Saturday, February 09, 2008

new advertising concept for convention center car shows, make it float around the room.


1966 home video of slingshots dragracing at Dragway 42

Around minute 5 the slingshots are just blazing the hides the length of the track.... wow

Tere emailed me these beautiful pics of a great 442 convertible, Thanks Tere!

San Diego's hottest day since 1907 brought out lots of muscle cars today! The afternoon was recorded at 77, first time since Feb 9 was this warm in 99 years!

Muscle car computer wallpaper more than 50 different wallpapers

and lots more muscle car stuff on this website.

'69 Chrysler commercial that draws connections to the 4 door's boat like size

Was it really necessary to superimpose ocean scenes, and fish? How does that sell this monstrosity?

Vintage film of Breedlove setting endurance and speed records in the SS AMC AMX

Craig Breedlove setting the AMC 24 hours speed records in the AMC AMX SS. part 1 part 2 part 3

Thanks to Teds Garage blog, here's an AMC tribute: Richard Dreyfess commercial, AMX 3 in a car show, and more... from You Tube AMC commercial where the owner doesn't feel like he's got a race car, funny! Richard Dreyfuss! not very good acting IMHO... a gang leader? That's the actor they cast? C'Mon! Skip right to the last 20 seconds.. ... great idea for showcasing your cars' unique sound, put the camera on the ground, and drive over it, the rev the engine. Made me smile! an all AMC car show video, good production value, which showcases the AMX 3! at minute 2:45 until the end 3 minutes later. I believe this was the one that resided at the San Diego Auto Museum in the late 90's. I love this car. base model '69 Rebel commercial uses humor to showcase it's dependability

Somebody must still like these colanade style GM's... not me, I'm posting the pics to show how bad cars looked in the 70's

This looks like a '73, this LeMans Sport Coupe looks similar the Olds Hurst 442 of the era, and reminded me how bad those big bumpers looked. This has a 350... which was not very powerful after the smog junk was forced into the engine bay. These oddballs like the A body Pontiacs though

What? ! ! Why spend that kind of money on a collectible and leave it outdoors to be damaged the sun and rain?

I've never seen a Prowler parked outdoors before. Ever. So this one took me by surprise when I found it in Rancho Bernardo

all in the same block; project, possible project, completed project

What can this ride feel like? When the front of the body is above the tops of the tires, that's got to be weird around corners.

Kitt 3000, a whole 1000 better than the original

for a 4 minute video on the new GT500KR
(will the gullible think that the KR stands for Knight Rider?)
Mustang than was transformed into the new Knight Rider car, look to the right hand side of

Jay Leno has a 7 minute video where he discusses the concept, build, and features with the designer and Ted Moser (Hollywood tv and movie cars business "Picture Car Warehouse" ) and then goes out and turns the tires into smoke

Friday, February 08, 2008

Maybe little cars aren't meant to survive rally races?

more crashes!

This might be going too far for a push lawnmower

Click on pictures for the full size version

email me at to comment

Bragger license plate.

Race cars crashing in spectacular ways, lots of time in the air

El Camino Real Traffic jam northbound from Del Mar Heights road... sheesh.

Gallery of great looking 2008 Barracuda digital concept

Wide load... yeah, I guess! How about this trucker just ride the center, and not act like he's only using one lane?!

Too much of that dozer in the next lane waiting to sideswipe some distracted driver who isn't paying enough attention

Spider shelter between car show seasons?

I find it remarkable when I see cool cars like this with spider webs between the car and the pavement

Looks like getting it's beak bent was the last time this Miata saw the road... sad to see minor damage take a fun car off the road

I noticed the rusty brake rotors first, then looked again to find out why the car wasn't being driven

Will, sorry you're in the Gulf, here's a memory of San Diego and motorbike repairs to hold you over

website specializing in 62 to 65 Mopar links!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Whoo Hoo! First to post cool stuff again!

Hmmm, scooped Attu!

Me: Sun Jan 27

Attu: Mon Jan 28

Beautiful dashboards gallery ... I just dig the pre 70's instruments (you've probably noticed from the dozens I've posted)

Hello there reader, I'm wondering about the general stats of my readers... would you help me learn?

I'm wondering what city and country you are in,
How old you are,
Male of female,
If you have your own musclecar, race car, motorbike, show car, or something similar...
How you found this blog,
How often you check back to see what new stuff I've posted,
What you prefer to look for here, news, photos, the oddball stuff, links to other websites I liked, etc
What you liked most that I posted,
Whether you looked at all the stuff I've posted since Nov 2006...
What your 5 (or so) favorite automotive blogs or websites are

My email is if you will fill me in. I'm curious is all, the cool little map widget on this blog in the upper right hand corner shows us where people are looking at this blog from, and how many (about 220 a day) and I'm wondering if this is accurate, and of course, about how many women vs men read my blog, etc etc.

Thanks for reading, I hope you keep enjoying what I find entertaining enough to post for you and my friends. Car show season will be starting about 8 weeks from now, and I'll be putting more photos and less links 'cause I'll have less time to surf the web for good stuff.

Good website for seeing the common problems that new (er than 2000) cars and trucks have

Unbelievable chain of results from a single broken part

From Mike, who got me in touch with Tommy... Thanks Mike and Tommy!

On the 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 V6, there is a 43 dollar ABS speed sensor that cuases the following list of problems when it breaks...

Check Engine light,
ABS light
Parking break light,
Trans won't shift properly
Speedometer won't work until about 25 mph

Here's the story straight from Tommy,

The dash was lit up like a christmas tree, engine light, ABS light and even the parking brake light. Also the transmission shifted late and irratic. The speedo also didnt work until you reached 15 to 20 MPH. So it spit out a code that said "output speed sensor." So yeah I got the part, some ABS speed sensor that goes in on top of the rear diff and it was 43 bucks. I put it in and everything was back to normal. I was really surprised about the tranny problem being corrected I thought I was going to have to start buying solenoids and trouble-shooting, but it works great now.

Look at all of these identical complaints about this part failing!

Looks to me like the 26,000 results on Google searching this all come to the same conclusion, lousy part that gets the same seemingly unrelated problem lights on the instrument panel, and the speedometer and trans problems

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MGA making the most of an early spring sunny day in San Diego to blow out the spiderwebs... and carbon

This struck me as cool. Nice plates

Who's lined up for the new Ducati Desmosedici RR?

Tom Cruise was given the unique honor of the first Desmosedici RR at Beverly Hills Ducati. Only 1,500 of the red-and-white Moto GP racing replica motorcycles will be made and Cruise gets the first.

But here's some of the rest of the story. Brad Pitt is rumored on the local radio celebrity news to have had a fit that he wasn't chosen for the first... but then Denzel Washington, and Micheal Jordan were also named as in the top 5 best connected or most powerful celebs to catch the Ducati factory's attention as needing to be among the first 5 to be sold the new Desmosedici RR.

Priority for ordering was given to Ducati 999R owners, with production projected at one bike per day at a retail cost of 65,000USD for the US market

The entire allocation for the United States sold out in five hours