Saturday, February 14, 2015

the Jeep Experience

I just learned that Red Bull has a magazine "Red Bulletin"

For a free subscription to the monthly hardcopy:

the Southern California Plating Company 1935 phaeton truck, customized by Frank Kurtis, and has Woodlight headlights (who knew?!)

a Carson top, the very 1st DuVall windshield and custom body work by Frank Kurtis.
The chassis and body were lengthened 12 inches between the front doors and rear fenders. The rear doors were welded and filled.

 Chad Schultz of Joe Newell's Body Shop built the lift up rear door to accommodate bumpers and other plated items, with a flat door inside. The distinctive Cord inspired grill was handmade by Frank and George out of flat brass formed into a sort of lazy Z-cross section, followed by careful bending into the curved shapes, before it was all plated.

 Brand new 1936 Ford front fenders, hood, and radiator shell were fit on the car before the grille was made.

The car was restyled using a 1936 Cadillac front bumper, custom made rear bumper, hidden Wood Lites headlights placed in the apron between the fenders and the grille, smooth running boards and custom SoCal chrome wheel covers hiding the wire wheels.

how crazy is that, woodlight headlights... I didn't know that until now

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these are probably the only images of it on the internet... very damn few for such a famous and good looking custom

Corvette SR-2 , Sebring 1957

a cool old Civil Defense IH Metro van gets a 2nd chance, and is pulled out of the brush

Pretty cool huh!

Ann Margaret.. I bet you didn't expect a gallery of her with motorcycles!

they really got a lot of photos with this motorcycle and Ann... must have been a publicity thing for her Vegas show

I've posted these all before at different times, but I just realized that 3 were with the same chopper... and hell, it's always a good day to post Ann.

one is new to me, from  and the 2nd one from

Dan Gurney and Mickey Thompson - Indianapolis 500 - 1962

this iconic photo of Ken Miles catching air under all 4 tires was taken by Bob Jackson, who also captured Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.

the EJ Cole motocycle collection (over 220 motorbikes) are going to auction next month in Vegas, here are some that caught my eye

The jewel of the collection, considered to be the most original of it's year and model

here are a couple restored hill climbers

so be at the South Point Casino and Exhibit Hall in Las Vegas on March 20th and 21st, Mecum is auctioning them all off.