Saturday, May 22, 2021

a hot rod before and after Larry Watson worked some magic on it

it cost half a million to make, and had a half a dollar of security, so the thieves had zero problem stealing it from a hotel parking lot along with its trailer and 99 Ford dually. But unlike so many other show cars and race cars thieves have stolen this for 70 years or more, this one was found after 15 years. Yes, I'm saying rich people are stupid

built by Rad Rides By Troy in 2006, and displayed at the Eaton booth during the 2006 SEMA show, this 1937 Ford convertible with an Eaton supercharger won the prestigious Mother's Shine Award.

Rad Rides by Troy's team put in more than 8,500 hours into building the custom vehicle for its private owner who didn't even drive it, instead sent it out on the trophy circuit car shows throughout North America and was being transported in a 32’ trailer sponsored by Eaton.

The truck was a white 99 Ford F350 four-door crew cab dually with a 32-foot goose-neck trailer

believe it or not, a 60 year old daily driver Corvair. Nader's favorite scapegoat, will outlast him

that is some falling apart, no working 3rd brake light, license plate light has fallen out of it's proper location, junk

For the first time I drove behind a T Bird, and it was a darn good design

it would look even better wit a 3 inch chop

I love that the poster in Tony Stark's office is of the Willow Run B 24 assembly line

 an apt choice for the military industrial complex leader  

Is that a Leveloder, or, is that a trailer that is happy to see me?

 Never seen this design before, interesting stuff! I can't see many potential uses though, probably why it doesn't exist anymore.

the AMF Drag Team, weren't employees from the AMF company (who famously owned Harley, made snow mobiles, and bowling equipment) having fun together on weekends, it was the 'Adios My Friend' (allegedly) team. I suspect that was the PG version around the easily offended public

just a reminder, that according to Tony Stark -

 there are Fun Vees, and Hum Drum Vees. 

Iron Man, great movie, great start to an amazing body of work for Kevin Faige, not likely to ever be challenged by any movie studio or producer. 

the cheapest way to reinforce your frozen lake race car, is to use scrap metal that they were going to throw away at work, pipes from the oil fields, guard rails from the highway dept, and old pipe from the shipyard

I just learned of the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous (the 'rondy') Gran Prix


the name Rendezvous may refer to the Rendezvous Speedway dirt track that operated in Fairbanks.

Rendezvous is believed to have opened in 1948 as a part of the Rendezvous Club that supported Ladd Air Field. It hosted classes of hot rods, stock cars, and even briefly had midgets. It operated into the 60's before closing down.

American-LaFrance fire truck in Palmer Alaska, probably 1949, “ALASKA RAILROAD FIRE DEPARTMENT” is stamped on the engine hood

A child is visible on the seat at the steering wheel, his trusty cap pistol ready at hand on the seat beside him.

 “ALASKA RAILROAD FIRE DEPARTMENT” is stamped on the engine hood, and a U.S. Federal property decal, visible on the side of the foot rest.

At the time of the photo, this truck was part of the railroad that was still owned and operated by the federal government. Various information indicates the model year of this truck as 1909 or 1916.

1949 Labor Day races in Palmer Alaska

from the collection of Palmer resident Kelley Turney, who is the local antique dealer and collector, known as "The Alaska Picker", and from time to time acquires historical photos of the area.

any day at the dry lakes beats every day at the office

Looks like Bonneville by the mountain in distance and the uniformity of the ground

so, it doesn't say "Solid Mardon", but instead says 'solid maroon'. Hmmm, I think you might see where I easily was unable to discern between a smudgy O and D.

By the way, thanks for being my 'go to' place to get my questions answered about car stuff! 

this guy just needs a photographer to put this GTX in the proper setting for great photos, unrestored survivor 440 4 speed

waiting in the garage for good weather, with hood and headlights set for racing... but the bumperettes?

when you have an air dam under the bumper, you really ought to tell your bumper it's no longer on taxi duty, and it's time to look ready to join the headlights and hood in the winners circle*F

and maybe flip those Yokohamas to black letter side out.

Why the choice to go halfway to making a Coronet 440 (that doesn't mean a 440 engine, it was the weird meaningless model number choice Dodge made back then, 440 or 500 for the basic cars, then Super Bee, then R/T for the best car with all the upgrades) look like an R/T when the tail lights are as obviously out of place as the side trim under the beltline. Then again, if you feel the word Mopar belongs over the rear wheels... you might be a dirt track sticker junkie, who doesn't understand that Mopars don't benefit from traction bars

those double blade fake chrome wiper blades though... omfg. If you can ignore the "powered by 340 cu in" sticker on the bolt on scoop, that, thank god, he upgraded to a 340 Six Pack sticker  clearly, this guy is a circle track fan

he would have made it if he didn't try to pose so hard

they should have stopped the raceabout 10 seconds before every race cart went straight into the wall instead of around the curve

Friday, May 21, 2021

can you believe that someone found that this famous Bronco was better to have than 1.7 million dollars. I don't think they'll find someone else who wants it more, and will buy it for a profit

