Saturday, March 28, 2020

there must be hundreds of abandonded old cars in Michigan, these were found just past the treeline on a farm by a barn photographer in Alpena county

this is a 36 Buick

no idea what this was.

Doesn't matter, kids probably played in this back in the 60s and 70s.

1913 Pipe... I've never heard of that before, but not a surprise when I learned that it was a company in Brussels, destroyed in WW1

The Belgian Pipe company was founded by Alfred and Victor Goldschmidt in 1898, with production of Panhard type automobiles appearing from 1900. Within a couple of years, the brothers were aimed their business at the sporting car market and began to announce a series of technically innovative cars. First came the introduction of the Jenatzy electric clutch system, then a hemispherical overhead valve engine penned by ex-Mercedes designer Otto Pfänder, leading to a second place in the 1907 Kaiserpreis.

As they progressed through the first decade of the 20th Century the business grew well, but they were unable to recover from the loss of Pfänder in 1907, and destruction of their factory during World War One.

great steering wheel!

it's stunning to think how many cars once were just has beens, and not wanted for another race season, or some other reason were sold off in the classifieds, like this Yenko Vette

E&J Type 20 projector headlights. Assembled and dissassembled

there must be 50 ponds of bondo on this Mustang... there is so much, they made a bigger car by adding an inch or two of bondo to give it a smooth layer

how about this, a tool for getting the biggest tire size that will fit

flat towing a 1917 Roarmer back to CA from Va in 1962 with 1955 Packard Patrician. This car was in the same family since new, 103 years, now it's in the Beard Brothers car collection

a 90 H.P. Amplex race car with the Crosbie Resilient Tire and all four corners. Yeah, I've never heard of the either

supposedly he was going to make a run from San Fran to New York for the 1915 Panama – Pacific Exposition world’s fair.

the Line Drive Tractor, thanks Steve!

Holt 5 ton tractor, 1917, with the Army, and some cool wagons

I'm watching Supernatural while blogging, because it's pretty good, and it's 14 season long. Not many shows that you can binge watch on Netflix (no commercials) are both good, and have more than 10 season. So, they must have had someone on the crew who knew cars, and had a sense of humor... they put a Dodge demon on screen

As all you Mopar guys, and lot of car guys know, the 71-72 Demon was the same Duster/Dart with different tail lights, and they are very distinctive vertical stamped in slots in the tail panel. Spotted simply even at a distance, as once you've recognized the body shape, it's going to have one of 3 tail light shapes

Anyway, I got a laugh from seeing this Demon in the junkyard in this scene, and figuring out that the people making this show happen had got a laugh from sneaking in a demon into season 4

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Auto Clandestino sent me these... (thanks!)

Someone find this bus driver and tell him he's awesome!

This is your Saturday morning feel good Coffee and Donuts video... his first car, a 1924 Dodge, that hasn't ran since 1957, was fired up one more time

Bernd Reuters VW artwork I haven't seen before

1932 Panhard, illustration by Alexis Kow

Impressive layout and design, train, plane, ship and car, all in one poster

probably intended for use by crazy hot rodders

Clever use of the Italian colors in this poster

Just posting this unattractive car to show something not sold or advertised in the USA by GM

this was South Africa, it was advertised as a Holden Statesman in Australia

1903 Oldsmobile "Doctor Car" prototype, the only one ever made.