Saturday, October 01, 2016

this would be the talk of any car show, no matter how big or where it happened

gotta be a Von Dutch piece on the nose, right? The "Red Eye Special" at speedweek 1958

Steve McQueen

A pause in the car posts for a moment, to render a public service (not the 1st or the last)

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Some seventies glorious muscle cars

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Green Monster #11, with a Allison v12 and some funky painting on the valve cover

Art's mom painted the teeth on! She was going for the Flying Tiger motif

1959 Nationals

At just under 17 years of age, Art joined the United States Navy. He was sent to diesel mechanic school, then assigned as a mechanic to a landing craft in the Pacific Theater. This was a very good job for Arfons to utilize his mechanical talents. He participated in two battles including the invasion of Okinawa, and then was discharged after three years, as a Petty Officer Second Class. He returned to Ohio, was married, and had two sons and a daughter. In 1952, he and his half-brother Walt became fascinated with drag racing and built their first Green Monster. In this endeavor, they were supported by their mother, who was also fascinated by the sport. Art and Walt continued their drag racing partnership with a series of Green Monster cars until the late 1950s

pretty cool photo of Bonneville

the Optima Challenge is COMING! (yes, I do get a bit excited about it, I just love old cars in full race mode)

1972 Road Runner GTX, with a 440 6 pack... Chrysler never admitted to building it at the factory, because that would implicate them in defrauding the govt on smog laws

“There was a big salvage yard in Effingham, South Carolina, that had a bunch of junked muscle cars and muscle car parts. The owner and I got acquainted. He was a Ford guy, but he loved all the old muscle cars. He would let me look around his yard and buy parts. About 1983 or 1984, I saw this red 1972 Road Runner GTX sitting apart from the other junkers. It had an electric sunroof, an Air Grabber hood, a short-block was in the car, the radiator was gone, and it had no rotors. The car had the RM23V2G code in the VIN. I knew the V Code was a Six Pack. I thought to myself, I didn’t know they made a Six Pack in 1972.” (they are known to have made 3)

Looking back on that fateful day in the salvage yard, Russell recalls, “Always on the hunt for cool parts, I asked the owner how much he wanted for the Air Grabber hood on that red 1972 Road Runner GTX sunroof car. I bought the hood for $150. I took the hood to a swap meet in Charlotte, North Carolina. A man came up to me and asked me what car had that hood. I told him it was a 1972 Six Pack Road Runner GTX, and he said he had been looking for that car for years. He then asked me where the car was, and I said, ‘I ain’t gonna tell you.'”

Russell immediately put the hood back in his truck and headed to the yard the next Monday. The yard’s owner had a clean title for the car and factory literature from 1972 that showed the Six Pack motor offered in the Road Runner GTX.

“He sold me the car with a clean title for $150,” says Russell. “He knew exactly what it was, but he knew I was a Mopar guy and that I would appreciate this car.”

Hot Rod has improved a lot over the last couple years.. enjoy it while it's good! Never know, they might back slide into VWs and boats again...

Hop up magazine deliberately moved from it's offices on Colorado St to 4949 Hollywod Boulevard, because Hot Rod was at 5959 Hollywood Boulevard

And Barney Navarro traded tech articles for free advertising space. 

1934 Mickey Mouse Tricycle

When car companies were crazy about digital dashes

Cop who owned 3 Ferraris, and a BMW convicted of stealing $277 in county gas. Too stupid to stay out of the headlines

A Miami-Dade police officer may get up to five years in prison after making the county’s gas pump his personal fueling station.

Sgt. Emil Van Lugo, an aficionado of extravagant cars, owned three Ferraris and his wife had a BMW. He was convicted and could face jail time for stealing $277.25 in county gas.

Lugo was captured on video making weekly trips to a county fuel depot and filling up his patrol car and two spare gas cans. Investigators said he stole gas for 50 consecutive weekends.

seems to work fine in perfect conditions, with empty trailers, but if just one small rock gets in the way of that pallet jack tire... Bonk goes progress! The Electric Tug V-move Trailer Mover

What ding bat thought this was going to work?

New York-based Ideas That Stick has created a new device that can be easily removed by motorists after paying parking tickets over the phone.

 Called ‘Barnacle’, this plastic sheet obstructs the driver’s view by attaching to the windshield with commercial grade suction cups and can only be removed by a code put into the integrated key pad.

Except you can just look out your window and drive away, or remove your windshield with a screw driver and a knife.

