Monday, December 03, 2018

good grief

Yours is an awesome website. I don't see how you have the time to do all of this. I am a car fanatic all my life. I would like to make a request if possible ..... I am interested in the history of all of the automobile factories ... photos and such primarily in the Detroit area. I would love to read about them.

Did you pick up on Greg's request that I write about all the car manufacturing factories... you know, to fulfill his request, ummmmm, sometime when I can get that done, because as he pointed out "I don't see how you have the time to do all of this" So, just when exactly does he suppose I'm going to
research and post about all the factories?

Not just some, all. Well, just all the ones around Detroit.

Sheesh and sigh.

I replied that I'll do it if he's paying by the hour, as I could really use the money, but if he's looking to get me to do it for free, go hit the last 12 years of archives, as I've covered a bit about some already, like Chalmers, Ford, Dodge, Maxwell, and Chrysler.

Anyone else get asked to do someone else's homework, even though they know you're busy?

by the by, I'm NOT going to take requests to do years of research and articles, simply because someone wants to read about it for free. You want to hire me? Cool, I can be your personal librarian, researcher, photographer, blogger, writer, editor, etc etc etc, for a price.

Because I'm not doing it for you because it's on your christmas wish list, I'm not your father. Am I? Is your name Luke? Do you have my jedi lightsaber? 


  1. 'by the by'???? WTF...... are you really a limey in disguise Jesse?

    1. Nope, as evidenced by my not even knowing the connection between limeys and by the by. Suppose, instead, you laugh at the Darth Vader joke, and tell me just how the fuck to express the concept of the 2nd to last paragraph in English via an American... because I'm not a fucking grammar nazi, and using the English language properly seems to have you insulting me for some obtuse reason.

  2. That guy might try Ate Up With Aaron Severson has a great with with all kinds of automotive histories.