Friday, October 15, 2010

Snow machine, home made fun type!

the motor must be in the wheel hub area... but I don't see how it is steered, unless it's differential engine speeds, it looks chainsaw motors and twist throttles. I don't recall where I was tipped off to this from, for a couple other very interesting home made snow machines:

One of my favorite advertising campaigns, the Mini

From who focuses on a lot of new and concept cars

The V8 Hotel in Stuttgart Germany

svammelsurium a Swedish automotive blog has posted that I've never even heard of before, South African Chevy Sports Coupe (Australian Monaro)

Above and below a Chevelle, made in South Africa. The hood scoops are quite a intriguing look.

Damien emailed me to let me know more about this car I've never seen or read about before (Thanks a bunch!) "It was common in the late 60's early 70's for slightly modified oz cars to be sold in South Africa

See wikipedia

(South African market)
Some HT series Monaro 'GTS' coupes were exported to or assembled in South Africa from imported parts by General Motors South African (GMSA)at the Port Elizabeth assembly plant. Later the HG series Monaro was assembled and sold in SA badged as the Chevrolet SS.

(Suddenly I want one of these, it would be the only one around)

At this time GMSA had made a decision to market most of its products as Chevrolets. The Chev SS as it became known in SA was based on the HG Monaro with revised front styling unique to the SA model and incorporating four headlights and large turn indicators in the front edge of the fenders above the bumper. Most of the Monaro / Chevrolet SS Coupes assembled in SA were fitted with Holden 308 engines. The Chevrolet 350 in³ (5.7 L) engine was available as an option in the GMSA assembled Chevrolet SS.[

Some more info and brochures for the sa cars:

Damien Haas

information from Damien ( Awesome! ) an Aussie with a great blog that has lots of Australian car show photography (expect a follow up post on that!)

Chris has posted a thorough comparison of a variety of car by their drag coefficients

I had no idea that a Ford Probe, a Vector, a Chevy Lumina APV (mini van), and a Jaguar XJ220 all had a .30 drag coefficient, remarkable!

But the 1948 Tucker was just .28! and the '35 Tatra was .21, better than the new Mercedes Benz CL E Class Coupe

go check it out

A list of blogs that are both helpful and resouceful for car restorers in their own words "Here are 50 essential blogs for you to read as you embark upon or continue your journey to restoring the car (or cars) of your dreams"

I'm of the opinion that this site is only making lists to drum up traffic, and I thought about that in terms of sending people their way when they are not in this vehicular realm of websites... it's offputting that they are just trying to pump up their stats... but I leave it up to you. The list is fairly complete in including the go-to auto blogs, but it's also obvious to me that they aren't readers of these blogs, and when you read how they describe the sites you are already familiar with.

(#19) is great, and on my recommended list for sheer enjoyment of John's musings and writings and enjoying life, but it isn't about VW's,

(#13) is only about 7 pages deep, has nothing to do with restoring or restoration, and is only informative about BMW M30s and a half dozen other cars

One wheel trailer... the "Trailcar" by Allstate (division of Sears)

The above photo is thanks to Nik (who finds cool photos all the time) check out his blog at

I never know where or when I will find something unusual or interesting, something I've never seen before... like a one wheel trailer. They are in demand by VW people I was told by this new owner, he'd just got if off ebay

That the wood and plate are in such amazing great original condition is astonishing, the major frame piece has been repainted, but the wood wasn't touched

The reason this doesn't fall over (like a person on a unicycle) is the from cross member that is bracing the side to side load ( it's the black part at the bottom of the photo below

The advert is from a JC Whitney like catalog that Randy let me scan, Warshawsky's

For a couple galleries about trailers just like this:

New magazine to be on the lookout for, Street Rodder Premier (hopefully more feature cars and great photography, less how to articles)

I found a copy of this full page PDF in Rodandcustom magazine and they've got me interested... now I just need to find a place to buy an issue

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trucks in Belgium.. I find vehicles from other countries very interesting. Thanks to Chris from Speedseekers for sending these to me!

Thanks to Chris for sending these to me! His blog is and it has a cool variety of lots of stuff ( warning, lots of swatikas if you find that offensive ) and if you enjoy the variety of cool old trucks, you'll probably like: it's been on my list of recommended blogs for a long time

soon to be a racecar hauler, this 1956 Bedford "green goddess" is well on its way from firetruck to transporter

Above the before photos, and below.. the current to the photoshopping of what it will become

car parts art, artist unknown


a pair of cool photos from Bubblevisor, I looked for more, but nothing else caught my attention like these 2

Awesome 4 wheel burnout!

The first gas powered skateboard? maybe..


Intriguing variety of cool photographs on Le Container

Above, the Purple People Eater

Awesome photo, going vertical just a split second after lifting off the ground, that is power

Look close at the wheel hub and you'll see that the above is a VW

Clever use of wheels!

The above are just models

dreams start young

photos from