Saturday, July 29, 2017

this Challenger spent 30 years in a garage in Bridgeport Connecticut

15 years ago Chuck found an ad in a newspaper, for this car and a 1969 Hemi, both for 18k, or jsut the car for 3 thou.

The owner had been hanging onto the car for his kid, but instead of the expected happy response to being offered a cool car, the kid called it a ratty old car.

So the guy finally let it go.

It left the factory as a Super Track Pack 440 6 pack, but oddly, it wasn't outfitted with 15 inch rims as all Super Track Pack cars were supposed to

this car didn't work very well from the factory, so when the Dick Landy traveling clinic came to a nearby dealership, this car was taken in for some professional help

see a full gallery at and read the full story, it's pretty good. This car was stolen in the 70s, and recovered. It's had a street racing life too. 

The first overhead valve engine, was a Buick

Strange to learn that an also ran company like Buick, that never lead the field in luxury, sports, sedans, or concepts, lead the world in engines.


David Buick teamed up with the inventor, Walter Marr, who created the OHV in 1900, and by 1904 was producing a flat twin OHV, but later that year they went under, and were bought out by Durant.

Of course, the 455 GSX was a monster, and the GN turbo 6 is a legend. But in over 100 years, they didn't get Buick out of the shadow of GM

The last of the Horse Drawn Carriages

Just before the last of these horsecars was banished from the streets of New York City, a photographer snapped this photo of one of the last horsecars riding the rails in 1917 Manhattan, while the electric trolley, powered by the conduit between the rails, passed by the fading fixture of transportation.

This photo was shot on Broadway just north of the intersection with Broome Street. The car is headed southbound.

a quick summary of the new Tesla 3 info.

Tesla is initially offering just one configuration of the new sedan: Rear-wheel-drive with the optional 310-mile Long Range battery and premium package.

While the Model 3’s previously touted $35,000 base price remains, the two mandatory options add $9,000 and $5,000 to the price, respectively, bringing the total pre-incentive sticker of the Model 3 Long Range Premium to $49,000.

The bigger battery Long Range can hit 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds versus 5.6 seconds for the standard 220-mile car, which will become available in the fall once production pace has ramped up

Top speed increases from 130 mph to 140, and it charges about 25% quicker, collecting 170 miles of range per hour at a supercharger instead of 130, and 37 miles of range per hour on a 240-volt outlet versus 30.

Egyptian M60 tank run over ISIS suicide car bomb in Sinai, tank driver saves military convoy

Friday, July 28, 2017

40 years since it was set aside, and the last 20 have been on a lift.... just waiting for the money to be available to get it back into running condition, the way it was when he bought it at age 16

Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle's recently completed 1967 Chevelle ... not many cone killer Chevelle's are on the track. I'm hoping they get this into the Optima Challenge

A track-tuned suspension from Ridetech uses American Racing wheels, Wilwood brakes, and Nitto NT05 tires, with 245/40R18 front and 295/35R18 rear. Inside the car is a Ride Tech Tiger Cage.

over 600 Hp with an Camaro ZL1 charge cooler lid on a GM crate motor 6.2l, it's used in the second-generation Cadillac CTS-V range as well as the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, but it's mass produced in Mexico, not hand built like the LS9, and that's backed by a Tremec 6 speed, and Moser 9-inch with the Chevelle’s factory four-link mounting

let me take this moment to ask you all to stop with the damn spelling checks

Either volunteer to spell check all 29,194 posts I've typed up, by myself, over the past 10 and a half years,

or move along and enjoy something.

But quit telling me I spelled shit wrong. It's annoying to see you only have EVER commented about how I cna't get my damn fingers to work with my dman brain and get the words to show up correctly when I'm simply not getting wnough sleep, enough pay, and enough of you to focus on the cool cars I'm posting when not responding to correcutons on my effing spelling.

I don't type this stuff up in Word or whatever spoftware you're using to keep everything all nice and perfect, as this ain't being graded by some teacher. It's being read, and I'd like to think, enhjoyed, by people who don't give a shit about the way my typoing is going to look

You might not realize it, but the guy who makes this website, isn't working for some company who has 8 hours a day to make this happen, and a company expense account, plus some people in another department editting, spell checking, and correcting mistakes.

It's nothing more done on the fly, in spare time, when I can share the stuff I find interesting, worth respect, needing your atttention for your future safety, or just posted as you might find it interesting trivia, or it's a pretty picture. That's it. I'm a car guy, with a laptop, in San Diego, and I do this for fun. Not so I can see how much time I can waste going abck and corecting every spelling error my non-typing proficient fingers make.

