Saturday, December 22, 2012

4 years after announcing the movie 32:07 , it's finally on DVD

the Bruce Meyer collection at the Petersen Museum

this room is a permanent setting for Bruce Meyers' cars that he chooses to display, it does change, but not often I imagine.

Bruce was once the chairman of the Pete, and I think is still involved in it's operation.

Anyway, Bruce has been involved in restoring and reuniting the most iconic cars in So Cal racing history...
the Greer, Black, and Prudhomme dragster (which astonishingly raced 244 times and won 237 times)
the So Cal Special bellytanker,
the Pierson Brothers 2D coupe,
Doane Spenser duece roadster

the famous celebs cars like...
Steve McQueens 1958 Porsche Speedster
Clark Gable's 1956 Mercedes 300 Sc cabriolet

 and race cars like the Indy 500 winning Agajanian Special,
 and the Ken Miles 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa

From dragsters to Duesenburgs.

William Powell and a Packard in the movie "My Man Godfrey"

in addition to zebras, rhinos, dogs, and an alligator pulling kids in carts, here are turkeys

I'm wondering what other animals have been photographed pulling carts around? I've posted the ones I mentioned... and ought to get them all together for a gallery

a kid and his pedal car, New York, 1963

Friday, December 21, 2012

now at the Petersen museum, this is the 1939 lakester named the Meteor, and handbuilt from 5 scrapped vehicles

when it was at the 2011 Del Mar Goodguys, I got photos of it from up close, inside and out.

While it is the museum and will get a lot more people to respect the enormous commitment the builder had, and the talent in making this car, the stantions and ropes will not allow museum guests to get as close and with the great lighting I had available at the 2011 Goodguys. Kudos to the museum for getting it on display! 

what was dreamed of and designed in aerodynamic vehicles over 90 years ago

Helms Bakery vans, I think I've now come across 6 this year alone

The Art Center College of Design exhibit at the Petersen Museum

"Premium Rush" is a great bike chase movie, and Danny MacAskill shows his skills in it too!

the above is the better trailer if you want the story about the movie, in short, Bike Messenger vs corrupt NY cop, cop chases the best messenger in NYC to try to get the package. Bike messenger pulls off incredible evasive moves, gets chased a couple times, delivers. On time.

Great biking, good movie, terrific reviews all over, Ebert to Rotten Tomatos.

the below is the better trailer for a bit of action

For the best write up about the movie (ignore all the filler about "The French Connection" and skip down to where the writer nails the biggest idiot to break into the set during filming, some a hole with a diplomats license plate who knows he can get away with anything less than murder, crashed into the film location with his car, and caused the well known and liked actor Joseph Gordon Levitt (JCL) to crash into the back of a taxi, through the back window, and get 31 stitches) check the verbose New York Times article:

If you are wondering why I mention Danny MacAskill, it's because he is a phenom in trick riding, I've posted videos of his stunts a year ago:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

CARNAGE! Monster Jam World Finals 2012 incredible finale

above thanks to Brendon!

the below seems to be from a higher vantage point of view

and this is very close to the stadium floor with a great view of the backflipping

or see the entire event on youtube

this is an ENTRANCE!

How cool is that!

camera carrying movie making motorcycle

what a 1930's Duesenburg car dealership showroom might have looked like

this is how realistic the exhibits are at the Petersen. You wouldn't even know that this is not a garage if I hadn't just told you that it's a museum exhibit

the Ed Roth cool collection of decals, and the Rat Fink coloring book! that you can get at the Petersen Museum store

the magazine rack in the Petersen Museum has a damn good selection

They have a hell of a good selection, but don't have the Rodders Journal, or Motor trend Classic. I've never seen "Whoops" before, it might be a one timer

the 3 time Land Speed Record setting vehicle, the Art Arfons "Green Monster" that went 670 mph

the top 29 automobile producing countries in the world

The cool pedal cars on display at the Petersen Museum

The Grand National Roadster Show is only a month away!

two new magazines the appear interesting, but I haven't looked through yet

 Above from the makers of Hot Rod

Below from the makers of 4 Wheel and Offroad

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

variety and a lot of interesting stuff, at

One of the worst looking cars. Sheesh. The 1982 Stutz Bearcat

A helicopter lifestyle with a T-Bird like that? I doubt it seriously

this last one is a South African El Camino. Quite different from a USA El Camino

I only have time to look around a little, but I'll be back, cause there is a lot of good stuff here at