Saturday, June 18, 2022

just me amusing myself being helpful


good morning! Time to go get some gas


seen on yesterdays walk


Billy is out to drum up some used cars and commissions! 

It looks like a 70 or 71 Camaro with a rear spoiler. 

chained to prevent it from rolling away

today's installment of BMW that is neglected and should have had an owner that gave a fuck about a nice car.

I don't like this barge bird, but, it's strikingly photogenic. So I felt compelled to photograph it

some people really are ignorant, lazy, frustrating, obstacles to the rest of the people on this planet


it's on the bumper of the moron who couldn't park a bit closer to the driveway entrance

If any of you were to look at the cars parked and abandoned, and crashed on this street, you'd ponder why it's so effing ghetto in a high rent area. A 2 bedroom goes for 3200, a month. I shit you not

near 2250 Rio San Diego Dr, between Fenton Parkway and River Run Dr

a short time before I came through, a couple cars crashed in the intersection


I don't know WTF the makers of the movie NOBODY was thinking when they fact checked the 72 Challenger engine size, after all, they did NOT call the engines in the early 70s by the number of liters.

 There was no 4.9 liter Dodge engine, not that I know of in Challengers. This one has the hood scoops, and a badge, so, it's a 340 four barrel I think.

the Mustang 5.0 is a 302, or whatever, so, what the hell would a 4.9 be? as for Mopar v8 engines, there was the 273, 318 poly, 318 LA, 340, 360, 383, 400, 413, 426 wedge and 426 hemi, and 440. Back in the 50s there was a 350 and 361

the 318 didn't get a cool hood, didn't get hood badging. 

Hey, at least they used a cool old Challenger. Cool movie, and Christopher Lloyd is awesome in it. If you loved the Equalizer, you'll love this

cool mid 60s, probably 65 or 66 Jaguar seen in traffic today, old guy driving it of course, enjoying his awesome old ride

first time I've seen one of these, I bet it means this gets some serious off road time

I've seen and posted these before, I think it's cool that Subaru owners are gung ho about their cars

what these mean, I have no idea.

So, this means it's Dad's? 

just because they're rich, does not mean they are smart... some jillionaire idiot in Florida had his million dollar collection under the flood line. That's just stupid and preventable


here's a question

so, with the cost of fuel double the amount it was when Biden was elected, or triple, when does the cost of bussing the people who don't have cars, and moving the empty busses around on schedule, not cover the cost of the busses, the fuel, and the maintenance, without increasing the price of the tickets to where people who ride the city bus, those people who can't afford cars, or Uber rides, are unable to afford the bus ? 

Just a side effect of decisions made at the highest level of government to shut down the nations oil production, (or make it unprofitable to produce more oil, drill for more oil, tranport more oil, than has already been accomplished) and allow BP, Shell, and other foreign oil companies record high billions of dollars in profits, per quarter, instead of arranging for 2 to 3 dollars per gallon of gas in the USA instead.

Just my take on it, yours may vary, and if you have it figured out different, that the current situation is better than it was, well, send me a link to YOUR blog where YOU write it up. I'll read it on YOUR site instead of my comments section, where I will delete anything you write, without reading it. So, if you waste your time typing a comment to THIS post, instead of typing on your OWN blog, you're wasting your time, not mine.

great re-use of a little red wagon!

Friday, June 17, 2022

I'm not sure what it is about the Bucciali, but I think there's something about the hood to roof level ratio vs length of the car. 1931 Bucciali, body by Saoutchik

great location, yeah, it's a cemetery, but compliments to the photographer!

nice interior design

1926 Daimler 45 HP Salon Cabriolet "Star of India" by Barker


I can't make this up, a Mustang owner admits to it "This came from pushing the non starting mustang into the garage..."

I just saw the new Jeep commercial with the pet dinosaur

Hubert de Givenchy, leaning against a Citroen Mehari

Masterpieces and decorative art from his estate fetched $86,810,521 at a Christie auction on June 14, the  first auction of 63 lots sold out entirely, with 76 percent of lots selling above their high estimate.

1st time I've seen these

Ever since nonprofit Cool Cars for Kids, Inc. (CCfK) established the Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance, Coach Dick Vermeil not only joined its board, but has participated every year in the event with his own 1926 Ford Miller Schofield Special sprint car, built by Bignotti

It belonged to, and was raced by, his father Louis Vermeil, a 1995 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee. His father fielded it from 1949-1954

Best known as a National Football League head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles (1976-1982), St. Louis Rams (1997-1999) and Kansas City Chiefs (2001-2005), Dick Vermeil has a comprehensive and hands-on knowledge of Sprint Car Racing due to the fact that his father Louis Vermeil was one of the top Northern California car owners for 40 years.

Because his father worked in his shop on customer cars during the day and race cars late into the night – and his mother keep things going in that near-non-stop operation with good food and wine – the building was called the “Owl Garage.”

