Saturday, August 08, 2020

nice way to go camping

This is so ridiculous... the capital of the emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, printed a stamp from the Plymouth sales brochure of the 1973 Duster. They had no pride at all in anything local. Sad.

1936 Hungarian air mail. How the hell a 7 year old kid in Michigan would up with one, in 1978, I have no idea. But I did.

hibernating in a train graveyard

Russian Gunpowder Powered Jaws of Life (this video has no sound, but, it's quieter than a gun, and he doesn't talk anyway. If he did, it would be in Russian. Just enjoy the tool operation)

Looks like 410 shotgun shells

20 minutes away from the drop-off destination in Georgia, the transporter with the '71 Mach 1 was involved in a highway accident, after about 860 incident free miles from New York

Chrysler industrial engine advertising I've never seen before

this is odd, a fishing rod rack on a front bumper.

I guess there must be some places you would be able to park close enough to the water to use this rack to hold your fishing poles...

But 8 poles, in use at one time? This close together? Isn't that going to result in some tangled up lines?

It turns out that Lisa Bonet's dad bought her a cool 65 Mustang GT when she was 17, stick shift, the pony interior, drop top

and her husband decided it had been neglected far too long and left to rust away, so he got a Vegas company to fix it up. Someone realized that this would make a cool video


reason the the Top Gear guys aren't making more shows? May did some stupid series about Japan

On Amazon.

If you want to see a lot about Japan, this will be good for that.

But if you'd rather Amazon put out another The Grand Tour special, obviously that's not happening and Clarkson, Hammons, and May are out doing other things

The sole surviving Checker 39A escaped through a quirk of fate. It was bought by a resort in upstate New York to ferry guests to and from the railroad station, winding up in a junkyard in the 1950s. There it lay until the mid-1960s, when the owner of another wrecking yard discovered it

Manu Campa commutes to his downtown studio in Madrid in his golden 1931 roadster.

Friday, August 07, 2020

A Vancouver cyclist is recovering from several broken bones and other injuries after he was hit by a truck carrying an overhanging load of wooden planks (Thanks Andrew P!)

“This hit me from behind going 80 km/h,”

Nickel says he was taken to Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver where he was assessed for a broken clavicle, scapula, and eight broken ribs. He says he also has a punctured lung.

I can't imagine that this driver was unaware that the cargo was more out of his truck than in it

fun, easy to watch movie recommendation, The Best of Times (1986)

Kurt Russel's character runs a service garage where they paint murals on the sides of vans

and if you like football, they play a game in the last 1/3rd of the movie

Cool teardrop, well equipped for road trips

the cool things people come across when out on the side roads while road tripping

It is called a "Palace" Built around 1948. The interior was set up as a diner car.

Why in the world are they not using the truck bed?

extremely 70s

What the actual hell is this

once there was cruising on Van Nuys... cops must have hated that

these colors are something else

Nice art woody and trailer! (Thanks B Bop!)

Here's a cheat that I haven't heard of before, 2 race cars, one under the minimum allowable weight, the other in spec. The underweight can pull better qualifing times, but isn't legal to race... Penske cheated to solve the problem

Notice the numbers for each car, 15 and 16.

Each car in the photos below wears the opposite number than it did in the actual race. The car with the vent window (wind wing) in the door is the '67 lightweight car from the previous season.

It was under minimum weight and did not get run through tech inspection. They ran the '68 through tech inspection twice by changing the car number in a closed airplane hangar between each inspection.

The unusual Holman-Moody Challenger III ran in the A/Sports Racer class

A pit wagon with great tires

Parnelli catching air

I think I may have posted these photo years ago when I read Unfair Advantage by Mark Donohue. They swiss cheesed the inner fenderwells and doors for free flowing air on the Sunoco Camaro

 Holes were also incorporated into both ends of the door and through the rear quarter panel and into the rear fenderwell.

Achilles 175

1918, Curtiss OX-5 airplane engine ---the engine that made barnstorming possible

The 1909 Lorraine De Dietrich (16.9 litres) restored by Richard Scaldwell

Preproduction Broncos are trying out the Rubicon trail

There's only one way to get impressive sales, and that's going to be to get impressive respect from true off roaders. They'll have to prove that the Bronco can outperform the Jeep Rubicon