Saturday, September 08, 2007

Antique Automobile Club of America Annual Picnic

SAN DIEGO REGION (619) 465-0797

Alll these donuts.... and no cops

Found this while looking around the videos for Qualcommm 1/8th mile dragracing

If you are in San Diego, I can recommend the following museums, the Air and Space, and the Automotive

Fantastic static display SR 71

The first truck of the Mack production line in 1922, and solid rubber tires, no innner tubes, chain driven

Cool custom convertible

Friday night 1/8th mile races at the Q. (Qualcomm Stadium for out of towners)

One fast full race Grabber Maverick... like you'll ever see one again.

67 440 6 pack Coronet

And a v8 dual quad Volvo, someone has a warped sense of humor and spare car parts here.

The fake cop car... like they would get a regular daily cruiser on the drag strip

The 1931 from Old School Hot Rods.. on a Model T frame, so it's actually streetable I suppose.

8009 Balboa AveSan Diego, CA 92111

Better pics at from June at the Clairemont center 4th Saturday of the month car get together.

Waiting for tech to look them over... all they need are NHRA standard rules compliant for their speed. Seat belts, pants, shoes, battery hold down, no leaks, a radiator over flow catch can... the usual.

Sept 7 at the 1/8th mile drags in the Qualcomm parking lot, West side, sponsor

It was fast 5 minute turnarounds at about 7pm, but the crowds never slowed and I left at 9pm... lots to do. is a huge smoke signal from a couple of months ago, same plaec, same car
Lots 'O smoke to get some haet in the tires. Consistant 7.84's all night with a 496, auto, 3.55's, and ladder bars all linking together the slicks and the Indy heads.

For a good demo of how to make smoke from tires and horsepower.... here's Fred making a cloud

Pardon the fuzzy shot, but the camera ain't expensive, just easy to use.

A semi candy dark blue, looks real nice! Dig the late 68 plates for a early 69 Bee. Must have been a late fall sale.

This is all that is left after one night of fun with a 496 cu in Super Bee.