank

this is one exaggeratedly opulent advertisement!

the Chicago license plate... I've posted one before, it was a way to extort more money from the population so the local city government would get rich. It's unheard of now, but it wasn't always just state plates that were required to use roads

all from

The heavily decorated private railway car belonging to Pope Pious IX (1792 –1878)

Pick one

Thanks to Dan for posting this on Facebook, I've never seen a stop light this screwed up

Friday, December 06, 2013

selling people on riding the mass transit bus... not going to convince anyone that's ever ridden one though

thanks Steve! 

A steam powered tank? I bet it was unbearable inside from the heat and leaking steam

When a flame thrower was developed in 1917 the test was so successful a vehicle was needed to carry it. This is the result. Modelled on a British Mark IV tank design it was built and demonstrated in Boston in April 1918. The armament consisted of the flame thrower device and 4 machine guns. It was powered by steam engines so there must be also be a boiler onboard, maybe not the best thing to be standing next to if bullets are flying around. The weight was 50 tons, top speed 4 mph and offered no improvement over the internal combustion powered machine. Only one was built.

Cannon Ball Baker, he set 143 endurance and speed records from 1910 to 1930. Cannonball Runs are still happening in celebration of his memory

A new sidecar record for the Three Flags Run- Canadian border to Mexican border- 1717 miles in 2 days, 17 hours and 53 minutes

As a young fellow, E.G. Baker enjoyed many physical fitness activities, including boxing, sparring, wrestling - and motorcycling. He worked for the United States Tire Company in his home town in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he rose to the position of superintendent of the motorcycle tire testing department, and it was there that he found an outlet for his remarkable stamina. Baker had an ability to complete fast, long distance rides without experiencing fatigue - a useful skill for testing tires. from

In January 1912 he left Indianapolis on a two-speed Indian and covered 14,000 miles in three months, traveling through Florida, down to Cuba and Jamaica, and then to Panama. He took a steamer up to San Diego where he based himself for a while and from there he competed in several endurance runs in both California and Arizona. It was during this time that Baker decided he would attempt to break the transcontinental record. After a record-setting transcontinental drive in 1914, he received his nickname "Cannon Ball" from a New York newspaper writer who compared him to the Cannonball train of the Illinois Central made famous by Casey Jones.

His first was set in 1914, riding coast to coast on an Indian motorcycle in 11 days. He normally rode to sponsor manufacturers, guaranteeing them "no record, no money". In 1915, Baker drove from Los Angeles to New York City in 11 days, 7 hours and fifteen minutes in a Stutz Bearcat, and the following year drove a Cadillac 8 roadster from Los Angeles to Times Square in seven days, eleven hours and fifty-two minutes while accompanied by an Indianapolis newspaper reporter.

Found on 
His first was set in 1914, riding coast to coast on an Indian motorcycle in 11 days. He normally rode to sponsor manufacturers, guaranteeing them "no record, no money". In 1915, Baker drove from Los Angeles to New York City in 11 days, 7 hours and fifteen minutes in a Stutz Bearcat, and the following year drove a Cadillac 8 roadster from Los Angeles to Times Square in seven days, eleven hours and fifty-two minutes while accompanied by an Indianapolis newspaper reporter.

By 1917, Erwin Baker had been racing motorcycles and setting records for 13 years. He was an Indian rider from Indianapolis with a valuable reputation. After a quick coast-to-coast ride, he became nationally known by the speedy and marketing-appropriate nickname, “Cannonball.” Long before racing vehicles were covered in corporate sponsorship, Baker earned the support of some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing. from

In 1924 he made his first midwinter transcontinental run in a stock Gardner sedan at a time of 4 days, 14 hours and 15 minutes. He was so impressed by the car, that he purchased one thereafter. In 1926 he drove a loaded two-ton truck from New York to San Francisco in a record five days, seventeen hours and thirty minutes, and in 1928, he beat the 20th Century Limited train from New York to Chicago. Also in 1928, he competed in the Mount Washington Hillclimb Auto Race, and set a record time of 14:49.6 seconds, driving a Franklin.

His best-remembered drive was a 1933 New York City to Los Angeles trek in a Graham-Paige model 57 Blue Streak 8, setting a 53.5 hour record that stood for nearly 40 years. This drive inspired the later Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, better known as the "Cannonball Run", which itself inspired at least five movies and a television series. In 1941, he drove a new Crosley Covered Wagon across the nation in a troublefree 6,517-mile run to prove the economy and reliability characteristics of Crosley automobiles.

Other record and near-record transcontinental trips were made in Model T Fords, Chrysler Imperials, Marmons, Falcon-Knights and Columbia Tigers, among others.

information from and

above Pikes Peak and Frankin Special found on

living in San Diego I found the info that he spent a good amount of time in San Diego interesting: His 7 hp, two-speed electric model twin was provided by the Hendee company, who arranged for him to be supplied with a machine from the stock of San Diego Indian dealer, C.A. Shepherd 

FYI, next year there will be a cross country motorcycle run for pre-1937 motorbikes!

In 2010 and 2012 ,the brave riders of the Cannonball proved that antique motorcycles could indeed be put to the ultimate test. A test that would pit rider and machine against the North American continent. Reviving a tradition as old as the motorcycles themselves, they took a ride into history. Not only proving the capabilities of the machines,but also confirming the pioneering spirit this great country was built upon

Eligible Machines.........This will be a difficult ride, only the best machines should be considered for it. Much will have to be done to your machine if you decide to run the cannonball. No motorcycle built after 1936 can run for the prize. The machine must be powered by an original engine. Many things could be changed on a machine, and updates made for safety sake, but the core of the machine must be 1936 or earlier.

I doubt you've seen this Harley Davidson advertisement before

a 1934 Motorcycle stayed in the dictionary as an example until 1960 for parts naming reference

Vegas baby!

the loading of the Bell X2

wear your seat belts!

an innovation in bike lights for those who ride at night

awesome car chase, excellent sound, video, and action. Best short movie I've seen in a while

'Happy End' - a Photo-Book about Miracles in Aviation History,

'Happy End' is a photo-project about miracles in aviation history - 15 airplanes that had forced landings but ALL on board survived and were rescued from the remote locations. The planes remain abandoned in nowhere since 10-70 years.

photos from and


With the help of crowdfunding the book was printed and is now available for online purchase. If you are interested in the 96 page hardcover book with facts, stories and 53 large pictures of the 15 planes:

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the plane in the lake is a Bristol Freighter

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tribute video from the Fast and Furious movie producers... far out. I can't recall seeing the studios doing this for anyone before, except at the Academy Awards

You're aware that in WW2 some really big airships/dirigibles/blimps were part of the US Navy? One gondola has been found and is getting restored

most impressive bridge I've seen

impressive and imposing up close, I'm most surprised to learn that an amphib's crew was out for swim call

smooth and well done power slide

A Hurst water transfer, or sticker, I've never seen before

it's not the Spruce Goose, but it's pretty damn impressive