Saturday, June 26, 2010

This astounded me, but Chris at Speedseekers frequently finds awesome stuff

Check out the cool stuff he posts!

great stuff in the swap meet area at the LA Roadster show

Wow... it would be so awesome to have these fire engine doors on the garage wall

Only 15 thousand for the belly tank, and only 55 thousand for the Ardun headed race engine

I bet the two sellers of these Do-all machines weren't ready for the competition to undersell

A really unusual tool to convince buyers to avoid pinstrippers, and do it themselves, a phantom priceguide

I've never met a pinstripper that's used this to price their work. But a guy trying to sell people on a rolling paintpen that they can use to do their own pinstipping, is using this booklet to scare people away from paying talented freehand pinstrippers to lay some lines on decklids, hoods, and dashboards. Not cool.

Support your local artists!

Pat's tools is having a going out of business sale! Big discount clearance sale, this weekend is it, and then it's closed

560 El Cajon Blvd

Next to the Toyota dealership, and Fosters Freeze. Southwest of both, across the street from a pawn shop.

Pat's Tools El Cajon, Ca, just East of San Diego

Friday, June 25, 2010

The variety of cool stuff I saw at the LA Roadster show

funny looking eengine? It's upside down and backwards, and was an airplane engine

Airplane topping a piston and con rod... that is a great hood ornament!

I believe I saw the above car with the awesome color combo and scallops at the Grand National Roadster show
A viper powered woody? That's nuts, but if you've got a Viper engine laying around... use it!

I'm ending this post with a hot rod Nash... since that is a long way from ordinary, and so was the cool stuff I saw at the LA Roadster show