Louis Vermeil got interested in auto racing in the early 1920s when he saw such drivers as Jimmy Murphy, Tommy Milton, Ralph DePalma and Peter DePaolo turning laps at over 100 mph on the wooden boards of the 1.25-mile San Francisco Speedway in San Carlos.

The No. 7 was built in 1926 by Al Bignotti, who as a mechanic for his crew-chief brother George worked on six winning Indy 500 teams with drivers A.J. Foyt (1961 and 1964), Graham Hill (1966), Al Unser Sr. (1970-1971) and Gordon Johncock (1983).

And the old race car still has its original in-line, 4-cylinder, 200.5-cubic-inch Ford Model A Engine equipped with twin single-barrel Winfield Model SR Carburetors (which have good flow, atomization and adjustability), a WICO Model X Magneto and a Miller-Schofield Overhead-Valve Conversion Kit that help the four-banger produce an estimated 120 horsepower.

This cast-iron, detachable cylinder head is one of the most-celebrated of its era as it was designed in 1928 by legendary engineer and draftsman Leo Goossen for his boss Harry A. Miller – the wizard of Miller Engines and Racing Cars who conceived the idea – and the venture was funded by a group of businessmen led by George L. Schofield. Fitted with forged-steel rocker arms to actuate four intake and four exhaust valves, the Miller-Schofield unit – which was only made from January-December 1930 – has a 5.75:1 compression ratio versus the stock head’s 4.22:1 rating and it uses the Model A’s camshaft, push rods, forged-steel crankshaft and cast-iron engine block to triple the engine’s 40 horsepower.

I found a facebook page that focuses on the Vietnam war soldiers stories

My dad was in the Army, in Nam, from the mid 60s to either the late 60s, or 1970. He won't talk about it, won't tell stories, won't even say what his job was in the Army. 

The toybox me and my sister used as little kids was his footlocker. I've still got that green Army footlocker, and on the top, in very dried out masking tape, is the address he sent it to when he was shipping. He once told me he'd sent back his sleeping bag, and a couple shotguns with the stocks busted off so they'd fit inside. 

it looks like this

VMCJ 1 marked a single EF 10B Skyknight with graffiti in Russian in 1965

As told by Joe Copalman in his book F3D/EF-10 Skyknight Units of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, although crews flying  Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program (PARPRO) missions to collect intelligence on radar systems in China, North Korea and the Soviet far east remained in international airspace and relied on standoff receivers to collect intelligence, communist air arms from the nations being spied on routinely sent MiGs up to intercept and investigate the surveillance flights. 

In most cases, these intercepts involved MiGs harmlessly flying wing on an F3D-2Q before turning back.

 Recalling one such peaceful intercept, Skyknight pilot Chuck Houseman said; 

 ‘The first time we were intercepted, they reported that we were taking pictures of them, as we were carrying 35 mm hand-held cameras. Normally, it would be on the pilot’s side where the interceptors were, and the ECMO would lean across and snap some pictures of them. And the Russians would report, “They’re taking pictures of us. What should we do?” One of the Russian controllers had a sense of humour and said “Smile”. 

 ‘This was not authorised, but we thought we’d jazz up the situation a little bit, so we somehow or another were able to come up with the Russian language that said ‘JOIN THE U.S. MARINE CORPS’ and painted it on the side of the fuel tanks on the F-10s so that Soviet MiG pilots could read it 

 There was a conversation, we learned later on, when the interceptors came up – they got a little closer than usual and were reading it off to the ground controller. They reported it, and there was no response, so they reported it again and there was still no response, so they dropped it. 

 ‘The painting on the fuel tanks caused some big turmoil in the background in Washington, D.C., with the NSA wondering what the hell was going on. By the time the information rolled down to us, the second flight was up there with those same markings, and they didn’t want to turn him around when he was already on his way out, but they passed the word down, “Paint that damned thing over and get rid of it”.’

Compliments to Toyota for helping CREF students!

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. believes in taking charge of the future – and that’s exactly why they connected the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) to Toyota Auto Body California, Inc. for a donation of 944 quarter panels, valued at $632,480, which will benefit collision repair educational programs around the country. Quarter panels will be distributed to over 100 schools, immediately impacting over 3,000 students by allowing them to practice the skills needed to success in this field; however, the long-term impact will be much higher as instructors often reuse these panels in multiple semesters with many more students.

I have got to get off my butt and get to an Overland Expo to see the cool off roaders and how they've been made

Andy Lotz of Camp Verde, Arizona was building out a 1972 Bronco while his wife Rachel was pregnant and quickly realized that the car was not going to be big enough for camping as a family of three. So he tracked down a 1965 Ford F100 bed, narrowed it by eight inches to fit the form factor of the Bronco, and turned it into a custom sleeping camper. Today it has a flip side that comes up to reveal a custom pull-out kitchen and plenty of room for all three family members to sleep comfortably.

It's innovations like that, and the BBQ grill over the spare tire invention from South African company Front Runner, that I get a kick out of