Saturday, February 19, 2022

cleverest thing I've seen all day

using a tire with an excavators bucket and thumb while making stupid noises on video and pinching the tire shut, creating a mouth appearance 

video at

Covered bridges aren't common, but an unusual one is in Prestonsburg KY, on the paved Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail. The trail is open to pedestrians, bikers, and horseback riders and is built in a former railroad bed.

Beginning in Archer Park, this trail will take you through West Prestonsburg, underneath Rt 114 and into David. You will travel across 6 different bridges including one unique bridge that is topped with a school bus donated by the Floyd County School District.

At the 6:25 mark and the 10 minute mark on this video

a rivalry between two WWII vets led to the world’s smallest flyable airplanes. Ray Stits' Sky Baby, and Robert Starr's Bumble Bee I


for some reason Hemmings's writer Dan Strohl made an article listing some of the 50s abandoned VW vans, by video link, instead of just letting the Hemmings readers know that I'd collected them long ago

I posted them a with a link named "resurrection of a too far gone VW"

the Hemmings article didn't even mention the ones that didn't have a You Tube video, like the one in Greece, and Pakistan. But, since the forest finds, the swamp van, and the helicopter rescue van were all video recorded, there's a good amount of entertainment in those few. 

But I have a compulsion to be competitive, and to do the best and most thorough reporting on a story like the rescued vans... so, I didn't avoid the ones that didn't have a video. Would you? Of course not. Silly Hemmings. Every article worth doing is worth doing thoroughly

28,000 women applied for 30 train driver jobs in Saudi Arabia

The successful candidates will drive high-speed trains between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina after a year of training. It is the first time such roles have been advertised for women in the conservative Muslim kingdom.

does anyone else know about the Disney and Salvadore Dali collaboration, Destino?


it really is an impressive animated feature. 

Bimmers... they aren't complete without a vanity plate, am I right?

this used to be someone's fierce little dream of a street racer.


this poor old car deserves better than to be neglected out in the rain where leaks will let the floor and trunk pans rust away


there I was on walk about, and found that Jim uses his Firebird as an every day driver! Very cool!


someone had a good idea for selling their 65 Mustang, park it on a main road, with a for sale sign, and let the voice mail do the rest. No price given. Best offer in a month or two probably takes it.


what a busy day

 I talked to my mom for the first time in a couple years, because I happened to be out for a walk, because I scared my Dr with how high my blood pressure is, because I suddenly came down with a case of old man problems, now that I turned 50. 

Skin cancer, tinnitus, and diabetes - with a torn Achilles tendon a couple years ago. Nothing a modern mid life crisis isn't full of I suppose. 

So I saw my favorite old antique store that I haven't been inside for a couple decades, so I went in for a look around, and 30 dollars and an hour later (so much for a sustained 30 minutes brisk walk for cardio) I was leaving the store with a pair of unusual 6x8 convex glass reverse painted novelty pictures that I got my mom to add to her handful of collected pieces. 

She's had a couple since she was in high school, as wall adornments, simply because they were neat victorian looking framed silhouette art. 

Well, that got me wondering about these because I've never met anyone that knew what company made them, what they are called, etc. 

So, 20 minutes of concentrated effort and research, and bingo bongo bango. There once was a dentist in Benton Harbor Michigan (mom grew up about 40 miles away) who in the early 1940s made this nice novelty art. I was able to learn his 1st, middle and last name, and his wife and her maiden name, even his brothers name and college class year ('26) and when he was in business, and when that ended. 

Darn it, no one has made a nice little blog post about him, described his business, etc. His wife patented several design for picture frames by the way. The company was named Colef Glass Picture Company, and later changed to Benton Glass Picture Company when they incorporated in Cleveland Ohio in 10/03/1947

It's possible, even likely, that the company name had earlier in the 1930s been the Benton Harbor Novelty Manufacturing Co, (began making the Imp slot machine in 1931, and the "Dick" cap pistol, as I piece together these clips from Google Books

Does this stuff have any reason to be on my car blog? No. But, I feel sorry for the descendants of Saul and Sara Colef, (and his brother Irving) who have nothing on the internet to show that they did something pretty cool, only 70 years ago, and now no one even knows what they are looking at when they see these pictures in an antique store. My mom has had a couple pairs of these neat old pictures for 5 decades, wondering what the history of them is. 

though he's not cleaning the windows well, it may be from spending all his effort on mastering the drum. That's brilliant

I've liked the looks of the 914 for a long time, BECAUSE it's more VW than 911/356. Here's a rare one, a street version of the 914/6 race car

I think these racing stripes are perfect, carrying the black bars from the front bumper along the car longitudinally to equalize the lateral black pieces, but inverted from the side stripe design.

one of  23 factory-produced with the M471 special equipment package, effectively making it a street version of the 914/6 GT race car. 

