Saturday, October 03, 2009

Great challenge in the vendor village at Speedfest, timed tire changing competition

Some favorites from Sunday at San Diego's Fleetweek Speedfest, racing, in the pits (paddock) and more

Above: Hagerty Laura and Tere see Tere's coverage of Speedfest and and
Mothers... a big sponsor of Speedfest for several years, and yeah, they have great wax and mag rim polish too, I've been using both for years.
Chevy was a big sponsor this year and was on top of test drives with 5 new Camaros... very good brakes, but the cup holder section of the center console interferes with our elbow when you shift.
AMG were also getting butts in the seats and putting smiles on faces with pro drivers giving the riders more than their money's worth
The VIP area was awesome, set into a chicane of the track and with it's own covered grandstands, and backed up with a catered area with excellant food from Festivities Catering, it was the place to eat!
This was Sunday morning breakfast, delicious quiche and fruit... and the tables were set up in a cute way too! Catering by Festivities:
Adam Corolla drives the #38 Datsun
Above is the way some drifters keep the pieces on the cars after knocking off the corners on the K rails. Pretty smart use of tie wraps
1928 Buick convertible
Great t shirt design, very era correct graphic design
I don't often post blurry photos, but the above is going to be my next wallpaper
Sportsmanship and camraderie among competitors, very cool.
Wouldn't it be cool to be racing when you are a grandparent and have your grandkids helping out at the races
This is on hsitoric patch jacket!
Also see Tere's coverage of Speedfest and and