Saturday, October 21, 2023

A bronze statue is in Fort William town center, commemorating when a Model T was driven up the tallest peak in the UK in a publicity stunt by Scotland’s first Ford dealer

In 1911 a Ford Model T became the first car to climb to the summit of Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, in a daring publicity stunt by Henry Alexander, Scotland’s first dealer of the American car company Ford.

In a bid to assure customers the Ford brand was of higher superiority to hand-crafted British cars, a Model T went from the foot of Ben Nevis to the peak, and back down. Not on a road. Roughing it, the hard way

Alexander had left the town driving from sea level the five miles to the summit of Ben Nevis which stands at 4,406 feet. The route crosses burns (streams), traverses bogs and ascends the steep trackless rocky hillside. Then as now there is no road or navigable trail.

This feat of man and machine took 5 days in ascent and one working day in descent.

The statue was commissioned by the Powderhall Foundry in Edinburgh, the statue weighs a whopping three tonnes and depicts Mr Alexander Jr behind the wheel of a Ford Model T.

 This event was celebrated and publicised by the Ford Motor Company for decades, becoming part of the “Mountain Culture” of Ben Nevis.
A 1911 film (available by googling “Motoring over Ben Nevis”) shows the car rattling down the rocky hillside and then becoming stuck in a peat hag beside the half way lochan. Its progress continues when sticks of dynamite are used to demolish the peaty impasse!

Why isn't there a website, or facebook page, for the fun crazy cars that people make?

header bolt solution wrench... I'm shocked I haven't seen a tool manufacturer sell a ready made one... 50 some years of muscle cars, and no one made these?

very unexpected to see a dressed up Comet!

Dixco HT/x hood tachs came with a variety of bezels in addition to the Mopar there was FORD, an HT/x bezel and a YENKO version that was dealer installed on the 1970 Yenko Deuce Novas.

I miss the days when you could find great muscle cars all over the place with day two upgraded rims, tire, mufflers

This 1930 Ford Model A pickup was originally used to haul ice and coal for Colonna Brothers Inc. based out of the Bronx,

full preview (not a trailer, pun intended) for the upcoming Ferrari movie

fall colors are finally here, and this photographer put them to good use

Friday, October 20, 2023

so many odd things in other countries

The winter of 1880-1881 in Minnesota

"time to entertain unimportant arguments"

for anyone that chooses to be entertained by another rant between yet another idiot and coward who won't even invent an online name, and posts comments where they argue things they aren't educated about, under the anonymous symbol, 

another idiot chose to make a stand about pineapples and I shit you not used the phrase "to entertain unimportant arguments"

take a moment to appreciate that the clearance bar is still standing after a dump truck plowed into it

 Clappison's Corners is a community located in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 
you might wonder why anyone would put a block to truckers going from a gas station to the Wendys/ Tim Hortons next to it

I'm guessing the gas station did install that barricade to stop truckers from passing through it's parking lot, and not stopping to spend money. 

Yes, really. 

1971 excavator and dump truck.. that's unusual to commemorate on paper currency


a human heart was found on the rock salt pile at the Tennessee Department of Transportation salt barn in Dec 2022, they never discovered who was killed. Just that it was from an adult male of course

1977 Cale Yarborough / Junior Johnson Olds is getting worked on. I wonder what the situation is, collector just wants to keep it running, or takes it on the track for fun?

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Sung Kang mentioned on his podcast that he will be directing a live action Initial D film.

there has to be a reason I've never seen this before

the P 47 Corny Babe has an incredible scoreboard

3 trains, 3 tanks, 40 bombing runs, one air to air kill represented as an Iron Cross marking, 6 escort missions, 5 fighter sweeps, 4 buzz bombs

Team Autolight

New York's building inspector, doesn't. Building owners pay engineers to inspect and write reports. 6 months after the deadly shocking collapse killed a man in a 100 year old Lower Manhattan parking structure in April this year

The city’s buildings department is set to enforce stricter inspection requirements on thousands of parking garages that might have otherwise avoided review for years, after a deadly cave-in killed a man in Lower Manhattan earlier this year.

Current law requires owners of parking garages to submit an in-depth structural inspection report by a certified engineer every six years, with nearly 2,000 garages in Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island exempt from mandatory examination until the end of 2027. The Department of Buildings’ new rule will force owners to hire an engineer to give their garages a once-over by August 2024, in addition to the more comprehensive structural review later on, regardless of their location.

The rule comes as few owners file inspection reports, even with a Dec. 31 deadline approaching for more than 1,000 parking garages located on the Upper West Side and south of Central Park. So far, owners of just 80 of those structures have submitted their mandatory inspection reports, city data shows. At least 24 of the garages are considered “unsafe” and require repairs within 90 days.

Under the existing law, owners of garages elsewhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn don’t have to submit their inspection reports until the end of 2025, while owners in Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx get another two years.


Andrew Rudansky, a spokesperson for the buildings department, said the new rule will allow the city to “identify potential structural issues before disaster strikes” at those facilities.

(No shit moron, that's what the damn building department is supposed to inspect FOR, and ALWAYS HAS been the reason there are structural and engineering inspections)

Jason Damiano, a senior structural engineer at RAND Engineering and Architecture, said it’s a stretch to think the owners of thousands of garages will comply by August.

I didn't realize how many posts I have done on pizza, until I just looked for one in particular.

 Why memorize anything you can simply look up? 

easily 4 dozen posts about pizza. Pizza delivery, pizza throwing TMNT vans, etc. 

last year Mercedes-Benz sold 37% of its cars in China

'68 Jeep Super Wagoneer unveil is Tuesday the 31st at SEMA, booth 21249

The builder is Andy Leach and his Nebraska-based Cal Auto Creations have won the Don Ridler Memorial Award in 2013, the 2023 Al Slonaker Memorial Award in addition to the Legends Cup, Triple Crown Award, and the Goodguys Custom Rod of the Year.

not the Smothers Brothers' 68 Hurst Olds, but an Olds they sponsored, the Berejik Olds 442