Modifications for the M471-equipped cars included wide steel fender flares, a steel flared front valance, 21-millimeter wheel spacers, flared fiberglass rocker panels, and 6x15 Fuchs alloy wheels

This car then received Koni front struts, 911 S brakes, and a staggered set of wider, and GT-specific 15-inch Fuchs alloys in order to be a camera car for a 1973 Porsche commercial

What makes this particular 914/6 even more special is that it was owned for a decade and a half by Erich Strenger, the first art director for Porsche’s official magazine, Christophorus

I've never seen headlights up on one! What a weird visual impact.... but the photographer perfectly aligned the top of the left light with the top of the fender, and didn't allow the alignment of the drivers side to intrude into the red center section of the hood. Well done.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Sears 1961 Suburban-Farm Supllies and Fencing Catalog

ready to mount complete B Body suspension and chassis design is rolling out from St George Utah, Speedtech

No price mentioned, it's probably scary high

John Vaughn, Chrysler’s Head Aerodynamic Engineer, designed the Charger 500, the Daytona and the Superbird.

Government information pamphlet on using your car for escape and protection in a nuclear attack. Copyright 1955.

  "If you have room, pick up walking evacuees," "Remember - you can push or pull another car with little increase in your own gasoline consumption," "Tests under an actual atomic explosion in Nevada proved that modern cars... ...give a degree of protection against a blast, heat and radiation."

106ft long weighing 856,000 pounds generating 6,000hp. C&O turbine, the last gasp of steam, a traditional boiler spinning a steam turbine, turning a generator to power traction motors

coolest thing I've seen today, what a fan! He made Karcocha a t shirt, AND a matching license plate!


it has been a couple years since I discovered Karcocha, but, he's made a lot of videos in the past couple years, so there are many to catch up on... you might not recall the videos I've posted that he made a couple years ago, but he is an extra ordinarily talented performance street artist / comedian.

celebrities, actors, and comedians were given a Friends Of The Police card for performing at the Shrine Auditorium for the LA police  minute 23:48

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Dave MacDonald at Del Mar Speedway in April 1962

strange looking Loewy-styled "sharknose" Baldwin

In 1967, the Monangahela Railroad purchased seven A-units and two cabless B-units, the last remaining units from the retired New York Central fleet. By 1971, all but two of the units, 1205 and 1216, had been cut up. The final pair were to be scrapped in 1974, but were saved when the Delaware & Hudson purchased both units from the scrap dealer. They were used in freight service and in passenger excursion service on the D&H until late 1978, when they were purchased by Illinois-based Castolite Corporation. The pair was leased for use on the Michigan Northern in 1979, where both units suffered mechanical damage (broke crankshaft on one and a grounded-out traction motor on the other by all reports) and have reportedly been stored since 1981 on the Escanaba & Lake Superior, inside a warehouse that is inaccessible to the public. The units have been photographed outside of the building as late as 2012, with roofs and prime movers removed.

see several more at

it's rare to see a great '68

four 911 GT2 RS models, and 33 other Porsches, were aboard a cargo ship destined for buyers in Brazil in 2019. It sank off the coast of France. Right now, a cargo ship with Porshes, VWs, Audis and nearly 200 Bentleys continues to burn off the coast of Portugal

Thank you Don! 

a British phenomenon in the motorcycle world (thanks Tony!)

 If you were a learner motorcyclist on a solo machine you were restricted to 250cc (which meant a top speed of around 65mph) and you couldn't carry a passenger, not much fun if you wanted to take your girlfriend somewhere.

But if you rode a sidecar outfit, neither of these restrictions applied, so you could get hold of an old BSA 650 or similar, pull off the humongous large double adult sidecar and restore your street cred (and a fair bit of performance) with something small and light, such as a wooden box, a bath tub, an oil drum, a coffin if you were an exhibitionist, or even just a plank with a seat bolted to it. 

You could now take your girlfriend everywhere, at least until she found a nice boy who could borrow his dad's Mini. You also became very popular with your mates, not only could you give them lifts when their bikes had broken down again, but when you went on group runs they could all dump their luggage on you. This situation lasted until around the early 80s.

I've now had a 1969 Coronet for 27 years, and been pondering what style of rims would look best on it... way back in 95 I got my Super Bee a set of Weld Street Stars, and my R/T came with stock Magnum 500s

 these examples of 1969 Coronets are not mine, they simply show what a 69 Coronet looks like with the rims I like, and will someday pick from

So,  favorite rim designs I like, and am most likely to choose from are Keystone classics, slotted mags, Cragar SS, factory steel, dog dish hubcaps on factory steel, factory recall rims, slotted mags and Torque Thrust D

I think the Keystones look best, what do you think? And I'm not rushing out to buy rims. But someday I'll be upgrading the rims and tires so there's more contact patch, especially on the front tires.