Saturday, January 16, 2021

wow, I hope this is built to be earthquake proof!

that is a lot of roads and train tracks supported by those central columns!

I dig the 60s art

I'm still surprised to see these great big bug screens

the Charger Daytona I've never seen before, the 1977 version. I'd be shocked to ever see one now

Shit is about to get real.

Wow! What a hood scoop! 1970 Buick GS Stage 2

I accidentally threw Steve down the rabbit hole, and here's what he came up with from the one photo (top one) of a 1937 Ford delivery truck used on a country wide delivery route known locally as a "Huckster wagon"

Steve had mentioned to me that he was collecting photos and or stories of panel delivery wagons, and I was curious when I came across this photo last night if it was something he was interested in. Yup. 

this article was in the September 27, 1937edition of "The Noblesville Ledger":

a couple of banners made today

Ran’s Auto Work's custom model A at Southern Speedway in 1938, tow car for his midget racer

-’32 Ford front bumper

-’37 California license plate

-’38 Willys front fenders, complete with headlights

-The grille may have ’38 Chevy origins (note the four thinner bars between each set of thicker bars)

-Now, about that nose. Is it a modified piece from an Oliver tractor? Or is it homemade? Either way, it’s nicely formed, very round and compliments the grille

-’28-’29 Model A hood top and sides

-Skirts on all four corners, trim could be from the Airflow family, or maybe something French

-Chopped and split windshield, ’32 Chrysler style. Note the mid-’30s Gilmore lion decal on the left side

-No running boards—frame rail covers retained

-Bulbous rear fenders of late-’30s vintage

-’32 Ford rear bumper


in the January 1951 of Ford Times magazine in their ‘Custom Conversion” section. The owner and builder is Ran Wilbur of Los Angeles.

Ol Donald Duck liked a hot rod too!

a couple weeks ago I found a drag racer sponsored by the Sahara Casino, today I found a Nova sponsored by the Aladdin casino!

check out the license plates

1 of 5 V16 two-passenger coupes coachbuilt by Fleetwood in 1934 for around $7750 when a Chevy Master Deluxe could be had for less than $600.  made 74 blog posts, of good stuff, then quit, with no note about why he stated or was stopping. Damn shame, he was one of the good ones

this wrench has held on through some potholes, rough vibrations, braking and acceleration ... I wonder if the mechanic abandoned it because HE couldn't get it loose?

I feel sorry for this guy

and now, a moment to look at the new tech which can handle light warehouse work quite amazingly

Friday, January 15, 2021

I've found I know useless information that I'll never get a job with... but I can instantly identify obscure logging trucks. Oh whoopee. The Daily Timewaster blog posted this image and this question

because I posted a photo 6 years ago,  and it was the first Garford I'd ever seen or heard up until then. 

So, I learned what a Garford was once, and it finally has become a useful piece of identification trivia. 

I'd rather know the emails of any of the Grand Tour/Top Gear guys (Clarkson, May, and Hammond) and tell them thanks for all the shows they did that entertain me, or how to find that one perfect job where I get paid to blog and earn a living at it, or how to play the guitar, or how to win at casinos, but, I guess it's better to know something, than know nothing. 

It's not going to solve any problem I'll ever have, nor one anyone else ever will either, except that it does allow me to be the only one to identify this ONE question another blogger had for some unknown reason today 

I bet I've needed to know a million things in my life that I've forgotten (every wrong spelling, word, test question answer, US Navy quals, job knowledge, etc) when I needed it most. 

Why? Probably because my brain was already full, of useless information from all the things I've seen, heard, learned, read, watched, etc... anyone else read all the Ripley's believe it or nots? All the good books they could ever find, all the good plays (Shakespeare was simply uniquely incredible that he could rhyme that well, write stories that good, and do both at the same time - iambic pentameter, who would guess right?) all the cool comics (Calvin and Hobbes, Far Side) learn just thousands of songs, characters in books, quotes, latin phrases, chemistry, tv shows, movies, streets and freeways, cities and landmarks, and all the car info I've learned and forgotten... 

But just show me a damn Garford, and BINGO! One useless bit of identification trivia finally finds a use the only time in the world it will ever be asked for.

the result of a night flying accident at in 1943, during which the Anson pilot mistook the airfield controller's signal and landed on top of the Whitley as it was starting to take off.

Neither crew was injured and, although the Whitley was written off, the Anson was repaired and flew again.

A Commonwealth’s stretcher bearer fails to persuade his mule to continue pulling a cart loaded with medical supplies, Sicily, 19 July 1943.

