Sunday, September 23, 2007

A bit of art, lots of engineering, and viola... wind powered walking kinetic sculpture

It's from a BMW ad you may have seen, if not be ready to be facinated

three 2008 Challengers being auctioned off

auctions selling off the first three Dodge Challengers.

Two of the auctions are to benefit notMYkid and United Way of Southeastern Michigan. The last is an eBay auction.

Not exactly an easy straightforward purchase

Either Houston drivers are morons, or the metro running alongside traffic was a bad idea

The Metro's Greatest Hits, Vol 1

One big Olds, 4400 pounder

from the good old days before trunks popping open from a key fob.

Looks like Jim was having a great day at the track

Antique drags, Sept 23 2007

Barona 1/8th mile antique drags, just 30 miles East of the Q... Lots of Mopars there today

Lakeside has lots of old dozers hanging around becoming rust

Just how ancient is that little 3 axle? It looks like a Fordson with a Hadfield-Penfield Rigid Rail traction system

When they have hand cranks on them, you better guess pre 1940...

And they haven't used that logo style in a long time I bet.