Or, by deciding the damn thing is better off in a dumpster and you wanted a new pristine windshield without the chips and cracks anyway. Send it to the government who will likely think that whatever you've just delivered might be a bomb, and let them blow it up for you. Or, Discard the damn thing by the side of the road with a sign, saying, "Hey, this looks like a bomb" and the bomb squad will show up and blow it up.

Either way, whatever is less work, and a faster govt paid employee comes along, blowing up in case it's dangerous. Recent events show govt employees are mighty stupid, and scared of nearly everything, so, it's likely they'll just blow it up in the chance that it's a bomb

Get the weekend off to a good start, go out to your car and start it, then see what happens next

so, this happened.....:


I have just purchased a new Jaguar and wondered if I can fit the Jaguar hood ornament and if so where. I found your site as being the best informed but cannot find anywhere that says whether it is legal or not to fit one in the UK. I have the Leaping Jaguar ornament ready to fit I just need to know if it is legal.

Your advice would be welcome.



My reply:

You're talking to a Californian... we do whatever we want to, (we blue dot tail lights, we remove fenders, and take off hoods, install new rims and fat tires, and install hydraulics to make lowriders, etc) and cops are to busy with drug dealers and illegal aliens to give any attention to "equipment" issues on out vehicles.

If you need to worry about a hood ornament on your Jag, then ask the vehicle inspection station people, or your Jaguar dealership.

Or, ask your wife if you can have your balls back for a moment, to make a decision on whether or not you want to put a statue on the nose of your car to restore the phallic symbol that Jaguar left off in recent years when too many women complained.

And that, is a car guy's advice on hood ornaments.

Maybe you were looking to see what a soccer mom would say about it. I don't know, but when they show up to work after dropping their kids off at school I can ask them.

(In 2005, the European Union forced carmakers to meet minimum standards for pedestrian safety, based on damage caused in frontal collisions. The removal of upright hood ornaments helped meet the requirements and rather than make different hoods for different countries, many international automakers—including Jaguar—removed the hood ornaments altogether.)

Retro Designs made a cool new website for themselves

A beer truck!

If the name Retro Designs sounds familiar, they made the incredibly cool "Boosted Bela" I found at SEMA last year and featured

A Commodore 64 has helped run an auto shop for 25 years

Why? Because one of the computers they’re using on a day-to-day basis is a Commodore 64, and I don’t mean one of the slick nostalgic remakes. I’m talking about a classically beautiful beige C64 and its whirring, clunking 5.25″ floppy disk drive.

It’s been there for more than 25 years. See, not everyone finds the idea of using an old computer sad. Some, like the mechanics at this shop in Gdansk, treat their hardware like a trusted member of their team. Clearly this Commodore 64 has been pulling its weight for the past 25 years, or the shop would’ve found a different system to help them balance driveshafts.

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — and this C64 seems determined to not break.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

a legend, a mutt, and a winning race car that slapped around Ferraris and called them it's bitch (mutt, bitch, get it?) (These are the funny ones folks, tip your waitress)

A rather ungainly machine, it featured a wide variety of components including an old Coca-Cola sign. Balchowsky was well aware that his new racer looked like and very much was a 'junkyard dog' so he painted it yellow and named it 'Old Yeller' after the famous hound in the Disney movie by the same name. On the insistence of Disney, he later renamed the cars 'Old Yaller'.

The car won its first race by a margin of 13 seconds. Against an even stronger field, which included Phil Hill in a big Ferrari, Hauser scored back to back wins a few months later. Balchowsky also took turns behind the wheel of his creation. His greatest victory came at the 1958 Santa Barbara Labour Day races where he beat Richie Ginther in a Ferrari 250 TR.

and it was used as the camera car in Herbie the Love Bug

have you ever seen tires this angled off the vertical? At the same time?

it's that goofy Tempest I think.. the one with the 5/8ths torsion bar driveshaft.  I just recall there was something really weird and unique about it

Turns out, this was a racing set up, and you can read about it here:

the hot rod flamejob 5th wheeled drag racing matched set of the Trotters Car Club

1971 hemi Cuda finally gets pulled out of the Kansas City basement it's been stuck in since 1978 (it kept company with a 1970 Hemi ’Cuda and a Lime Green 1970 AAR ’Cuda)

all original, and numbers matching, with only 21 thousand miles before it was stored away to get that mythical restoration that actually never happens. But it was completely taken apart for a rotisserie restoration, and all the pieces and parts were laid out 

1910 Pullman Model O Roadster

Rough but rustless, this 1956 356 was used for decades until the guy died, then it spent a decade in the widows garage. Now it's going to get auctioned