A grandfather of modern armored vehicles, the Armored Autocar was basically in a metal box atop the chassis of an Autocar.

20 Autocar trucks were supplied to Canada, of which 8 were Armoured Machine-Gun Carriers. They formed the "Automobile Machine Gun Brigade No. 1", which was deployed to Great Britain with the first Canadian contingent in October 1914. It stayed in Great Britain until 1916, among other reasons, because with the armies entrenching themselves, wheeled vehicles were deemed useless.

German pilot Alfred Bäder* from Jasta 65 (on the right leaning against the wing) poses next to his Fokker D.VII fighter. August to November 1918. Unfortunately somewhat degraded, this photo offers a clear view of what made this particular aircraft famous among modelers: a rendition of a scene taken from an old Medieval German fairy tale called “The Seven Swabians”.

possibly the 1st hot rod belly tank in Italy or Corsica in WW2, a year or two before Bill Burke's on the So Cal dry lakes. A ground crewman from the USAAF 1st Fighter Group poses with his makeshift car craftily built from a P-38’s 150-165 gallon external fuel tank

I was born to late to see anyone actually rosin a track,

it was a part of the show, and probably because tires weren't yet as highly developed as they would soon become after the golden age of drag racing.,by%20limiting%20the%20wheelspin%20variable.

King of the Hammers is a go, on Jan 28th

 BLM public affairs officer Michelle Van Der Linden told SFGATE that proof of a negative COVID-19 test and temperature checks will be required to gain access to the event, alongside COVID-19 rapid result tests being sold onsite for $20.

I bet the train wasn't at fault... after all, it's never, ever, ever going to be sneaking up on soft air filled tires around a corner. It's stuck on those rails, and moves like clockwork

I know there are still examples of these 1978 Vettes out there with no mileage, saved for investing, but isn't it time to realize they were junk then, are junk now, and can be lapped by a Hyundai? SO, why bother storing them if you're not in love with them, as no one else is going to come along and want to buy them

Yes, I stand by the statement that a 1978 Chevrolet is junk

Southern's Best Friend of Charleston replica is unloaded from its two specialized transport cars for an event at Abingdon, VA. The NS employee bringing the engine and its cars down the ramp is Charlie Powell

I posted about it in 2017

Indian electric locomotive 4006, built 1930, named Sir Loger Lumley

A commentor who chooses to not use a name in the comments section, made a terrific comment about the Schuyler Street in Utica railroad tracks, which are operated by the New York, Susquehanna & Western (it's the old Delaware, Lackawanna & Western's Utica Branch).

Not only do the trains run down the middle of the road, they make a delivery into the FX Matt Brewery with a locomotive and a hopper car.

I think this is a rare thing, but hell, I'm often wrong.

A train engine going INTO a business, and using city streets for connecting and shunting rail cars so it can pick up or drop off cargo to a company? 


This happens to be a brewery that makes Utica Club, McKenzies Hard Ciders, and soft drinks, 

This seems to be the F.X. Matt Brewery in Saranac ( that city name I recall from a post about 4 years ago about John Hawkinson )


how about that, a motorcycle for a passenger with a dress! Huh... I've never seen this one before

these guys have the same hat! And Mustache! 

thanks Kim! 

quote of the day

 From high school through college I spent many hours keeping the cheap junkers I owned running. 

My first car (65 Cortina GT) cost $100 and I used to get up early to make sure I had time to get it started so I could drive it to school.

Daniel M

I was surprised how relateable this is, something intrinsic to the car guy life - that I'm sure most guys have done, but I've never seen put into words.... plan ahead to coax the car to run, so they aren't late for school or work! 

Facebook humor

 A friend just posted this:

 Please please help! I’m having a problem with my car. I think the transmission is messed up. 

My car works fine during the daytime but won't drive at night at all. I put it in "D" for daytime and I can go where I need to but at night time when I put it in "N" for night, it won't move. 

To top it all off, the other day I was sitting at a red light and this guy next to me wanted to race. The light turned green, I slammed it into "R" for race, stomped on the gas and slammed into the car behind me. 

Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

I bet a lot of drunks came out of that bar and hurt themselves tripping and falling over the railroad tracks, in Sunbury Pa

Thanks Bill for sending me the link to the current street view!

fast back Nova... I thought there was only one of those

bike rack at a dentist office

graffiti road after a snowfall

someone at the dept of transportation cleverly tried to get people to slow down on Christmas Eve