Saturday, May 15, 2021

I like how bars are competing to have the coolest decor to attract customers away from boring old dives

Dave Grohl drives a cool 65 Ford Falcon van, around Hollywood. Skip ahead 2 minutes 10 seconds for a good look at it

That pipeline company that got hacked, and supplies about 45% of the East Coast's gas? Paid the ransom, of 75 Bitcoin, to get back to business. That's about 5 million dolars

In the case of Colonial Pipeline, the DarkSide ransomware group attacked the company's business network rather than the more sensitive operational technology networks that control the pipeline. But Colonial's billing system had been infected with ransomware, so it had no way to track fuel distribution and bill customers.

Colonial’s pipeline transports 2.5 million barrels each day, taking refined gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel from the Gulf Coast up to New York Harbor and New York’s major airports and also provides jet fuel to major airports in Atlanta and the Washington, D.C., area..

Meanwhile, here in San Diego, a lot of people are wondering how long it will be before Scripps Memorial Hospital pays the ransom to get back their medical files. 

Yup, someone downloaded the virus (in a hospital for gods sake) and Scripps has been unable to attend to patients... not because there's a lack of drs and nurses, or medicine... instead, they simply don't have access to the billing software to charge for procedures. 

Looks to me like the ransom software hacker/virus people are not wasting time, they've decided to hit these companies in the sensitive spot, the billing software. 

The hospital claims that the medical records are affected, but, have you been lied to enough yet to quit believing the "poor little me" story from the rich and powerful? If not, you believe Epstein killed himself. He didn't. 

“They won’t take appointments, they won’t answer any questions about what is happening or when they might re-open, aren’t referring people to outside doctors, and will not even allow their doctors to speak with their patients via telephone as they say they cannot do that without a functioning medical records system,” Bernitz said.

Camp Agawak, a 100 year old all-girls camp at Blue Lake near Minocqua Wi, is patiently awaiting the start of its 100th summer, and 100th anniversary reunion. It was bought in 1989 by Mary Fried, who has finally found the 1941 camptruck!

After buying the camp and selling the truck because the rest of the camp badly needed the funds far more, Fried has spent the past 15 years searching for Camp Agawak’s beloved 1941 Ford 1.5-ton Transport Truck, and now it finally will soon return home, to the 260-acre camp on beautiful Blue Lake.

“I’d go through old photos, and there were lots of pictures of the truck,” Fried says. “Our former campers would always talk about the ‘Open Air.’ The counselors took it camping, hauled canoes, and they’d transport the girls back and forth to the lake.”

About 15 years ago, Fried decided to add “some history to the walls” of Camp Agawak, and one of the photos she chose was a black-and-white image of several girls climbing out of the truck, canoe paddles in hand. She enlarged the photo and hung it above “the slide” in the cafeteria, where the campers grab a tray for their meals. So every camper saw the photo three times a day.

Well, Mike Wolfe of American Pickers found and bought the truck, and flipped it, selling it to the Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank, who kept it a couple years before selling it on Bring A Trailer, where it was spotted by the brother of one of the alumni campers who had spoken of the camp many times, as of course anyone would who'd had a great summer at camp. He saw the truck, told his sister, who immediately alerted Mary Fried the camp owner, who then had to win the online auction to get the truck back. 

$28,000 is a good indication of the inflation in the last 32 years for old trucks, and it's proof that cool old trucks can still be affordable too. 

Camp Agawak needs counselors by the way, and the camp is focused on 1st through 10th grade, June through August

there's even a registry for the alumni... that is way cool!

I dig the whole idea of summer camps on lakes, and have posted a couple, but this is the first that has had a cool truck story, and, get this, they have a blog they call an agazine. Of course they do... it's not camp Magawak, it's Camp Agawak, why wouldn't they have an 'agazine'? I love that!

