Saturday, November 03, 2018

built to replicate the Hedman Hussler that was stolen in 1970 from the race track

From now into 2019, if you buy an Edelbrock AVS2 Series carb, Edelbrock will send you a $50.00 mail-in rebate if you send them your used, working, four-barrel carb

The Carburetor Bounty Program check will be processed after Edelbrock receives your old four-barrel carb.

The carburetor that you send must be in usable condition. Reconditioned, junkyard and two-barrel carbs will not be accepted. Terms and conditions of this special offer as well as a redemption form are available on our website at 

I was going to post more tonight, but I can't stay focused and alert enough

and since I am home, and in my own bed, it's time to catch up on sleep!

I will post a lot more tomorrow!

The Roadster Shop (nearly legendary by now for incredible builds) GTO Judge

the 1956 Pontiac Star Chief by "Customs by Kilkeary"

Why only one image... ? Because the paint is so perfect, that the reflections off everything around it drove me crazy, and made it impossible to show it respectfully. That's how impressive the paint and body work is, I won't let it look bad in my photos by the reflections I can't prevent.

This car deserves a professional photographer in a studio to do it justice. You may not believe me, and if that's how you are, look at this and you'll see how horrible a photo can make a car that is exquisite, look. I won't even show that.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Royal Purple hosted an original Indy 500 pace truck!

the first ZL1 ever made

Alloway's Hot Rod shop made this Edsel Ranger really nice!

I don't know where this was hiding during SEMA but it wasn't anywhere I looked... until I rolled through on the way to the SEMA Ignited after show

I didn't see the Tron Bike, nor the below dragster, anywhere around, and I was shocked to see the in the roll out parade after SEMA closed

I have posted this before  

Passed this Skylark on the interstate 5 near Oceanside last weekend... he caught me giving him the thumbs up and snapping a photo, it's so surprising to see a Buick from the 60s on the freeway

David Pearson (hall of fame Nascar driver) had a working lighter in his car for a couple reasons

He was a smoker
and when he drove past other drivers casually smoking a cigarette, they were intimidated by his nonchalant confidence that he was going to win

thanks Caribman10 !

Jeep Wranglers came to the aid of a Panama Beach homeowner facing a $12,000 bill to have his Hurricane Michael hit mobile home rolled back over and removed

A dozen or so Wrangler owners, some who'd lost their own homes, showed up with their trucks, attached their cables to the home’s frame and slowly cinched the lines until the house fell back onto its foundation.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

It's been years since I've been this impressed with an original speedometer and instrument set, constructed by Dakota Digital from plans by the owner/designer. The hood is the only dual cowl I've seen in two pieces hinged at the back... and great rims!

1968 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser time capsule. Buried in 1975 at Artpark in Lewiston, New York. The car is still buried today.

Somewhere in Artpark, the 108-acre state park in Lewiston, New York, is buried an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser covered in tar and filled with 30 suitcases packed with consumer goods such as cigarettes, condoms, and magazines from Reader’s Digest to Playboy. It’s all likely turned to dust, however: the station wagon received its entombment almost exactly 41 years ago, in a grand ceremony organized by Ant Farm, the media art and architecture collective founded in San Francisco in 1968.

In 1999, Ant Farm did attempt to prepare “Citizens’s Time Capsule” for its scheduled public reopening, but the Environmental Transport Association had deemed the soil around the station wagon toxic.

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