Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tool boxes and coolers at Wavecrest

San Diego Gulls suit up again! Wounded Warrior Project charity game fundraiser Saturday October 3rd at the Sports Arena

Get tickets now and catch another Gulls game! The Gulls play against San Diego military members who've been hockey players.

I've been to a couple, and they are great! The San Diego Gulls weren't a NHL team, but they were the best in their league, and won the Taylor Cup 5 of 8 possible times! Try and find another team in any sport that were that good. for tickets and a bit more about the game. Also listen to the interview that BJ MacPherson and Martin St. Amour (former players and co-coaches) did on the Dave Shelly and Chainsaw show on Sept 22nd (yesterday) 7am part 2 and 8am part 1