Friday, March 04, 2011

Fuel Magazine has just added an online Zine, it's awesome, here is a small sample (of 42 slides) to entice you

Gotta hand it to editor Luke Ray and his photography... awesome magazine with a superb layout is the beta test and it's a flip style page turner like Flikr, you just look for the arrow on the right hand side in the middle of your screen

Car craft subscription prices, can vary drastically in the same issue. Isn't anyone there looking at their magazine before they send it?

pretty obvious isn't it?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Feng posts another damn funny one ( his site is not for easily offended Serbo-Malaysians and NSFW)

Car Craft Magazine has a 6 page feature about Thomas Payne's 1930's service station (I posted about it a year ago, amazed at the treasure he found)

This entire story is on a really long thread on the Garage Journal, and it's one of the coolest finds ever. Car Craft's Jeff Smith has just published in in the May 2011 issue, and it's worth a look if you see the magazine. is the link to my post a year ago, and for the thread on the Garage Journal where Thomas adds new photos of things he's doing and restoring that were left in the garage, like floor jacks, the hydaulic car hoist (Rotary lift company), Sun distributor tester, etc,