We good? Then lets move onto the posts of neat stuff.

Ray Sherman's triple black 1969 convertible spent 26 years in storage before getting some love and hitting the car shows. It's a 1 of 7, 428 CJ Ram Air, 4 spped, Traction Lok, Power disc, tilt away.

Galen Coupe of Sugar Land Texas owns this rare Cougar Sport Special with a CJ 428

The Devin Skelton Tour, Roll Over Cape Cod... for recumbent trikes with an outer fairing

I wish I could go for a spin in the Challenger I used to have, 23 years ago

It looked a lot like this. Slotted mags, 10 inch rims in back, N50s, air shocks to lift the body up over those tires, permanently. A 340 and a 727, and that engine had the X heads, and had been built mighty stout... it felt like at least 350 hp to the tires.

pictures of my 70 Challenger are at in primer, poor thing. No one had the cash for a cheap paint job before or after I owned it. Neither did I. Some cars are doomed to a series of poor owners that never have the fortune it takes (easily 20 thou) to make them as good as they looked when new

for the 1st time in decades, a B29 has been photographed from another B29

thanks Steve!

the most recent trailer for the new Lego movie, Ninjago, makes the movie seem a lot more appealing than the previous teaser trailer

this is a very thorough look at movie cars by artist Jesús Prudencio, and a pretty good trivia game too. It's pretty hard to guess the car and movie from such small parts of the whole car, but you can get the answers at the artists website

When I say thorough, and hard to guess, I think the top row 1st and last are good examples of that. 

The first one is the Pulp Fiction Nova they had to throroughly clean the brains out of, the last is the Ghost Busters Cadillac ambulance - modified to be a ghost capturing Ecto 1

So enjoy for fun, or use this to challenge some movie know it all

I think I'll wait to take this as a test until next week when I have more time, and then I'll go back to the website link above, and get all the accurate answers, and then post them.

There are a lot I recognize though, and I looked at this as a lot of fun to see how many could be guessed at. Far more are simply unknown because they are obscure. 

The vehicles of Mad Max movies

damn, sad stories can be effing shocking

Cool bike right?

A chopper shop owner built this for himself, then had a swimming pool accident, and was virtually paralyzed from the neck down.

That's a friggin tragedy, a biker, and bike builder, kept from ever riding again, but not by a bike accident - which would make sense, but by a swimming pool accident.

Back in the 1980s this bike was originally built by Kenny Flack, the owner of The Hog Shop, which was a small bike shop in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Kenny specialized in building big motors, and this was a bike that he built for himself. The 1975 Shovel motor is stroked with a set of big-bore cylinders, and the pistons are gas ported to provide a little more compression. The heads were machined, ported, and polished on a flow bench built by Kenny. The motor is sucking in air through a modified super B carb with an accelerator pump off a Holley carb. Then, for a little extra kick, a nitrous bottle strapped to the side. The tranny had gears back cut to stop any slipping out. The frame is a Jammer attached to an early FX front end.

Kenny had the bike on the road for several years then tore it apart for a rebuild, when an unfortunate swimming-pool accident left Kenny virtually paralyzed from the neck down. His shop and all of its assets, including this bike, were sold through an auction. The bike was bought by a friend of his who actually left the bike in Kenny’s hands.

Thanks to Lucian

tiller steered popcorn wagon

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Parenting done right.

Brandon Semenuk's newest video

pine derby racing fundamentals, lower your volume though

Ford Girls' Fast Track Races. Ford and four Girl Scout Councils teamed up together...

 Recently I heard something that paraphrased said that women don't get into some jobs, careers, etc because they either never have heard of them, or were never invited. Isn't that presumptuous? Women do have the internet too! It's not as if they are kept in the kitchen or laundry, illiterate and denied electricity.

But that notion that women are subject to a vast male conspiracy? It's echoed here... maybe Ford isn't aware that General Motors is run by a woman, Mary Barra

Why isn't Ford stopping into the electrical engineering courses in high school? Why not ask girls why they aren't giving that as much of a chance as what ever women are going to in college and universities?

Women make up only 25% of the auto industry? Again, probably because that industry sucks, and women won't put up with it's bullshit. Face it, selling cars isn't always the equivalent of Mother Theresa's good works, it has a lot of dishonesty built in, so that a sale quota is met, at the cost of the customer.

Why doesn't Ford ask women in college and universities why they aren't choosing to go into the car field?

