Friday, September 21, 2012

Speedfest 2012 is here! In San Diego at the Naval Air Station on Coronado Island in the bay, both Saturday and Sunday... here's a quick look at what I saw today

fuel cooler canister in the back seat

 Jeff bought this 1969 Kenworth at age 19, and worked with it for the next 20 years, getting 3 million miles under and behind him... he then converted it with the only stipulations from his wife that it have a toilet and a shower. They're both happy!

This is the only time I've seen scales in the pits... huh!

 Using the El Camino's truck ability to pull their race car!

Looks like the Von Dutch Flying eyeball... Just saying

 Using whatever was available to get some race gas... which costs 10.00 dollars a gallon.

 Buick Centurion?

Above, a Lister, below, a Falcon Sprint


A Bluebird. You may have heard of them

Red white and blue racing tape... clever!

 Centurion Fiberfab

Fisker Karma... hybrid 4 door sports car

1959 factory twin cam

There seems to be twice as many drifters as last year