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keep the dream alive, if any kid tells some other kid what they "can't do" point out how almost nothing can't be done, especially in the Western hemisphere, that's why we're North AmeriCANs and South AmeriCANs

A 10-year-old girl got to fly a plane for the first time last week, thanks to UPS’s Wishes Delivered campaign,

Taylor is going to be a UPS pilot: She knows this, and you should, too.

“When she was about 5, we took her to the Mall of America, and she got to fly in a plane, and she just knew that’s what she wanted to do with her life,” her mem said. “She was just amazed by it.”

She had taken Taylor to a Girls in Aviation day at Bowman Field, and the UPS Wishes Delivered crew was there, filming and scouting for a candidate, and they chose Taylor.

Wishes Delivered fulfills the dreams of children in various ways. In the past, a young boy who had a special relationship with a driver, was given a custom-made UPS package truck to drive around his neighborhood. The team once delivered snow to children in Texas who had never experienced snow before.

 This year, the company decided to inspire young girls in aviation, said Gloria Hatcher, a UPS pilot.

Capt Dave Smith is a flight trainer with UPS's other hub in Anchorage Alaska, he made a special trip to the Louisville UPS hub, called Worldport, to be a part of this event.

“Taylor is a wonderful pilot,” he said. “It’s a wonderful day to go flying, very smooth, very nice. … Great visibility. We flew toward Cincinnati, she flew over the new bridge, saw some marinas, just navigated herself right along the Indiana and Kentucky border.”

(Taylor's mom says that UPS donates a dollar every time the video gets shared on facebook, to Wishes Delivered, their charity.  Good, lets make them pay!)

“I’m going to be in the Navy, and once I get my license I am going to work for UPS as a pilot,” she said. “They made my dad’s dreams come true. They paid for his college, and without them, we would be in debt right now, and thanks to him, I’m here right now.”

Taylor said the fact that there are so few women pilots doesn’t discourage her at all.

“No, I think it’s more important for the whole entire world so people can follow their dreams and be who they are,” she said. “It doesn’t matter that people say that you can’t do something — it just means that you can do it. You can be better than what they say.”

Smith presented Taylor with a certificate for her accomplishment and presented her with her first log book, with his signature on her first flight lesson. The log book is real, and the time she spent in the air counts toward her future flight instruction.

Smith discussed important moments for a pilot with Taylor.  “I want to tell you, there are three flights that are very special to a pilot,” he told Taylor. “Your first flight; the second one is your first solo; and the third one is your final flight when you retire. So, you’re 10, I’m 47. When I retire, you’ll be 28. So, your goal is to fly my last flight with me.”

3 cheers for UPS flight instructor Capt Dave Smith,   that's way fucking cool to make this kid a log book and fill out her first flight, and ask her to join you on your last. Coolest thing I've heard all year, I think.


If some kid says some ignorant stupid shithead thing to another, slap the negative kid upside the head. It's good for them, millions of kids have been slapped upside the head and turned into good people who stopped being assholes and went on to be good people.

This world doesn't need negative assholes talking shit, it needs more dreamers with ambitions, goals, and dreams. Things only get done when a dreamer with ambition keeps trying to make it happen.

The assholes who are negative, they become negative alcoholic assholes.

since this occured a couple months ago, Taylor gets invited to fly now and then, and one person that invites her is the family friend Howard, who is 94, and still flying

'70 Super Bee with buckets, console, A/C and gator grain top was just bought from the 73 yr old original owner, and it was still mighty original, with a few consumable items replaced over the years and only 64k miles on it

The Super Bee was ordered in TX9 Black with black interior, white C-stripes and a gator grain top. Under the hood, he opted for the 383 Magnum and 727 automatic transmission. For exterior options, he chose bumper guards, hood pins, fender mounted turn signals, passenger side mirror, power steering, power disc brakes, Hemi suspension, SureGrip rear with 3:23 gears and 15×7 Rallye wheels. On the inside, he checked the boxes for air conditioning (with tinted glass), AM/8-track, rear speaker, Tic-Toc-Tach, six-way manual adjustable seat, cruise control, bucket seats, center console, pedal dress up, rear defroster and even the rare headlight time delay!

