Saturday, April 05, 2014

Peter Helck, car guy and artist in the same league as Normal Rockwell, and sharing a founding members duties with Norman as well, of the Famous Artists School.

"my interest in cars dates from childhood. I'm old enough to remember the automobile as a novelty, a rarity of sufficient interest to amaze and attract a swarm of youngsters whenever one came to a smoke-belching standstill on West 96th Street in New York City."

"My art schooling was of the standard type - drawing from antique casts, the nude figure, etc. - all unrelated to my love of cars. In 1913 this fascination got a substantial lift. I won the poster contest for Brooklyn's annual auto show and a job with a small firm engaged in advertising and press agentry. Its clients in both categories were automotive. I became submerged in the delightful atmosphere of auto race promotions."

"Drawing cars was my daily stint, made even more pleasurable by the $20 per week salary and the frequent glimpses of famous figures from New York's "Automobile Row. From then to now I suppose eighty percent of my professional work has involved automotives. I've had years of national campaigns for Packard, Republic, Ford, Mack, Chevrolet, and other highway haulers."

"But the occasions for picturing what the enthusiasts love to call "The Heroic age" or "The Golden age" of automobiling diminished with Detroit's policy of change or face-lifting with every fleeting year. This was sad stuff for an artist so irrevocably addicted to the early romantic periods of motoring. By 1926 I had already signified my interest in old cars and my hobby potential by acquiring a few elderly specimens like Mercedes, Renault and Locomobile."

it might explain his interest in vintage cars when you learn he had some, well, a collection of some

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logging train... with one tree. Sequioa's are enormous, and thanks be that they stopped cutting them down

The sign by the track says Excelsior Redwood Co, Eureka Ca

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these two tree photos were found on

coolest looking custom I've seen in a while

Three stooges as mechanics, that must have been hilarious!

any guess how many amazing cool old woody's and limos were used at private lodges, hotels, and campgrounds

1940 International woody

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a Henderson? Nope, a computer graphic

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this image is from a gallery that exhibits the above bike in a range of colors... but the shifter handle and exhaust are different from the black bike we've all been surprised by, also the real bike has the engine below the fairing

Which I posted in a gallery at

and a full gallery of the black bike at

and before it was restored it was the following:

So I conclude the yellow is a computer rendered image. 

exhibit of speed or maneuverability? or just indoor racing 3 wheelers?

Obsolete, both the 1969 Coronet 500, and the fotomat, Kodak too for that matter

This Studebaker is an unusual, but really good looking taxi

Maybe I'm just stuck on 1960's looking taxis as the only cars that look "right" as a taxi

Barnfind 20's Packards

Top is a 1926, bottom is a 1929

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some cool cars show up on Facebook pages of car enthusiasts

above, check out the fairings on the lights but the dragon horn still baring teeth on an Isotta Fraschini

Beautiful paint accentuating the lines on a Pierce Arrow

All from

someone is one hell of a carpenter and cool dad or grandad to have made this

Malaysian airliner humor

Thanks Steve!

Camel trucks and classic cars in Cuba, a good documentary showing a lot of the 50's cars in Cuba, and explaining transportation there

Above, a Camel truck, a method of cheap mass transporation that costs a couple pesos per person

Friday, April 04, 2014

what a great roadside attraction themed gas station!

I've never seen a gas pump themed attendant building before... call me crazy, but that is cool!

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the Tulius race team.. in SCCA. Think about that, how huge of a celebrity would you need to be to get this kind of sponsorship now? In amateur racing!

the Little Red Wagon as I've never seen it before... on a trailer, with matching rims, and a snappy car cover

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I love the lettering over the rear tire

Coby Gewertz interview and photos just got posted at Dirty

If you haven't been reading this blog long, and haven't seen my previous posts of the art, shirts, magazines, and van of Coby's... you've missed a lot of awesome stuff:

Read the Q n A at

Might be the cutest transporter/hauler I've seen

1972 Brazil dealership

design with elegance, the Zephyr and airplane photo, in Rio

build a Richard Petty Dart? What kit car did Petty associate with?

I only found this above image initially, but Jay pointed out that Ebay, the source of all obscure stuff, has the following!

and a different box... notice they no longer have the "join the Petty Fan Club"

 Just search ebay for all the above