Saturday, June 01, 2019

Goodyear Dragster Bike, anyone know about it?

Looks like Don Prudhomme gave it a try

the last two lines might not get your attention, but, the mention of Auto World in Scranton PA at the end of the ad ought to give you a laugh! The contact name of Oscar was surely Oscar Koveleski, the lifetime President of the P.R.D.A. (Polish Racing Drivers of America)

the yellow tires on the back are from the Goodyear try at making bike tires in brite colors

not an "artist" thing, this is the morning after a riot, Paris, 1968

1907 Double-decker railway wagon in Tsarist Russia

any landing you can walk away from....

this "floating" chainring is a brilliant form of chain tensioner.

Damn, this spring really flew by. Here's May's banners I haven't already posted