Total price $6197

The original owner had the original Polyglas tires hanging on the wall beside the car, plus the build sheet in beautiful shape, original sales slip and all documentation from day one.

and fyi, googling to see more about this car, avoid using the words Boux Bee, as there is a lingerie company Boux Avenue with Bumble Bee underwear. Crazy similar key words in these two items, Super Bee bought by Boux, and Boux Bumble Bee... I laughed, and maybe you will too

earliest bugshield I've seen, 1958

Rolf his father Kitel Lange, toured America in 1955 with this Porsche and a camera

the fueling fleet for TWA at Midway Airport, Chicago, Illinois in February 1961.

A legit 1940s hot rod, phtotographed in the 40s, no flash, no chrome, no aftermarket parts

Ann Margaret on a Guzzi

70s bike parts

The president of the MKT company, Mr J W Barriger, visits Kansas on 19 July 1965. Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railroad Company (MKT).

Bonneville, 1961, the Juggers Racing Team and unknown motorcyclist

Harley Davidson streamliners, Sprint and Sportster, Bonneville, early 60s

I didn't know Andy Griffith was a classic car collector, here are the photos from a 1979 photo shoot at his place in Toluca Lake

Andy Griffith and his Ford Model T, 1930 Model A Cabriolet, 1928 Ford Phaeton, 1934 Ford Pickup, 1938 Buick Special, 1938 Buick Coupe Convertible,

600 feet long, 80 feet high, over the Pic river near Heron Bay was a good start, but then, the Mountain Creek Bridge went 163 feet high, and 1068 feet long

Merry Christmas! Posting early so everyone else can use these too

the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train that goes on a run to raise funds and gather donations!

​​​​​​​​​​​The CP Holiday Train program launched in 1999 and has since raised more than C$13 million and four million pounds of food for communities along CP's routes in Canada and the United States.

Jack Lufkin and Denny Jones with their corvette at the Bonneville speed trials in 1963.

Wingfoot Express on the salt flats at Bonneville, Utah, 1964. Walt Arfons (left) and Tom Green pose with their jet-powered land speed record car.

Lucky or gifted by gods, does it matter when someone pulls off a miracle save?

Friday, December 08, 2017

The only recorded instance of a go kart being driven around the world

Asking directions outside Badlapur, India, en route from Mumbai to Poona, August 1963.

The circumnavigation by Stan Mott of New York, who drove a Lambretta-engined 175-c.c. Italkart (with a ground clearance of two inches) 23,300 land miles through 28 countries from February 15, 1961, to June 5, 1964, beginning and finishing in New York.

Why did he do it? A bet over a cup of coffee!

Stan’s entire account of his adventures in PDF format, published in Argosy Magazine, November, 1964.

the cartoon genius of Stan Mott

I learned from Peter S that the above is based on a real situation, and he shared photos of the Bugatti that inspired this cartoon! 

How cool is that! 

Lead illustration for "Charlie Lucky and The Grand Prix Pignatelli" article.

 This was the first in a series of six "Pignatelli" articles by Robert G. Lurie. Basic theme: Innocent American-Italian sports car driver is coerced by Mafia relatives to unknowingly smuggle cocaine into the U.S. This was a particularly delicious assignment as it allowed me to design ferocious sports cars of my dreams!

he was also a damn good artist, here are the famous Mercedes Benz
Starting at bottom left; a 1934 W25, a 1935 W125, a 1939 W154, a 1939 W165, a 1954 300SL, a 1954 W196, and a 1954 W196R.

The Volkswagen Hammer
 Created with Robert Cumberford, text by Cumberford.
Sports Cars illustrated, July 1958
 AT LAST! A truly practical accessory for your VW

 Tired of finding dented bumpers and guards when you return to your parked VW? Here's a really effective solution from Improbable Industries.

 The VW Parking Hammer should bring an end to your problems. Fastened to your rear bumper with the sturdy built-in clamps, its imposing appearance intimidates the driver of even the largest and most powerful cars. A large, legible warning to STOP is formed integrally with the actuating plate.

 If anyone is so injudicious as to put any excessive pressure, on this plate, it will move forward far enough to release a simple pawl type safety catch. The catch, being released, no longer restrains the heavy coil spring, heart of the device. With the spring exerting its full power, and gravity lending its valuable assistance, WHANGO!

 There is a gratifying loud crash as the indestructible tool steel head strikes home. The careless driver will be appropriately astonished as he sees a happy baby face smiling up at him from the tremendous dent in the top of his hood, offering the cheerful admonishment "too close." His astonishment will in no way be lessened when he discovers that the hammer's face contained razor sharp reversed letters which have permanently inscribed in his hood the legend "You have just run into a Volkswagen."

And here he is racing carts with the King of Jordan in 1963