What's my interest? Well, not only did I have the incredible pleasure of working on a Wisconsin lake resort in my last high school summer year, I made great friends that summer, of the college students that were working there as waiters and waitresses, laundry, and dishwashers, even the ex CIA secretary. Serious, back during the cold war, smart kids were hired by the CIA to be research experts and clog up the libraries. I'm not even making that up. So, anyway, sharing a cabin with college students who drank a lot was a mind blowing experience, and the maintenance guy owned a nearby bar, in walking distance (a couple miles up the country road) and because of making friends for the 1st time outside of school classmates, and finally living for the 1st time anywhere not under my parents roof, this was a wild summer, and I was the bellhop, pool cleaner, bar stocker, message delivery, and all around everything that needed doing kid, the summer before my senior year in high school. 

It was amazing, and I hope your kids or grandkids are offered the chance to do something similar. 

I find it very interesting to see what rules ANY place has, because I am quite anti BS and most rules are draconian, no matter where you are, or what they are for. 

This camp is pretty cool and simple, no food in the cabins, no electronics, and no egg crate foam mattress pads that will just become landfill. I bet cribbage and cards are encouraged.

there's even a book, about this very camp, by a 1970 alumni
I did a post on a Boy Scouts lake camp in Wisconsin a couple years ago

ummmm, what?

highway signs

bravo meme writer, bravo

hell of a comparison. Both are red, white, and black

cool photo composition, you can't go wrong with the 3rds top to bottom and side to side, the primary colors, and sunshine with black for contrast

factory race car... must have been cool to own one

TIL In 1985, an F-15A launched an anti-satellite missile from a 65-degree climb at 38,100 feet, knocking out an orbiting satellite 345 miles above the Earth; the missile traveled at 11,000 mph when it hit the satellite, which was orbiting at 17,000 mph

Say what you will about hoarding, but I think I'd want this guy on my team if the zombiepocalypse comes. He's going to have planned ahead, and have lots of the stuff it's going to take to survive, in comfort and style is my guess

and by the way, it was astutely observed that this can't happen, panic buying gas, in those few places where customers can't pump their own gas. Huh. Well, I guess that is true, sorta, they can still fill their 40 gallon RV tank, go home, pump it out, and then return to the gas station a couple more times until they fill a big god damn cube like this. 

some of the interesting art of Waldemar Kazak

Friday, May 14, 2021

they are having a great time, with nothing more than a broken bike and imagination

and how many of us have had just as much fun with the idea of fixing up something broken, to go fast with it someday?

magazine cover from 1903-30, back when adventure sold like crazy, when the world was on the edge of the change from horses to engine powered transportation, and imaginations could run wild with the possibilities of all the cool stuff Jules Verne wrote about

I wish I could make out the artists, and look to see what else they'd done

clever ad!

I've never seen this photo before, they must have had a hell of a photo shoot day at the dragstrip

The driver of a Church Army mobile canteen hands over a cup of tea to the pilot of a Sikorsky R-4, the world’s first mass produced helicopter, at the RAF Helicopter School in Andover, UK, 1945.

The mobile canteen is an American circa 1941 Chevrolet Dubl-Duti Package Delivery Van.

thanks Steve!

Happy 17th Blogiversary to 'The View Through The Windshield' Blog

 and thanks Joe for years of cool content!

Compliments to Tom Cotter on 100 episodes of Barn Find Hunter!

a 1970 Six Barrel 'Cuda sitting behind a shop holding up spare glass

Thursday, May 13, 2021

birthday present for a 4 yr old

one of these days, they're going to restore it, so, no, it's not for sale. How deep will they have to dig to get it out of the ground is the real question

Murphy's Law constantly one ups the previously most crazy thing I've heard of... warning, this is some dark evil twisted Murphy's law shit

 Ray Galindo was hit and killed by Brandon Howze, who was drunk driving, as Galindo was leaving an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

Drunk drivers rarely kill Hitler type evil people... they most often kill really wonderful people, and that's pretty damn cruel but proves Murphys law is a horribly twisted evil damn curse. 

how to teach physics in grade school

of course, it's my notion that the basic impressive stuff isn't taught in school, because kids would go home and do crazy shit with that info. Impressive crazy shit

a vertical takeoff, in a prop plane... would easily win the STOL competition for take offs... but I bet this pilot doesn't have a cool trick for landing

and the memes will fly the instant a new thing happens, especially, when it's just like the old thing