Saturday, January 07, 2017

Cobra and transporter, 1964, Bridgehampton Memorial Day

Cotton Owens race car hauler 1963

Wendell Scott, whom I never would of learned of without Richard Pryor making a movie about him

a couple 60s transporter/haulers, some work trucks for repairing race cars, and plenty of spares

Sunbeam race car and team transporter

October 1964 photo of Shelby American's second Factory Team Dragonsnake (CSX2357) with Lew Spencer himself (at left) along with Eric Dahlquist of HOT ROD magazine.

the start of the GT 350s getting delivered

Daytona Coupes CSX2287 (#2) and CSX2286 (#1) at LAX, leaving the Shelby American facility

Did you know you can look through the covers of the old Hot Rod magazines from the 50s and 60s online?

a strange marketing and publicity direction, Monkees on unicycles

if Clarkson is right (The Grand Tour episode 9) it's a 20 euro fine for putting cops lights on your car, and coercing slow dumb drivers out of the way, but a 400 euro fine to tail gate them, plus 2 points plus 3 month driving ban

if you have a slow driver ahead of you and tailgate, it's a 400 euro fine, 2 penalty points, and 3 month driving ban

if you pass in the slow lane 150 euro fine and 1 point

if you use the emergency lane, it's 1 point, but only a 90 euro fine

if you put on police lights, it's only a 20 euro fine, and no points

The Grand Tour, epsiode 9, minute 17 and 15 seconds

So... consider the alternatives, and choose the one that least affects you if the police get involved

Toyota Automobile Museum tour on video, for those of us that can't travel there

Friday, January 06, 2017

must have been a damn handful to race these

it's someone's lucky day

Pete left us today

He had a stroke recently, and at age 76, that was the last straw.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just carry on.

If you do, nothing more really needs to be said. You know why it matters, you know who I'm talking about, and lets go light up the hot rod and rev the damn engine once for Pete.

I didn't know that he'd resurrected the Spencer deuce and nailed the first Pebble Beach hot rod class trophy with it. 

Snow tires and track win stickers

when everyone at the track has pissed off your bike, and it's fed up, homicidal, maniacal, and PURE EVIL and ATTACKS! Damn!

1910 Franklin D Race Car, LA to Phoenix (Desert Classic) 1910 race car driven by Ralph Hamlin, (west coast distributor of Franklin) unrestored since then

the Desert Classic (also known as the Cactus Derby) was a race I covered a couple years ago and the winner was given a gold medal with a diamond, that pronounced him the Master Driver of The Universe

At Pebble Beach in 2012

The Gilmore remade a circa-1910 Los Angeles dealership for their Franklin exhibit, recreating a dealership once owned by Ralph Hamlin, the former bicycle racer who became Franklin’s West Coast distributor, and the firm’s largest and most successful dealer.

Of the 150,000 Franklins built between 1902 and 1934, it’s estimated that about 3,700 have survived. Those survivors in the museum include a 1909 Model D touring car, 1925 Franklin Series 11 Sport Runabout and 1930 Series 147 Pirate Touring, among the approximately 15 cars on display.

Perhaps the most impressive Franklins currently exhibited include a 1932 Franklin Supercharged Twelve Series 17 Touring Sedan and the unrestored 1911 Model D

1100 dollar rust free 914 was quickly snapped up on Craigslist, it came from California in the early 80s, got stuck in a Minnesota garage for the past 2 decades. Damn it.

1985 VW Beetle, bought but never used. Sold at Sotheby's aution for $21,000

The Jubilee Edition Beetle, or 50 Jahre Käfer, celebrated the model’s 50th anniversary in 1985. Also a Germany-only model, it featured Zinkgrau (Pewter) Metallic paintwork, green tinted glass, chrome bumpers and trim, a silver “50 years” badge on the left front quarter and engine lid, twin white side stripes, 4.5Jx15 sports wheels with 165SR15 tyres, a Braunschweig Brunswick radio, padded dashboard, cloth upholstery with grey and red stripes, head restraints in cloth and leatherette, a four-spoke sports steering wheel, grey headlining, grey carpet on the sills and rear luggage compartment, and a heated rear window. Just 3,150 were built.

Without question, that offered here must be the most original Jubilee Edition in existence. Showing just 25 kilometres, it still wears its shipboard transport wax coating and wrapped bumpers. The exhaust is still wax-sealed to avoid any corrosion. Purchased in 1985 by its first owner, it was rolled off of the truck and immediately put away for nearly three decades. It has all its original equipment and features, including the Braunschweig Brunswick radio, sports steering wheel, and heated rear window. The car has never been started since arriving in Europe, though the fan belt has been manually turned to keep the pistons from seizing. Furthermore, the car has only been pushed around when necessary, and as the consignor notes, neither he nor the original owner have ever sat in the car. The 25 kilometres showing on the odometer were accumulated during testing after it left the assembly line in Mexico.

paint ball used by police, good idea

The balls, locally known as bohan yu kara boru, derive their bright hue from the orange paint that fills them. In the event of a theft or robbery, store employees are supposed to fling the balls at the perpetrator. When the balls hit the thief, they will burst, marking him with orange paint and making it easy for the police to identify and apprehend him.

It seems that the balls were developed over two decades ago, as a replacement for throwing eggs at criminals! “At that time, the nation’s highways had a problem with toll evaders, and toll-booth attendants had taken to throwing raw eggs at vehicles that charged through without paying their tolls,” Gordenker wrote. “ While the police appreciated this effort to mark non payers, they felt it was inappropriate to use food for the purpose. So someone came up with pigment-filled balls as an alternative.”


my cousin's grandkids... dang, kids can be so darn adorable when they are having fun

editting on this video is the worst, but hell, if you have a few minutes - the top 10 stadium flyovers