Saturday, October 10, 2020

apparently 1980s boat motors are junk, and you might as well know they simply won't last more than a year or two before getting added to the junk heap of other junk motors out in the back field behind the boats. Or, this is the graveyard behind an outboard repair shop, or both

love a Willys, and lace paint.


Works for me... as long as it's not leaking, sounds good, everything works, and the brakes are up to the job of slowing it down

Paraguay just doesn't care what the hell you have on your license plate... as long as the cops can read it, and write you a ticket, what does it matter how stupid you appear to normal people?

Smart thing to do to your car when you let the kids borrow it

How you can tell you're dating the right one

El Noodlerino

Found at SEMA 2018  but this photo is far better than what I could achieve at SEMA without a ladder

Hello, what have we here?

Bill France could probably afford any car he wanted to drive in the Carrera Panamericana... choosing a Nash must have been due to a good reason (thanks Steve)

Bill France had cut a deal with Nash to make them the Official Pace Car of NASCAR. Nash even entered NASCAR races in at least 1950 - 1952, and even won a 150 lap race at Charlotte Speedway in 1950.

After the 1950 Carrera Panamericana (which allowed only strictly stock vehicles and included more than one Nash), the No. 37 car entered a few NASCAR heats.

During the Carrera Panamericana, one Nash was running 1st when it blew a tire 10 miles short of the finish line. They changed the tire and took 3rd place.

Baltimore & Ohio EA 51 on display at the B&O Railroad Museum in the parking lot

ok, some one probably understands this, why does the closest bug look smallest?

the source says that these are a VW Brilkever, a Kever, and a Cabriolet, at the Zandvoort.

So, the split rear window bug is called a Brilkever, the Kever is a word for the bug/beetle. 

I've never heard of the term Brilkever, so, learn something new every day!

The Brilkever had the split rear window, was built from 1945 to 1953 and had an output of 25 hp, and was compact.

I know that the Zandvoort is a racetrack in the Netherlands, maybe in translation it appears in the description as a word meaning where they are racing, and not trying to describe the 3rd car. Translations are not perfect

I guess putting it in the moving van beats towing it! There was probably still a lot of space for all the household stuff!/page327

Friday, October 09, 2020

60 years later, if these still exist, they are worth at least 10 times their original cost!/page328

I don't see how this can be a good idea, getting kids to think that they can talk to cars (thanks Gary!)

the Ontario Safety League and British Petroleum got together in 1959, and from 1959 through 1964, the League toured Mr. Beep throughout Ontario during the summer, giving traffic safety lectures to schoolchildren.

there are still a few old roads in Michigan with the fence post and cables, for guard rails

The first roadside rest stop, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

the idea caught on, and about 10 years later one was made in the Lower Peninsula

Thursday, October 08, 2020

The idea of taking a plane from the skies and burying it undergrownd is that of British contemporary artist Roger Hiorns, to symbolize the end of an era, a symbolic act of saying good-bye to an era of development represented by the MiG planes.

2 years later the country changed it's mind and exhumed it.

Sonne Farms, Mt Vernon South Dakota, Brian (in the combine, and Cole with the camera and bean wagon) demonstrating for you, just how magic that light is when the sun is on the horizon.

everyone's seen the Batmobile, but not many have seen the Futura

the original, and the Russian version

unique wooden bicycle frame design

How to fail a scooter license test real fast

Riddle me this, why do we have robots on mars, but it took until now to put cameras on Georgia school buses to ticket the assholes that risk kids lives by driving past when the stop sign is out? buses are now taking pictures of "Stop runners". If you pass a bus while the stop sign is out and the red lights are flashing

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is working together with Carroll County Schools by reviewing violation video and license plate images for final approval prior to a citation being issued. In Georgia, the penalty for a violation will warrant the vehicle’s owner a $300 fine for the first violation, a $750 fine for the second, and a third violation in a five-year period will result in a $1,000 fine.,c9291367

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

a bay window made of windshields


Artistic genius

I saw a good number of cranes in my 10 years in the navy on piers around the world, some pier I can't recall in where I got a tour of the USS Kamehameha in 1990 in Florida, somewhere between New Smyrna and Cocoa beach, Jebel Ali, Perth and Gladstone Australia, Chin Hae South Korea, Sasebo and Yokosuka Japan, Esquimalt Vancouver Canada, and Pearl Harbor....

But I never looked at one and thought it looked like a giraffe.

This car has windshield wiper heaters to melt the ice and free your wiper blades during winter... I've not heard of this until now. Makes sense... darn good idea for far North countries

Ford Falcon Cayuse Convertible that was first seen in 1963

only the 3rd Falcon Superbird photo I've ever come across in 14 years

1955 Ford Thunderbird concept drawing

crash landing a helicopter

Montreal, 1974, how about that chase car without a body?!/page336

Showing some live for Pontiac Trans Am racing, Laguna Seca, April 1970

Radio stations had some interesting vehicles for eye magnet promotions!/page337

Why trains were named for a road, I'm not sure, why not "the Milwaukee Railroad" instead of Milwaukee Road?

did Sears own a plane for executive use? Or were rthey one of the many early airlines that didn't make it past the 50s?

The town of Berwyn Oklahoma changed its name to Gene Autry in 1941.

Not many car dealerships ever had an airplane in the showroom...

 and since I've already recently covered the Auburn Cord Duesenberg connection with the Stinson, E.L. Cord acquired a sixty percent interest in the Stinson Aircraft Company late in 1929, and none of those are in this photo... and that looks like a Piper or similar tiny airplane smaller than a Stinson