Saturday, February 16, 2013

a couple photos of the 2013 O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals at Pomona raceway

There's still time to get to the NHRA Winternats at Pomona, go to gate 17 by the way, cost for parking is $15 for a car

Looks like all those media are only interested in staging area and starting line photos.

Take the tram from the main ticket selling area, and go to the Wally Parks NHRA museum, as parking there is 25 dollars.. .. .. but get to the museum, because it's free for the weekend while the racing is happening

Insta-Gator.. best paint and sponsor theme of the Winternats

just getting exposed to the sun and (rare) bad weather, this model T is a neck turner on the road to Campo

this appears to be yard art... as the home has no indication that it has a business going though the building the T is in front of has a couple signs on it, about a trading post founded in the later half of the 1800s

low riders are the current exhibit at the San Diego Auto Museum.. well done!


I think the above is the Hudson Brougham I photographed once before at Xaviers car show

Who made Indian motorcyles? Hendee

more than one person doesn't understand that you are more likely to be towed at the AAA dragstrip than probably anywhere outside Philadelphia

Why Philly? I've enjoyed watching the tv show "Parking Wars" 

NHRA Winternats in progress this weekend, eliminations and trophys tomorrow! Coverage to come, for now, check out these incredible coverage and photos from other outlets

trust me that the following link is much better than my coverage... I'm not a pro like the  reporter that did the article and photos at

and the photos at are much better that I can do!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

driving up the one way street against traffic, and then parking backwards, isn't just stupid and illegal... it's contagious. Be careful, this might prove it's contagious

 I had just parked when the blue Mustang on the right pulled in, and took 3 tries at parking within her parking spot before satisfied that the stang was centered.

the moment that the stang was getting parked, this gray Honda pulled in and didn't try to park. He just made a Nike brand shape (swoosh?, checkmark? off set boomerang?) and didn't use reverse. Just put it in park, and walked into the mall.

Yeah, this is a lot of space behind him, and without any photo trick to make it look larger, I show it from two angles to demonstrate how far out into the lane he parked. 

Finally, a cop that isn't hiding in the shadows. One that is being bold enough to let the speeders and stop light runners know he's there.

So for the first time in 6 years of posting photos of police behaving badly, I can applaud the motorcycle cop here for standing out from the worst behaving cops you'll hear about, the vast majority that I've photographed parking in the streets, not the parking spots, smoking cigars in their cop car at a gas pump, parking against the traffic pattern,  radar gunning from the shade where they are hard to see, and all the rest.