Saturday, September 17, 2011

'68 AMX found in a newspaper ad for a 1000 dollars, and now a red, white and blue classic SS Amx color scheme, it's the only one I've seen, and it's rotisserie restored

 Keeping the newspaper ad that you found your car in is cool
 what it looked like when found

and the cool t-shirt the owner was wearing

Have you looked at Jim And Chester's Garage Tumblr lately? Wow, it's a lot better! I haven't looked in over a year (been kinda busy you'll probably agree)

 What a photo, Motion perfrmance, Shelby Dragonsnake, and Sun tuneup

 I don't think I ever posted about the Police edition of the Javelin 401 that Alabama put to use for a while.
 Walt and Art Arfons, land speed icons
 Randy Walls, San Diego local who brings his Nova Flopper to the local cruises
 Amazing dealership photo... Boss 429, Cobra Torino, Boss 302
 field find 61
 1964 Worlds Fair Ford display of the Comet
 James Garner racing team Lola's
 Dick Smothers and Linda Vaughn
 '64 Competition Vette
 Astra bodied blown modified
 Dan Blocker's Vinegaroon special
 Motorama specials getting offloaded
 1955 photo of a Packard and it's loaded trailer of hydroplanes.. that is a rare sight
 Pinin Farina bodied Nash Palm Beach

 Above is a rare car, the Scaglietti Corvette... Italian design beauty, cheap and easy to find Chevy parts
these are just a sample of the cool images at

Pala Casino hosted a car show, 4th floor of the parking garage, sounds strange, but it's a beautiful background for photos

 If you like this low Cadillac, check out Coddington customized Cadzilla that ZZ Top lead singer and guitarist Billy Gibbons commissioned

 if you like this metalwork, the scroll design, check out the chassis and suspension of the lowrider in the SEMA car show
Nice double flamejob on the radiator shield and the firewall

4 dr Sports Car 1971 300SEL of Udo Putzke

 gotta wonder why those little wings were added in front of the wheels, they couldn't have much effect based on their size... could they?

 great hats, serious cool touch to reinforce the German heritage

a hot rod truck club is forming up, looking for more members, Hot Rod Haulers

Mustang GT/CS with a cool story and rare factory instruction sheet to show the line tech where to place the engine bay wiring harness

see the instruction sheets and more photos of it that I took 3 years ago