Saturday, November 18, 2023

Roadster Shop Legend Series C10

71 Honda CB350

a 2nd life for an old fire truck

clever shifter handle idea!

There are only a couple booths that I go looking for every year at SEMA, and Chuck's booth for the Absorber company is one... it's the only one with a tree and turf! Always has an award winning car too (except for the year it had a tank!)

73 Toyota Corolla, but except for the exhaust pipe nonsense, I like it

what's not to love about a drag racing C10?

bizarre that so many small trucks were made, but no one either does, or can, them anymore. A Toyota Toyopet Corona

sure would be nice to see trucks like this on a track

so well painted I didn't realize it's a 4 door

1967 Chevy Caprice Wagon that was ordered with the 385hp L36 427, backed by an M20 4-speed

I dig the back wood area, nice design for the tailights too

loving the big Dodge push truck too

The RTS Cuda at the Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals

Don't you wish there was a vintage racing circuit (in the USA, I know Goodwood does this) you could go to to see these 1968-71 machines racing to win?

a Porsche 356 in a demolition derby at Lamberhurst Park 25th June 1983

# 318 Adrian Wyatt

An instant Baja Legend, Wouter-Jan Van Dijk from the Netherlands via Australia where he became a naturalized citizen... raced the Baja 1000 with nothing but a backpack. No team, no sponsors, no support crew, no pre run.

The start of this story is when he posted a question on Facebook, one month ago, to the Pro Moto Baja Racing page:

Then he flew to the states from Australia, bought a used KTM 500 in San Diego on Craigslist, that had 70 hours on it, rode it to La Paz and entered the Baja 1000. Now it has 48 more hours on it, and will probably end up one of the most famous bikes to complete the Baja 1000!

 At tech inspection he was denied entry due to bald tires and missing safety equipment. 

He also needed to get a gps tracker and new tires, he somehow gathered everything he needed and took the green flag. 

He got help from random pits, even being fed tacos at one stop.

He finished the Ironman Moto class (riding the entire race solo) having never ridden in Baja before and no prerunning. 

Zipties were needed: