Saturday, January 08, 2011

2 Kool for Skool Ford F600 bus at the Vista Frosty Burger run... first car show of the year

Biggest monster truck that I've never heard of? It's got 6 more tires than any other I've seen


Was better looking from the factory... but this guy went to great lengths to make it look his way (why do people like the aftermarket hood portholes?)

great innovation for new vehicles, the back up camera shown in the rear view mirror

only appears when the vehicle is in reverse

Stupid drivers are contagious, or hang together... whichever

1909 Babcock electric brougham... looks like a mechanized stage coach to me

Above is the factory brochure image, below is the corner of the street photo from Shorpy

1911 Packard fire engine in Detroit


Friday, January 07, 2011

Canadian colonization advertising vehicle... looking like a streetcar on a truck chassis

Seems the big wide open plains of the Candian west needed farmers, and they used this to spread the word. Just study that box of a body and let me know if it's anything but a one off single purpose built vehicle

Old tour bus, 1908

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lions Drag Strip free souvenir program, the Drag Scoop, Feb 7, 1970 (selected pages that aren't full of classifieds)

Thanks to my friends Tris and Terry for letting me borrow this to share with all of you

Cool and unusual trucks found on Big Lorry Blog

An older semi in Brazil, and I like the grill, full length and looking like a 1940's car design


Looks like the back wheels also steer

Looks like water cannons on top, and armor covering the back

This and the last photo in this gallery are both 4 wheels under the cab.

It seems similar to an F.A.R. but definitly not similar to the Scammell or the Tempo, so it seems there might have been another 3 wheel delivery that I haven't learned about yet.

Mighty powerful little trailer mover

Yuck, very ugly, but does it have this design because that allows it to go under the trailers for reversing the trailer into a loading dock?

Best advertising on a trailer rig I've seen in a while

all from

Having problems with your new Mini? Is the rear window washer not working? Here is a link to a DIY repair, instead of the $530 dealership charge

Of the 12 futurliners built, 8 exist, and one is getting restored in Sweden, here is a dedicated website to it's 4 year, 10 million dollar, resto

the website is in Swedish, but no problem from Google to translate to your language, just switch to Google Chrome for a web browser, and put in the address bar, and once the page loads... the browser will pop up a small bar at the top of the page and ask you if you want it translated. Simple. I recommend switching to Google Chrome, because lately Windows has not worked at translating for me

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Your speedbumps are mere annoyances, the speedbumps in Australia can wreck your day

found on Big Lorry Blog

Bang Shift finds really cool drag racing, here's a trio of awesome

Hayden Proffitt and the funny car Rebel. Ya gotta hand it to anyone who looks at the brick aerodynamics and says they'll make it win.

EJ Potter, that madman

Turbo Stang, powered by a drag axle from Turbonique and this is the first time I've seen this photo.. awesome
For lots of dragracing photos and videos, go see the tremendous coverage at Bang Shift

Hill climbing hoonage vehicles, they even spin across rivers so fast they don't sink

suspension takes a lot of abuse, here to demonstrate, a crash test dummy. Behind him is the demo of how well suspension smooths the ride for passenger


The whole gallery of wacky racers after the link

Bigger hammer theory in practice, the building of Trabant cars in the 1980's

Skip the first 22 seconds, it's boring, after that they get to hammering for proper fitment

If you haven't heard of the bigger hammer theory, you aren't a submariner or a mechanic. The theory is this; if it doesn't work, hit it with a hammer (known in scientific circles as mechanical agitation (thank you XO Joachim) ) if it doesn't work after hitting it with a hammer, hit it with a bigger hammer. If it still doesn't work, replace it... it's broke.

video from

Damn, a Veyron running the Gumball, that's going to go through a lot of gas


When running full speed, the fuel lasts about 12 minutes, thats about 60 miles at about 250 mph, and few freeways are going to give that type of high speed opportunity, but this is a gas guzzling beast even if you half the speed (125mph) and double the distance and time before you have to fill up again.

Somebody got bored with their Rolls Centurion (half million dollars), kicked it to the gutter. Like I've said before, rich people are stupid

Notice that this is the same car below, same licence plates.