Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Roth's catalog of sweaters, t-shirts, and motorcycle photos... I wonder if anyone has a copy of this, page by page, posted on the internet?

Muntz ads of 1969

Muntz stereo ads of 1967-68

did you know Stone Woods and Cook had raced a Mustang?

The question so many of us have had about magazine car tests... and the editor didn't man up and respond "we'll do better, and not rush to print"

Click on this for full size, it's a letter from a guy stationed in Nam who was fed up with excuses from magazines about why their test results were lousy. "If better tires were available, if we'd had better weather, etc etc etc" The editor , Ray Brock, didn't man up and respond with "we rush to print the magazine and stories, instead of taking the time to get the best results for the paying subscriber"

Great mopar ads of 1967-68

the 1967 Coronet R/T was referred to as a road runner in this ad... were the ad men aware of the imminent 1968 Plymouth Road Runner?

Hot rod humor

is it any wonder Harley went under in 1969? Just compare their advertising to the magazines next consecutive pages of motorcycle ads from 1968

Just learned about another short notice car show... Food and Ferrari's

free Food & Ferrari Festival at Village Walk at EastLake on Saturday,
July 11 2009 from noon. to 3 p.m.

Members of the San Diego Ferrari Owners Club will display their cars and Village Walk restaurants will be providing samples of their signature dishes.
call 858.695.2700.or email
It is on