Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pure awesome to close out the week and set the new record this year for the most posts in a week

It cost a million dollars to do the mod, it's the only one in Norway

There are probably not many who are equally grateful to run excavator as 26-year-old. In return, there are also few who runs an excavator as unique as his.

With the support of Nav and Assistive Technology, has Jakhelln contractor had constructed a machine specially adapted Knusten needs.

It has a hydraulic powered cabs that go down to the ground so that I can get myself into the cab straight from the wheelchair, Knutsen says. The modification has had a price tag of nearly 1 million, says Nikolai Jakhelln. - There is a lot of money for Nav to enter, but should have sat Tim disability benefit goes up enough accounts for only three or four years. This gives Tim a meaningful life, says Jakhelln.

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It's a mod on this articulated cab that raises up so operators can see on top of shipping containers

One of the nicest camping trailer designs I've seen

Of course, a lot of people who would rather get a hotel room will have nothing to do with this level of tent... but this is seriously a nice tent

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the parade of planes at the Aviation Expo

those are chrome hub caps... and google thought that out ahead of time

I have to applaud that level of cleverness

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Now I know what I can do with the odd assortment of old billiard balls no one wanted

Pep Boys, 1940

Race car with Mickey on the side

Need the perfect getaway car? Get an 1989 Mini 1100... if it was good enough for Jason Bourne, it's going to work for you

Original owner Boss 429, with only 12,000 drag raced hard miles

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This is what 45 years of closing the trunk does to the paint you put your hands on

Marsh Gold Digger and Money Maker Slicks... marketing 101, have the coolest looking tire

"axle twistin', valve bustin', gear jammin', e.t. choppin', spring bendin', cam crackin', torque gettin', smoke spittin', carb suckin'" slicks

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CNC Engine Dynamics tumblr bought one of the Gold Digger tires and took some close ups

The most speed contest tickets in all the state.. when the Governor sends you a letter that tells you to cool it, you're attracting way too much attention

Hank the Crank article in Hot Rod

He had a penchant for the exciting—and for the illicit. Street racing meant a great deal to Hank. It got him out of the house, away from his father nemesis, and it gave him a chance to do something constructive with his time right up until his mom received a letter from Governor Brown stating that he had the most tickets for speed contests of anyone in the state of California. Quite an honor, we'd say.

The Hurst Armed Forces Club

53,000 mile AAR Cuda... in a junkyard. I hope someone saved it

Found in the letter to the editor section of Muscle Car Review

was there some old superstition about clothes pins on the fuel line?

it seems to me I've heard something about that a long time ago

Cool Dodge steering wheel I don't think I've seen before

The Dunkel Brothers amaze me again... a Dodge - Campbell Convoyer woody bus! It's so long, the tail is out of focus way back there!

The other incredible old vehicle they blew my mind with was the car hauler  La Mirada California, and they are one of the largest equipment moving companies on the west coast

This might be the only vehicle I've posted 3 times... but it's gotten better over the years... and the OB Hotel has bought it now and fixed it up a little

Coolest old radio I found at Wavecrest

Oh, what? Why? One hood ornament is enough! No piggybacking, that is just wrong

I kid you not, this was at Wavecrest, and ain't photoshopped

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