Saturday, May 07, 2011

"Rod"riguez, an example of Japanese hot rodding in the 60's wild show car style

The bumper lights under the headlights were cut from a caddy and painted and used for the headlights on this car

And the tail lights were cut from the below grill lights

Read all about it here

A lot of magazine coverage that it's been the focus of

The Rod and Kustom magazine that put this car on the cover, is online here:

Vic's Garage, the collection of Edelbrock race, research, and personal cars and memorabilia

Google has scanned some of these volumes by the American Technical Society, and you can flip through one online (maybe more if you search around)

I posted Vic Sr's tool bench and tool box seperately:

The '53 COE crew cab in Gilmore colors has a matching panel truck now

The panel truck on the back is fantastic, great compliment to the hauler.

 for how it looked in 2010 with a pick up on the back.

Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) number 1 Highway Patrol Service (why don't they do this anymore?)

This old Dodge Brothers truck was a patrol, the electric car below? I bet strictly publicity event use. What possible emergancy roadside service could it possibly be that your smart cell phone can't do better?

the Model A Ford complete factory provided tool kit

The 2005 ANRA B/Gas champion Pontiac of Jess Tyree