My opinion, based only on life experience, is that if a job sucks, women won't put up with that bullshit.

I work at a dealership, and women don't come to it to buy cars as much as men do, (it's a 20/80 split possibly due to our brand, and focus on off road 4x4s) and they don't come to get a job there, and that is why only 1/4 or less of the 150 or so employees where I work are women. Just my 2 cents. They are strictly admin, not a single woman in sales, mechanics, or management. And yet a woman owns the company. So... who is at fault for the lack of diversity there?

But the woman in the video at the 29 second mark says women face different problems, have different thoughts, and different views. Ok, so why didn't Ford ask her if that's why women don't get into the tech, science, and auto industries like 3 times as many men do. Or, maybe that IS why.

And Lori Ross says in the video, at the 54 second mark, that GIRLS don't know they can do something unless they see it.

How about that. Hand her a Nobel prize for discovering that BOYS have esp, and are magical. From what she just said, obviously boys know what they can do without seeing it. Sigh. Some things people say strikes me as utter bullshit, and not productive in the conversation

One hundred years ago today, Ford introduced its first purpose-built truck, the 1917 Ford Model TT, forever changing the auto industry

Happy 100th to the Ford truck!

On July 27, 1917, Ford responded with the Model TT, which retained the Model T cab and engine. The Model TT came with a heavier-duty frame capable of carrying one ton of payload. The factory price was $600; 209 were sold that year.

Similar to the Fordson tractor introduced in 1917, Henry Ford envisioned a chassis that could accommodate third-party beds, cargo areas and other add-ons to deliver the increased functionality needed to get work done. It was a formula for success. By 1928, Ford had sold 1.3 million Model TTs before replacing the truck with the more capable Model AA with a 1.5-ton chassis

Dodge should have sent a thank you note, or vice versa.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. drifts the Ford Flat Rock assembly plant all the way from the assembly line to the test track, onto the shipping rail car.

1969 Detroit car making operations and train loading

thanks Bobby!

Risky Business - Tim Layzell's new print that will be the cover of Motorsport magazine

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of Stirling Moss’s Pescara Grand Prix victory for Vanwall, this stunning print is the first in a series of special commissions for Motor Sport’s Hall of Fame. The print shows Moss in his Vanwall in the foreground followed by Luigi Musso in the Ferrari and Fangio in the distance in his Maserati.

Signed by award-winning artist Tim Layzell, and individually numbered, only 60 will be available to Motor Sport readers. They are presented loose. Size: 48 x 60cm .

since winning a competition at the age of 13, Tim Layzell has carved out a name for himself as one of the world’s foremost painters of motor racing.

 Thanks Steve!

Never let the main rotor hit a cable... things go wrong instantly and ruin your day, and your chopper

the Gee Bee in action (skip the 1st minute)

Today's SALUTE goes to Magic Wheelchair, who makes kids the coolest halloween costume chairs you'll barely believe aren't Barris Customs

If you can help the kids out, and donate to the cause, either send some appreciation to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, or Magic Wheelchair, or Monster City Studios

Adam Savage was hosting the Magic Wheelchair Justice League costume reveal at San Diego Comic-Con

this goes back to Ryan, who was a special kid that received a "How To Train Your Dragon" wheelchair 3 years ago

The Magic Wheelchair builders have made friends with the Stan Winston School (SWSCA) who are dedicated to inspiring and fostering creativity.

By connecting leading film industry professionals with aspiring artists worldwide, SWSCA hopes to encourage a new generation to create the magic of tomorrow.

For information about applying to have a costume made for you or someone you know go to .

Although the costumes are only for children, you must be the parent or legal guardian in order to be eligible to be selected.

Way to go Fed Ex!

The interior of the Asahiyama Zoo Train

that is pretty dang cool... I'd love it now, but I would have lost my little mind when in 1st or 2nd grade

A train sits abandoned in the Arabian desert nearly 100 years after being ambushed by T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and his infamous rebels.

What? It turns out, its a movie car, custom made to look odd. Just like the other dozen cars made for the movie Ecume des Jours / Fog of Days

For the film adaptation of Boris Vian's film Ecume des Jours, French filmmaker Michel Gondry has built models of hybrid cars by engineers at Peugeot.

In 2012, Michel Gondry shoots in Paris and in Belgium his film version of L'Ecume des Jours (with Omar Sy and Audrey Tautou, among others) for which we could see these strange cars. The PSA engineers participated in the design of about fifteen vehicles by reassembling different old models of the different brands of PSA.

here are a couple others, but go to the link after the photos and see them all