Whoever owned it until this auction must have made a big ol profit though, they've owned it 50 years according to the news source, and that means they just landed a retirement financing payday

cool graphic design idea, a topographical map of the Mulholland drive, used as a decal on a 1:64 Scaled Porsche Singer.

there was a Jeep about 5 years ago that had a topographical map on the hood of some overlander trail like the Rubicon

in front of the plane he flew in WW2, he's 97 now

I bet this was a staring contest, and the driver must have been trying to figure out how he could drive away without getting the car head butted

the Bugatti Magnum edition, THIS is a great looking design, but sells for over $500

Thursday, May 20, 2021

wacky stuff... a Beach Boy doppleganger in a radio news jacket, with some Pied Piper sales and marketing reps trying to sell Pine Sol, with a station wagon. You can't make up a situation this goofy without strong drugs is my guess

I bet this was a lot of fun to race

they sure did work on the aerodynamic factor on this race car. I wonder if they put as much effort into it's other racing factors, like fuel, induction, or braking systems?

I think it would be accurate to say that a lot of work went into the aero on this race car, but nothing close to that mush work went into it's brakes, or fuel system, etc. 

Just pointing out how much work went into the aero, and not very much into the other systems, but I'm only guessing.

automobile camping exhibit during the 1909 Sportsman's Show held at Madison Square Garden in New York, 1909

Exhibit includes a Chalmers-Detroit "Forty" car with tent. Two men cook over simulated campfire; camping table and chairs is set up in front of tent; man carries two pails of water. "Chalmers-Detroit Forty loaned by Carl H. Page & Company, Broadway at 50th St." sign displayed in front of car; "Automobile camping outfit loaned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co."

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

5 SoCal DMV workers in Torrance and Lincoln Park, admit to taking tens of thousands of dollars in cash bribes at least several times a week to approve licenses for unqualified drivers

Federal prosecutors say those employees at the agency's Torrance and Lincoln Park sites accepted tens of thousands of dollars in cash bribes at least several times a week, to approve licenses for unqualified drivers.

A DMV investigator helped uncover the conspiracy when she spotted suspicious patterns in application processing at the Torrance office, according to court records.

Jovana Tameka Nettles, 44, pleaded guilty Monday to mail fraud for taking cash bribes when she was a manager at the DMV’s Lincoln Park office. She admitted to taking part in a conspiracy of DMV employees who approved licenses for unqualified drivers who paid them off. She and her colleagues gave them fraudulent passing scores on both written and driving tests.

Huel Kennedy, a DMV employee who later admitted to taking weekly bribes that totaled more than $50,000. One of the drivers had failed the written test three times.

The DMV has a long history of corruption, including a 2017 case of two workers at San Fernando Valley offices who admitted they took bribes to give driver’s licenses to truck drivers who never passed their exams.

Steve & Ken

"Buffalo Train" during factory tour of Kaiser-Frazer automobile plant.

have you ever seen a 1906 Cantono electric car? If ever I was impressed by a vehicle that could have been the very origin of the term 'horseless carriage" this would be it

there is a lot of respect for any WW2 airplane, but add a story, or two? Those get that plane a hell of a lot more respect

in the spring of 1944, when U.S. Army Air Forces pilot Bill Overstreet, flying with the legendary 357th Fighter Squadron, locked on to a Messerschmitt Bf 109 over Paris and was so tenacious in his pursuit that when the German fighter tried to shake him by diving under the arch of the Eiffel Tower, Overstreet dove right behind him—and shot him down on the other side as the two aircraft climbed away. Overstreet became a hero of the French.

65 years later:

The nose-art decal—a dragon— caught the eye of 16-year-old model builder Jared Muszala.

Three years later, in 2009, his dad’s restoration business began work on a P-51B Mustang, and, knowing Overstreet’s story, Jared convinced the owner, Max Chapman, that the newly assembled pieces and parts combined with the remains of a P-51B that had crashed in a training accident in England, should become a reincarnation of the Berlin Express.

So Jared called Bill Overstreet, who had recently received the French Legion of Honor, to ask permission.

“I was a little nervous, but he was really cool,” Jared says. “When I told him about the project, he said ‘It’s not going to take five years, is it?’ ” Overstreet was 87. 

Jared was a little worried about that too; he wanted to get Overstreet’s signature on the airframe. So he shipped a freshly painted gun bay door from Idaho Falls to Overstreet’s home in Roanoke, Virginia; Overstreet signed it and sent it back. 

He died in January 2014, at 92, 11 months before the restored Mustang’s first flight, which took place a little more than five years after Jared made the phone call.

And in 2015 the restored Mustang did something amazing, it won both trophies at the National Aviation Heritage Invitational hosted at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, as well as best in category.

the most authentic restoration in 2015’s military category plus the Grand Champion title and the People’s Choice award. No plane has ever done that before in the 16 year history of the event

I didn't think I'd agree with the reason they did this to a plane and a semi, but it's got a good story (Thanks Humble Opinion!)

A WW2 plane from Missouri, and a dream of a guy in Michigan, and voila.

for a thorough article on The Drive, who I totally scooped by a day,